7 Best YouTube Promotion Services

7 Best YouTube Promotion Services

Most people regard YouTube solely as a popular video hosting service. But do not forget that this is the second most searched one in the world by the number of users. Currently, the audience of video hosting is more than a billion people, and this number won’t stop growing. 

The number of video creators also grows. It seems like there is no competition because you can post videos regardless of your number of subscribers. Still, no YouTuber wants to post their creations to the void. And without additional services, bringing your videos to the top is always challenging. That’s why influencers and entrepreneurs from time to time turn for third-party support and buy instant YouTube promotion packages to stimulate the growth of statistics on the platform. Fortunately, today the market of PR services is booming, companies offer a lot of tools for online career growth.  Among them is the opportunity to buy YouTube packages, perhaps the most effective and comprehensive boost at the moment. But that’s not the only thing you should know. Our guide will show you how to promote your channel, get your videos’ attention, and get many subscribers. Here is our top list of the best video promotion services:

  1. Prodvigate — Best Overall;
  2. Viboom — Best for Boosting Your Views Numbers;
  3. MediaMister — Best for Getting Additional Likes;
  4. Veefly — A Cheap Prodvigate Alternative for Short Video Promotion
  5. Fiverr — Adequate for Moderate Views Boosts;
  6. Sprizzy — A Less Efficient Prodvigate Alternative for Music Promotion;
  7. Video Promotion Club — A Cheaper Progvigate Alternative for Niche Artists on YouTube. 

We must highlight that the three first options are the wisest ones. Others come as more affordable or supplementary ones. And let us show you the details about the crowned winners of the advertising industry: 

Website  Key facts  Prices 
Prodvigate ?
  • Google partner; 
  • Comprehensive YouTube video promotion assistance; 
  • Works with any video creation direction; 
  • Works with any video length; 
  • Positive results within five business days, often within four; 
  • +45-55% viral views for free; 
  • An amazing choice for long-term campaigns; 
  • The cheapest one if you consider the effectiveness; 
  • May optimize your budget for more lucrative contributions; 
  • Profound analysis of your YouTube channel concept; 
  • Good country and international targeting;
  • Two or three weeks suffice to give you a sustainable boost; 
  • Turns no-name channels into popular video projects; 
  • Has already helped more than fourteen thousand of YouTubers; 
  • Strict anti-bot policy.
$49 per week
Viboom ?
  • Another Google partner;
  • 99% accurate targeting; 
  • Good for average channels; 
  • Any YouTube content promotion (but only according to the YouTube rules);
  • A nice option for streamers to get more viewers during streams; 
  • Often brings YouTubers many likes and comments; 
  • +30–50% viral views for free;
  • Usually fast promotion. The first positive results kick in within five or seven business days. 
From $30
MediaMister ?
  • Has a YouTube promotion department. But it mostly focuses on other media platforms; 
  • Might be a nice option for long-term campaigns due to its affordability; 
  • High-impact social signals; 
  • Good ads; 
  • Good for covering international audiences. 
From 13$

How did we form the list?

The list presents YouTube promotion services according to the effectiveness each demonstrates. The hierarchy’s leaders are the most practical solutions when you need a sustainable boost. Other services might be an alternative when you are not ready to contribute more to your channel. 

The mentioned less effective services might be nice when you are okay with time-consuming and sometimes failing promotions. The only thing we can guarantee about #3 – #7 is that they do not use bots. Still, we cannot promise +1729 subscribers per week and +9248 likes per day.

Of course, we did not consider reviewing fake YouTube promotion services. Bot farms like GetViral.io should never be your object of interest for advertising. Such companies violate YouTube and Google rules by “promoting” your videos with fake accounts with PFPs made in dress-up games. And even if stats are your priority, do not forget that YouTube bans such cheating to prevent fake enforcement for monetization. 

So, we may recommend only the two first websites. Those are old-timers of the market with provable statistics and crystalline principles. There might appear another best choice. Nevertheless, we see that Prodvigate will remain the leader for many years. 

The List Unfolds: Top 7 YouTube Promotion Companies 

1. Prodvigate — Best overall


The service is best for providing real promotions with a super-easy dashboard. Prodvigate has a super easy UI that makes launching campaigns even faster. 

