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Most people regard YouTube solely as a popular video hosting service. But do not forget that this is the second most searched search engine in the world by the number of users. At the moment, the audience of video hosting is more than a billion people, and this number won’t stop growing. According to official statistics, the number of users starting to watch YouTube from the home page as if they were turning on the TV at home has tripled over the past year. That is why, without any additional services, it will be very difficult and painful to bring your videos to the top and attract the target audience to the channel. 

Our guide will show you how to promote your channel, get attention for your videos, and get a lot of subscribers. Here is our top list of the best video promotion services. 

The best YouTube Promotion Services 

Before going into detail about each site, we will define their main advantages that make them stand out of a crowd.

  1. Prodvigate – Best overall
  2. Viboom – Best for the quality of views provided 
  3. MediaMister – Best for legit views and likes
  4. Fiverr – Best for providing a database of creative freelancers 

How did we form the list?

We formed a list of video promotion services based on user experience and a thorough analysis of the services and functionality offered by each of them. After testing each 

video promotion website we formed the list. As a result, we present a guide review for the best 4 video promo sites, in our opinion. This list includes only those services that bring a visible result in the growth of the audience of the YouTube channel.

Povidgate website

Prodvigate Best overall

Main Feature: the service is best for providing real promotion with a super-easy dashboard. Prodvigate has a super easy UI that makes launching campaigns even faster. 

This service helps video bloggers promote their channels. Working only with official promotion tools (official YouTube Ads), the service leads real interested subscribers, not bots. An influx of audience will mean not only an increase in the number of subscribers but likes and comments from real people. All you need to do is add your channel and set up targeted advertising for your target audience by choosing a budget. It is quite easy to pay for promotions directly from your bank card. How is the promotion carried out?

Users who fall into the audience that you set when setting the target (by interests, geographic location) will see your videos directly on YouTube. Your videos will appear to users on the main search page and in featured videos. When promoting, the system should analyze your channel. After selecting the most suitable video, it is sent for moderation in YouTube Ads. The service optimizes audience engagement to the maximum and can change the primary targeting settings. Besides, they have a YouTube channel with useful videos for beginners and advanced bloggers. The price per week starts at $39.

Bonus: You can place an affiliate link in your content, comments, or send it to friends. As a result, you will receive a reward of 10% of the budget of the invited users.

Promo code: 31D63E79C9

Viboom Best for the quality of views provided 

recommended video add

Main Feature: Viboom is best for providing real views from partner sites or social networks, not fake bots. 

Viboom is a service for promoting videos from popular social networks. The company works with videos posted on hosting. Viboom offers targeting by country, age, gender, interests, and device type. People who watch promoted videos can subscribe to your channel to receive regular updates as new videos are uploaded. You can also promote live streams, YouTube streams and increase your views. One of the advantages of the service is a complete guarantee of views from real users. Your audience will not include bots and unscrupulous users. The service uses multi level filtering to prevent your videos from getting surrounded by bad content. The company also provides access to metrics that you can use to optimize and improve your ad campaign. The volume of the incoming audience will always be consistently high since ad blockers will not block your video from being promoted as an advertisement. Promotion starts slowly across the Vibum network of affiliate sites. After a few hours, if a video is moderated on YouTube, it gets full promotion speed. Also, Viboom is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable price. It is lower compared to the first promotion site and starts at $30 per week.

Bonus: no 

Media Mister – Best for legit views and likes

MediaMister banner

Main feature: This service is best for covering all social media marketing needs and getting legit views and likes.

Media Mister is a full service social media marketing company with a full range of services for major networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Media Mister offers quality YouTube views packages at reasonable prices. They also have services for likes and comments. All services provided by the service are performed manually. This means 100% customer care. 

The service provides activity from real people, not bots, and maintains a full anti-spam policy. For YouTube you can buy not only followers and views, but also favourites, shares, watch time hours, comments and even dislikes. The results can be seen within 1-2 days. Their website has a section with frequently asked questions where you can find all the answers to more interesting questions. Besides they have a money back guarantee offering 100% refund. One interesting fact is that you can pay with crypto coins for the services you choose. 

Bonus: Do not provide any. 

Fiverr –  Best for providing a database of creative freelancers 

fiver freelancers

Main feature: The company is best for providing a database of freelancers to help you grow your YouTube channel. 

This option differs from those previously reviewed by us. One of the fastest growing online storefronts on the Internet, where specialists from all over the world offer their services. Here, freelancers act as a salesperson who sells their services to customers. You create your service, which is called gig on the site, after which it appears among the services of other freelancers. You can find help services with video promotion, enlargement of views. That is, you turn to a freelancer, a person who is experienced and has the appropriate skills, and not to a company. 

Here you can find a specialist for specific tasks, for example, improving videos, video quality or adding animation. Well-edited videos will increase your watch time and engagement. This company has several disadvantages. Firstly, this is a freelance exchange, that is, a freelancer takes responsibility for completing the task. You are not familiar with a specialist, so although he may have reviews, the result cannot be 100% guaranteed. The service is highly competitive, so you will have to spend time choosing a work contractor. You can spend more time getting a high-quality result than when working with specialized services.

Bonus: no

FAQ Section

Why is it worth using youtube promotion services?

Many people ask this question, because it is really likelyto figure out how to set up advertising yourself. But we recommend sites for promoting videos for several reasons:

  1. By default, YouTube Ads are configured to only generate views, but not attract subscribers;
  2. Without the knowledge and experience in setting up ads, you can spend your budget on an inactive audience that is not interested or involved in your content;
  3. Many services offer analytics of an advertising company, looking for which you will receive useful data for further channel promotion.

How much subscribers can I get from an advertising campaign?

On average, every 100 targeted views from an interested audience bring 1 subscriber. So if you have a goal of, let’s say, 100,000 subscribers, then multiply that number by 100 – roughly how many views it will take to reach that number. Evaluate whether it is realistic to achieve such a number of views in your niche;

When a video is advertised with poor content quality indicators, the promotion goes only as long as money is poured into the advertising campaign, after that everything stops.

How will be my video promoted on YouTube? 

Video advertising on YouTube can be roughly divided into two formats: showing in search results on similar topics and showing before the start of another video.

  • The first option is shown in search results, in a list of similar ones, on the main page of the mobile version. The video does not play automatically, the user needs to click on the ad. Using this format, you can gain subscribers and social activities (likes, comments, reposts);
  • The second option – with the ability to skip ads, are shown inside the videos automatically. You can skip an ad five seconds after it starts. Using this format, you can get various targeted actions, for example, referrals to your channel, subscriptions.

The bottom line

To get a result in promotion, you need to plan and configure everything correctly, otherwise you risk losing time and wasting your budget. Services for the promotion of a video channel will help to approach the issue of promotion in a comprehensive manner. Start by creating a bright and beautiful design. Simulate interesting videos and optimize them. Set up targeted ads for your target users and choose proven services that will help you attract your audience correctly without inactive bots. We wish you the best in developing and promoting your channel!


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