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Online Content Removal Services If you are a victim of insulting or damaging online content posted by individuals or competitors to harm your reputation, there is a solution for you. You can now hire professionals to help you clean up your online reputation and maintain a positive Internet presence.

Remove Information from Google Search Engine Results: While many Online Reputation Management companies claim that they can delete such offensive content from search engines and reviews sites quickly, be aware that removing negative content and reviews requires effort and professionalism.

How to Delete Unwanted Content from Google

Hackraptor has been successful at removing certain negative search results and information from Google by removing the page from the hosting websites, which in turn gets it removed from google. This can be done with or without the site owner’s consent, as the case may be. And for removal requests to remove outdated content, we follow the search engines removal policies to remove the content from google search.

And since making a legal request is also not always the fastest or best of solutions. Many people who are interested in being able to remove content – from search engines, blogs, social media websites, online news outlets, complaints and business reviews websites and almost any type of a website hosting defamatory content, resort to hiring an expert.

Experts in Google Information Removal Services

We have relationships in place to offer our customers a cost-effective content removal service alongside our online content suppression and reputation management services.

Online Removal Service Solutions:

Hackraptor offers the best online removal services to help you remove negative content from the Internet with peace of mind. Some of the content removal solutions include:

  • Court Case Removal
  • Online Mugshot Removal
  • Arrest Record Removal
  • Cheater Site Removal
  • Revenge Site Removal
  • Personal Data Removal

Depending on what you really want, Hackraptor is able to completely and permanently delete the article, webpage or website. And we are able not only to push negative results away from the first 10 pages of search engine result pages (SERPs), we are successful at removing negative reviews and offensive content for many customers from websites like:

  • SiteJabber
  • and many more websites.

Get a Professional to Delete Unwanted Content

If you as an individual is suffering from online character assassination, or a business with a damaged online reputation, we sure can help you. Our proven methods of online content removal and suppression services, negative information removal services will produce the desired results for you.

Have you “Googled” your name (or company) recently only to be shocked to find a negative news article ranking on the first page of Google search results? Is your sensitive and confidential personal information out in public? Are you concerned that the negative news story will have a detrimental impact on your personal/professional life, or ability to generate new clients?

If so, we are here to help. This article gives you all the right information you need. Hackraptor has implemented for our clients over the past 6+ years to successfully remove negative news articles, or minimize their visibility in Google search results (depending on client’s request).

Remove Negative Content or News Articles

If you currently find yourself dealing with a negative news article ranking highly on Google, there are three ways to remove the negative link from search results:

  1. Complete Removal:If the webpage, article or content is removed from the website or internet, the associated link will also be removed from search results. This is the ideal scenario and the first option we look into when helping our clients. If a site removes an article completely, a “404 page” will appear or it may return as totally blank, depending on the client’s preference.
  2. De-Indexing:If a negative news story is de-indexed, it means that the link associated with the story will be completely removed from search engine results. The main issue with the negative news article is not necessarily the fact that it exists, but rather the fact that it is highly visible in search results. In most instances, having the link to the negative article de-indexed, is just as good of an outcome as complete removal.
  3. Redaction:In rare instances, a news publication will agree to redact (remove) your name from a negative news story. This is more likely to happen in situations where you are not the main focus of the article, or if you were the victim of a crime, and the news article discussing the incident ranks highly in search results for your name. If your name is redacted from the news article, the link associated with the article will be removed from search results with time.

How to Remove Negative News Articles

News sites are unlikely to remove an article from their website, but there is always a slight possibility they will. News sites, editors, and journalists are used to getting requests to have negative and embarrassing articles removed, so coming up with a proper removal strategy is extremely important.

Before attempting removal of a news article, you should consider the following:

  • If there are multiple negative news articles, document each URL and its ranking in search results. This will help you get organized and prioritize your removal efforts.
  • If you are only aware of one negative news article, copy and paste the title of the article into a Google search to ensure it hasn’t been re-published on other sites.
  • Look for ways to contact the website(s) that hosts the article and/or the journalist that wrote the article.
  • Most news sites will have a “Contact” page where you can leave a message.Most journalists will provide you with a way to contact them (via e-mail, twitter, etc.)
  • If there is no contact method available, do a Google search for their name and see if there are any social media profiles, you can potentially reach them on.
  • When reaching out to an editor or journalist, never initiate contact in a threatening way, as this will greatly hurt your chances of getting the news article removed, and could make the problem worse.

If you are attempting to remove a negative news article that is more than a couple years old, use this to your advantage. Historically, news sites are more likely to remove older/outdated news stories than more recent ones.It’s important to note that you generally only have one shot at getting the negative news article removed. If you are unsure of the most optimal approach and want one of our online reputation experts to attempt removal on your behalf, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Suppress or Push Down Negative News Articles on Google

The reality is, most news publications will not remove, de-index, or redact your name from a negative news articles, leaving you in a position where you must look for an alternative solution. The next best strategy to repair the damage caused by a negative news article is to suppress it deeper in Google search results (page 2+) where it is unlikely to be seen.

The technical term for this process is “search engine suppression”, which involves creating a network of new positive web properties to push down the negative article. The timeframe to suppress a negative news article to page 2+ of Google varies greatly and depends on several factors. In most cases, suppression is not only effective at removing the negative article from the first page of search results, but it also works to strengthen your personal brand and/or promote your business in a positive light.

Best Way to Delete Unwanted Content from Google

The most important thing to remember when dealing with a negative news article on the internet is to have a plan and be rational. It can be easy to feel a rush of anger and trepidation when reading a negative article about yourself or your business. Instead, channel that energy into creating a strategy to get it removed or suppressed.

Are you looking for professional help?

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