Let us highlight that Prodvigate is the official Google partner. The service provides comprehensive help to all kinds of YouTubers. There are zero rules for your content. So, advertisers prioritize finding your videos’ audience instead of commanding you. 

The service works with approved and tested adverting tools solely. There are no bots, automated systems that deceive YouTube stats, and no spam. An influx of audience will mean increased subscribers, likes, and comments from real people. All you need to do is add your channel and set up targeted advertising for your target audience by choosing a budget.

The company takes into account: 

  • Your YouTube channel concept; 
  • The length of your content; 
  • The topics you cover and mention; 
  • Your actual audience (even if it is non-existent right now);
  • Your target audience; 
  • Your potential audience; 
  • Your budget (there is budget optimization if you have limited resources); 
  • Your plans and desires;
  • Other significant constituents of promotion. 

After approving your campaign plan, the service asks Google to confirm that advertising may start. Note that this process might take around two business days. Yet, Google usually reacts to Prodvigate’s suggestions within a couple of hours. 

The advertising material covers the most interested audience. That results in having engaged viewers that remain your subscribers for longer than usual. And that is also sufficient to attract more people who might become your future fans. The first boost takes around one business week to boom. The second and third weeks will bestow your channel with a geometric progression of views. Some periods might bring you a more moderate number of interested viewers. Still, the big ups and small downs sustain your video project’s popularity. 

The legitimacy of work is one constituent. Of course, we must also explain the situation with prices. Prodvigate will be your cheapest option if you consider the efficaciousness of their work. That is the only YouTube service that does profound work on predicting your statistics before adverting. The price always correlates to the effectiveness of promotion overall, not only to raw numbers. 

Besides, Prodvigate has a YouTube channel with useful videos for beginners and advanced bloggers. Moreover, every YouTuber may get recommendations privately. 

Bonus: You can place an affiliate link in your content, comment, or send it to friends. As a result, you will receive a reward of 10% of the budget of the invited users.

Promo code: 31D63E79C9

2. Viboom — Best for Boosting Your Views Numbers 


Viboom is best for providing total views from partner sites or social networks, not fake bots. 

Viboom is also another Google partner. It offers assistance to target audiences by country, age, gender, interests, and device type. You can also promote live streams and YouTube streams and increase your views. One of the advantages of the service is a complete guarantee of views from real users. Your audience will not include bots.

Practice shows that the volume of the incoming audience will always be consistently high. The service uses multi-level filtering to prevent your videos from getting surrounded by bad content. The company also provides access to metrics that you can use to optimize and improve your ad campaign.

Promotion starts slowly across the Viboom network of affiliate sites. After a few hours, if a video is on YouTube, it gets full promotion speed. Also, Viboom is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable price. It is lower than the first promotion site and starts at $30 per week.

Bonus: No bonuses, discounts, or other offers. 

3. Media Mister – Best for Getting Additional Likes 

Media Mister

This service is best for covering all social media marketing needs and getting legit views and likes.

Media Mister is a full-service social media marketing company with a full range of services. But we must highlight that it works for major networks like Facebook and Instagram. YouTube is not a priority here — it is only a department. Media Mister offers quality YouTube views packages at reasonable prices. They also have services for likes and comments.

You can buy followers and views, favorites, shares, watch time hours, comments, and dislikes for YouTube. The service provides activity from real people, not bots, and maintains a full anti-spam policy. The first noticeable result might take a bit more than one business week. 

Their website has a section with frequently asked questions where you can find all the answers to more interesting questions. Besides, they have a money-back guarantee offering a 100% refund. One interesting fact is that you can pay with crypto coins for your chosen services. 

Bonus: It does not provide any. 

4. Veefly — A Cheap Prodvigate Alternative for Short Video Promotion


  • Mostly uses AI to sort interested and uninterested users that might be your audience; 
  • Does not analyze your content to provide views. The user must decide on hashtags and other constituents alone; 
  • It might give you around five thousand views per campaign (for one video); 
  • Veefly does not use bots or automated systems. You still get the human audience, but in smaller numbers, than Prodvigate or Viboom gives;
  • The campaign starts faster; 
  • Easy to register and specify the video you want promotion for; 
  • Veefly is cheaper; 
  • Some users note that the service gives raw views, but there are no comments, likes, and dislikes; 
  • It mostly works with short videos. The service might try promoting a long video. Nevertheless, it warns you that the results might not be what you anticipate. 

