Cereal Club NFT: How to Gain Access to the Most Exclusive Discord in the Metaverse

Cereal Club

The development of Web 3.0 is encouraging the rise of the NFT society. The Cereal Club is the newest NFT project in town that has everyone on social media talking. Once you get admitted into this exclusive discord, you will access custom and rare NFTs. 

First things first, what are NFTs? Many potential investors are still in the dark about NFTs and the fuss surrounding modern digital assets. Therefore, we’ll help you understand the Cereal Club NFT and how to gain access to the most exclusive discord in the Metaverse. 

Understanding NFTs in 2022

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are bought and sold on a public platform. The digital assets exist in a blockchain as pictures, videos, gifs, or other virtual resources. NFTs first appeared on the Ethereum blockchain. Traders will often use the Ether coin to complete digital asset transactions. However, other blockchains have started making exclusive NFTs. 

Non-fungible means unique or non-interchangeable, and every NFT cannot be duplicated and retain the original value. NFTs differ from cryptocurrencies and physical currencies because they are one of a kind. You can exchange a $5 bill for another $5 bill or sell Bitcoin for an equal amount of Ether. On the other hand, you cannot swap an NFT with another art piece because both are unique. If the Mona Lisa art piece were tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain, you would need to buy it using Ether.

Note that digital assets are still replicable after selling. However, the buyer retains ownership and gets registered on the NFT metadata. Therefore, each NFT has a collector card that shows the current owner of the digital asset.

NFT uses Web 3.0, which is decentralized and takes power away from big corporations like Twitter and Facebook. There won’t be internet gatekeepers in this new digital age, only individual buyers and sellers who won’t endure censorship. 

The trading of NFTs happens during auctions whereby the seller sets the value. Like in the real world, business people buy assets to sell at a profit. Consequently, many investors are diversifying their portfolios by getting into the NFT train. 

What Is the Cereal Club NFT?

Now that you have an idea of what NFTs are, we’ll help you understand the hype surrounding the Cereal Club NFT. Cereal Club is the newest wave of minted NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The first round will create 10,000 cereal club munchers who’ll own different bowls, charms, colors, body types, and backgrounds.

Some munchers are rare, and the website claims that they will develop according to the cereal they take. The Cereal Club has a limited 10,000 NTFs with a premium value. 

After gaining access to the Cereal Club, you get an NFT cereal character and exclusive access to their discord space. Therefore, being a Cereal Club member means you’ll get the munchers. You’ll also have front-row access to new NFT projects and opportunities via discord. 

Cereal Club is at the forefront of championing web 3.0. Therefore, joining will give you a chance to be a part of the new Web 3.0 era. Currently, celebrities like Elijah Wood and the execs of Netflix and NFT42 are the first to gain membership into the discord channel. Your admission also cements your position among promoters of innovation and creativity.

The NFT club gets its name after everyone’s childhood breakfast option. Like the nostalgic breakfast cartons, each box has a surprise waiting. However, you’ll have to get one and then open the box to find out.

Who Is Behind the Cereal Club NFT?

The founders of Cereal Club NFT chose to remain unknown except for one of the cofounders. Sako Waves, the founder of Wavy Studios, is a digital marketing expert. Sako is a renowned digital business guru with valuable input in Cereal Club. Moreover, he adds authenticity to the club’s commitment to Web 3.0. 

The usernames, NFTs, and profile pictures of the rest of the founding team are public. The founders’ user names are Yubico, the cereal bowl recipe creator; Valerie, the artist; Omster, the community manager; Andre, the head of partnerships and collaborations; and Bazos, who is in charge of public relations and media.

When Will the Cereal Club NFT Launch?

Cereal Club founders say that will take place towards the end of January or early February 2022. Exclusive discord members will already have their NFT, and the networking will commerce. 

There are limited NFT and discord invites. This smaller number ensures that the value of the NFT will increase following popular demand. Also, the excitement around this new NFT will further drive the prices up.

The NFTs will be available for sale on Opensea after launching. Opensea is a platform where buyers and sellers can exchange NFTs for cryptocurrency. 

Cereal Club Discord: How to Participate

The club is an exclusive operation, and you can only join via invites from a member of the team. Fortunately, you can get an invite by interacting on their Twitter page. Active twitter members who retweet, repost, comment, and like posts can get random invite links. However, these links are active for a short time. 

Since the membership is almost getting full, these links are becoming valuable. The administrators now favor NFT communities and enthusiasts. NFT traders and enthusiasts should get active on the Twitter page and hopefully score an invite.

Therefore, keep your eyes on your Twitter screen. Even if the space admits 10,000 members, there is still a chance of getting accepted. 

Before you think that it is a waste of time, you should understand the value of these NFTs. The Cereal Club went active on December 30, 2021. Since then, it has already garnered almost 60,000 followers on Twitter at the time of writing this. Therefore, as this level of popularity and success grows, Cereal Club is likely to offer more slots in the future. 

Securing Your Ticket to the Cereal Club

If you have been looking for an investment opportunity, the Cereal Club offers the perfect opportunity to join the fastest-growing NFT and discord space. Everyone is angling for a piece of Cereal Club NFTs, and you should also secure your position.

Cereal Club NFT is minting 10,000 NFT and creating a discord space for the people with the NFTs to network. The NFTs by Cereal Club already have a high value due to the limited edition. The discord space will allow you to get opportunities and ideas of the NFT world from tech bigwigs and Hollywood stars. 

Usually, the admin gives out invites for the discord channel. You can also get inside through an invite from other members. Moreover, you can get active on their Twitter page and find random invite links. Getting access to this exclusive club is hard but worth the effort once you are finally in.

Taking advantage of new investment opportunities on the internet is vital to your financial wellbeing. Therefore, get ready to grab your NFT Cereal Bowl and join the club to advance your digital portfolio.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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