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We have heard your concerns and come up with a solution to them. Today we will discuss how to fax from one’s computer quickly, easily and of course without spending any penny. Questions must be popping up in your mind but keep a hold on them and first, read today’s piece, and we are confident that you will get most of your answers. 

The tool we will present today is something very innovative and helpful. Its main idea is to decrease the manual workload and to make work more efficient and professional. It does seem attractive to hear about but is way more enjoyable to use. 

Let’s get started on our main topic.


CocoFax is a tool to turn upside down the traditional means of faxing. Almost everything is changing with time, so why not the traditional methods of official work? Why put loads of work on your shoulders when CocoFax is available to do the same amount of work in less time and with more efficiency.

CocoFax has already helped countless individuals and companies with their faxing issues. You can be the next one to enjoy the perks which CocoFax comes with, that too without spending big bucks. Yeah! It is accessible on the pocket side by side.

CocoFax has also gained a good reputation on G2, which is an authority review platform. People trust its user’s confidential datasets from around the world. It also has several positive reviews from its clients. 

How to fax from your Computer

It is not a big task at all. CocoFax is very easy to understand. 

The first thing to be done is to make an account at the official website of CocoFax. When it is done, you can go for the web application, which you can open up by searching CocoFax on google chrome. 

Or even can add an extension of it to your chrome. So whenever you need to fax, just click that extension, and you are great to proceed. 


Open up the official website of CocoFax and tap the option of ‘Start Faxing’ appearing on the top. You will be redirected to the registration page.


Fill in the details on that page. This is the mail that will give you access to your CocoFax account. Also, the number that you will choose will be given to you for your faxing errands. And this will also allow you to use CocoFax services directly from your mail.


Now move to the mail ID page and open the compose mail window. Add the details of the person you want to fax (their fax number and country code). Compose your fax and send it.

Also, you can watch a video available on the official website of CocoFax for better understanding.

Advantages of faxing from your computer

There are a lot of advantages when you start faxing online than by relying on old means, some of which are as follows:


Limitless coverage and range

It was necessary to check the lines before faxing as if they weren’t clear in old times. Telephone servers would not be connected, so it would become impossible to send or receive a fax. But now, with the assistance of CocoFax, you can fax any place in this world. 

Without any hindrance except that you are just in need of a stable internet connection. Further, you can send as many faxes as you want to as there is no particular limit to do so.


International Faxing

Since the faxing on CocoFax is done via the internet, allowing the clients to do international faxing. It means that you can be in one corner of the world and send a fax to the other corner. Many individuals and businesses are availing this service and growing efficiently and smartly. What are you exactly waiting for?


One of the most amazing things CocoFax comes up with is that it makes the work go paperless, which is a great initiative. It not only protects the trees but directly helps to protect the environment and stop deforestation. 

So we can sum up that it supports the environment go green campaign. We all should also become a part of it. It will directly make our business efficient and protect our environment as well.

Mass faxing

Another splendid feature that CocoFax offers is mass faxing. This feature allows the user to send a fax to a number of people at once. The enterprise subscription package of CocoFax allows the users to send as many documents as they want simultaneously to as many people as they wish. 

Secure and Reliable

Faxing through the computer via the internet is more reliable and secure than by doing over telephone lines. CocoFax has made the arrangements to keep the data and information of the client secure. It is using next-gen technology to do so. 

Every file which the user attaches with cocofax is encrypted with 256-bit advanced encryption standards. So no third party can get access to your private information. And all the data will be transferred with high protection.  

Two-factor Authentication

CocoFax has come up with two-factor authentication, which means that the data is more protected, and a wall of security is added to the user’s confidential data. No cyberattacks can be done as security means will take care of it. Moreover, no one can get access to your account with this authentication system.

Biometric System

CocoFax has introduced a biometric system for the mobile phone application. In this way, a new layer of security is added to the data of the user. Due to this method, only the user himself can log in to his account. In short, data is entirely safe when having CocoFax at your service.

Not high on Pocket

CocoFax has subscription packages to cover up all the audience since it is mindful of the needs of its audience, so it has made packages according to them. One can check the packages on the official website and subscribe to what he thinks goes well with its needs. 

As stated earlier, CocoFax doesn’t cost big bucks. Instead, it is elementary on the pocket.

According to your package, if you are out of pages, you can also get more by paying a few bucks.  


CocoFax is an excellent service to get your hands on. It has all the advanced services one requires for his faxing works. Also, it gives a great deal of protection, so there is no need to be concerned in this case. It would be folly to miss such incredible service, so get started today.  

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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