5. Fiverr — Adequate for Moderate Views Boosts  


The company is best for providing a database of freelancers to help you grow your YouTube channel. 

This option differs from those previously reviewed by us. Here, freelancers act as a salesperson who sells their services to customers. That is, you turn to a freelancer, someone who has the experience and the appropriate skills, and not to a company. 

Here you can find a specialist for specific tasks, for example, improving videos, video quality, or adding animation. Well-edited videos will increase your watch time and engagement. This company has several disadvantages. Firstly, this is a freelance exchange. That is, a freelancer takes responsibility for completing the task. You are unfamiliar with a specialist, so although they may have reviews, the result cannot be 100% guaranteed. The service is highly competitive, so you will have to spend time choosing a work contractor. You can spend more time getting high-quality results than working with specialized services.

Bonus: No current offers. 

6. Sprizzy — A Less Efficient Prodvigate Alternative for Music Promotion


  • As a rule, Sprizzy works with entertainment pieces solely. That includes music clips and short gaming videos;
  • There are no small businesses reporting anything about this service; 
  • It might give you a lot of views, but the audience is likely to be inactive; 
  • Usually, viewers do not interact with videos promoted by this service; 
  • It is a wise choice when you want your stats to be prettier. Notwithstanding, do not expect +1000 subscribers in a month even; 
  • There are some examples that a video gains +40000 views and +900 likes. Still, other examples show a couple of thousands of views and fewer interactions. 

7. Video Promotion Club — A Cheaper Progvigate Alternative for Niche Artists on YouTube

Video Promotion Club

  • This service is popular among narrowly-focused artists that have small audiences; 
  • It might be good for music promotion; 
  • Guarantees organic views, but there is no guarantee for comments and (dis)likes; 
  • Sometimes posts your videos on external sites; 
  • Good country targeting; 
  • But it is not the finest choice when you want to go international; 
  • Average prices. It is not the most expensive one. But it is not the cheapest in parallel. But note that your contribution might win you less profit than you anticipate. 

FAQ Section

Why is it worth using youtube promotion services?

Many people ask this question because it is likely to figure out how to set up advertising yourself. But we recommend sites for promoting videos for several reasons:

  1. By default, YouTube Ads must only generate views but not attract subscribers;
  2. Without the knowledge and experience in setting up ads, you can spend your budget on an inactive audience;
  3. Many services offer analytics of an advertising company, looking for which you will receive useful data. That information might be vital for future YouTube planning. 

How many subscribers can I get from an advertising campaign?

On average, every 100 targeted views from an interested audience brings 1 subscriber. So if you have a goal of, let’s say, 100,000 subscribers, then multiply that number by 100 — roughly how many views it will take to reach that number. Evaluate whether it is realistic to achieve several such views in your niche.

When a video appears as an ad with poor content quality indicators, the promotion goes only as long as the money goes into the advertising campaign. After that, everything stops.

How will my video be promoted on YouTube? 

Video advertising on YouTube has two formats. One is showing in search results on similar topics, and another is showing before the start of another video.

  • The first option appears in search results, in a list of similar ones, on the main page of the mobile version. The video does not play automatically. The user needs to click on the ad. Using this format, you can gain subscribers and social activities (likes, comments, reposts);
  • The second option — the ability to skip ads, is shown inside the videos automatically. You can skip an ad five seconds after it starts. Using this format, you can get various targeted actions, for example, referrals to your channel and subscriptions.

The Bottom Line

Services for promoting a video channel will help approach the issue of promotion in a comprehensive manner. To get a result in promotion, you need to plan and configure everything correctly. Otherwise, you risk losing time and wasting your budget. Start by creating a bright and beautiful design. Simulate interesting videos and optimize them. Set up targeted ads for your target users and choose proven services! Only fair companies will help you attract your audience correctly without inactive bots. We wish you the best in developing and promoting your channel!


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