Fast Courier is Helping Businesses Compare Courier Prices for Packages and Freight

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The company’s courier quote comparison tool allows users to find the cheapest courier providers available in any given route.

There is a lot that businesses need to consider when choosing a courier provider. Quality and track record are both important, of course, but businesses are also dealing with steep competition while trying to maintain their profit margins. This means that being able to find couriers who provide reliable quality at a competitive price is crucial for their success, especially in the case of online stores and other businesses that rely heavily on shipping goods directly to customers.

It’s to help business owners deal with these complexities that Fast Courier was created. Fast Courier is an online platform that allows users to compare at-the-minute prices for courier and freight delivery companies. The company specializes in the Australian market, helping users compare courier quotes when trying to get packages to and from the country. The service also works when shipping goods within Australia.

Fast Courier offers free package pickup all over Australia, which is part of its effort of making the shipment process as hassle-free as possible.

“After making a booking, we will provide a booking ID, shipping labels for you to place on your package,” the company explains. “All you need to do is print these out and place them on the package. The Courier will scan your package at your doorstep and then issue you a Tracking Number. We’ll be keeping in touch as your package is making its journey to delivery.”

Fast Courier is primarily a price comparison tool, but that’s not all the company has to offer. They also allow users to book shipments and make pick-up arrangements all through their platform. Their primary goal when putting together the platform was to streamline the whole shipping process as much as possible.

As the company explains: “No matter if you’re looking for same-day delivery couriers, interstate couriers or just plain reliable and professional deliveries, we have simplified the whole process for you to book a shipment, choose the best deal, and use our tools to send your deliveries hassle-free.”

Shipping options include same-day delivery, overnight delivery, interstate deliveries, and international options which include air freight and sea freight. The platform also allows users to get quotes on relocation services, which can be used by businesses that are moving to a different office, or individuals who are moving to a different home.

Why Choose Fast Courier

Fast Courier works with some of the most reputable courier companies in the market, including TNT Couriers, Aramex, Startrack Courier, DHL, Direct Couriers, Couriers Please, Allied Express, Toll Courier & Freight, and more. With years of experience in the market and a reputation to uphold, users can trust that the low prices they find on the platform won’t result in a low quality of service.

Businesses that ship a large number of packages every week stand to gain the most from using Fast Courier. According to the company, using their price comparison tool can help users save as much as 30% on shipping. That said, individuals can also save money by using Fast Courier — their tool is free to use, allowing anyone to find a cheap courier through the platform.


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