Hire Smarter, Not Harder: Automating Your Recruitment Process with AI

recruitment concept with AI

The recruiting industry is always changing because it must respond quickly to labor market changes. Human resource management and recruiting procedures that are effective include being adaptable, using automation, and having objective perspectives. In today’s hiring process, it is crucial to consider a candidate’s resume, work experience, and expertise rather than their attitude and outward look. To effectively do this work it is essential to think about the development of custom software solutions.

This article describes Agiliway expertise in automating the applicant selection process using cutting-edge AI technology to make the recruiting process more efficient, inclusive, and pleasant for everyone involved.


The current recruitment platform included an intricate architecture and diverse technologies (MongoDB, NodeJS, Angular), which needed an upgrade to attract top talent and streamline HR processes. Agiliway, with its team of skilled developers, stepped up to the challenge.

1. Stabilizing the System

  • establishing a dev/test environment for efficient testing and development;
  • implementing CI/CD pipeline for faster updates and bug fixes;
  • optimizing platform hosting for improved performance;
  • resolving existing bugs and issues for a smoother user experience.

2. Adding New Features for HR Success

  • ensuring GDPR compliance for data privacy and control over personal info;
  • streamlining FTP server integration for candidate resume management;
  • enhancing error handling for improved platform stability;
  • upgrading the content module for better analysis;
  • improving the interview process for efficiency.

How Agiliway Transforms the Recruitment Platform?

Operating a complex recruiting platform was hampering efficiency and preventing them from attracting the best talent. With expertise, Agiliway has taken responsibility and breathed new life into the system.

System Stabilization: The Agiliway team-initiated system stabilization efforts by implementing unit tests to ensure code validity and address performance issues. Single Sign-On (SSO) issues were also resolved, enabling seamless platform access for recruiters and HR specialists. Additionally, settled Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to accelerate development and deployment processes.

Performance Optimization: The Agiliway team optimized the platform’s performance by fine-tuning NodeJS and AngularJS components. Also, optimal hosting was configured on Heroku and MongoDB databases, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval. The performance and functionality have been greatly improved by adding new features.

New Feature Development: In addition to system enhancements, Agiliway engineers introduced new features to enable the automation of various key processes:

  • Unbiased Resume Reviewing

The system now automatically conceals personal details such as name, age, gender, previous jobs, and social media links in applicant resumes, mitigating unconscious bias during the review process.

  • Job Skills Prioritization

Recruiters or HR managers can assign values to job skills, facilitating objective assessment of applicants based on predefined criteria. Scores are recalculated automatically when priorities are adjusted.

  • Structured Interviewing

The system suggests questions aligned with hiring criteria, enhancing interview effectiveness, and reducing preparation time.

  • Job Description Enhancement

Analyzes job descriptions and provides feedback to improve wording, maximizing response rates.

  • GDPR-Compliant Functionality

The data in the system can be configured to be automatically deleted. This setting is a custom solution in the organization, according to which the system deletes all information about specific users, individually or in a group. Customizable data deletion option ensures compliance with user information deletion requests in organizations.

  • Interview Pausing and Resumption

In the scenario of an interview from which a candidate stopped owing to, say, accidentally shutting the question window or other technical concerns. It is now feasible to continue with the interview regardless of the reasons that may arise. Candidates can pause and resume interviews at some point, addressing technical interruptions.

  • FTP Server Integration

Enables file uploads for job and candidate information via FTP connection, with automated review based on company settings.

  • Recruitment Platform Integration

Synchronizes data between platforms for seamless information sharing.

  • Error Handling

Users can identify and report synchronization errors for FTP and integrated platforms.

  • Disposition Tracking

Allows administrators and job owners to assess candidate suitability, streamlining the hiring process.

  • Improved Content Analysis

Enhances text analysis within the system, identifying areas for improvement.

  • Resume Sorting via Association Lists

Admins can upload association lists for CV analysis and sorting.

  • Modular Access Control

Access to system modules is granted based on user roles and permissions within the organization.

  • Reporting Capabilities

The platform provides companies with a “report tab” that allows them to access and analyze metrics such as job creation, interviews conducted, resume views, and candidate hires. Users can receive these reports automatically via email, eliminating the need to request them manually. Special permissions are assigned to System Administrator and Super Admin roles, which provide controlled access to data for registered companies.

  • Content Management

Enables customization of skills and questions while ensuring compliance with non-biased language guidelines.

  • Expanded Role Structure

Introduction of HR Admin and Sysadmin roles with tailored access to company duties.

  • Content Export/Import

Facilitates transfer of company content between the platform and local devices, streamlining pre-interview preparation.

  • API Integration for CV Analysis

Collaboration with third-party vendors to connect our application via API helped quickly analyze resumes or edited resumes, saving organizations time by weeding out those that do not meet the job requirements.


Agiliway has developed automated custom software that transforms the recruitment process, promoting efficiency, fairness, and compliance. There’s a significant push towards achieving equal rights and opportunities for everyone, regardless of their gender, race, or any other personal attributes. Ensuring fair treatment and access to opportunities is crucial for creating a better and more inclusive society. Organizations are increasingly drawn to the idea of advancing the HR routine though it saves time, effort, and money in the long term.

By streamlining tasks such as resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate evaluation, automation allows HR professionals to allocate their time more efficiently, focusing on strategic initiatives rather than repetitive administrative tasks. Coupled with automation and scalable functionalities, it not only promotes equal opportunities but also enhances efficiency and reduces costs for organizations. These advancements are essential steps towards building a more equitable and sustainable future for all. Contact Agiliway to revolutionize recruitment and unlock the full potential of your talent acquisition strategies.


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