Casement Windows


A window casement is a movable part of a window that is attached to the frame and also consists of a plastic profile. It is needed so that the window has opening parts. A modern window can have several opening options: swing, tilt, swing-out, blind. Tilt-and-turn is the most common type of opening plastic windows. The casements open inward. To fix the opening angle of the sash, special mechanisms are used that can be adjusted according to your wishes.

Dynamic window casements as well as the functions they perform, and this can be opening, tilting, micro-ventilation, etc. are set in the parameters of the technical task at the stage of measuring the future design, taking into account the vision and wishes of the customer. It is necessary to understand that the static part of the window, which does not perform any movable function, is much cheaper than the opening one.

In order to correctly select windows casings, it is necessary to take into account and pay attention to the ease of use, the possibility of the most unimpeded, if you can call it that, access when washing external glasses, the location of interior furniture, the desired volume and direction of flows through wind, as well as the need to carry bulky items through the window opening.

Types of cased windows

The choice of window design depends primarily on the type of window casement. For example, the installation of roller blinds is impractical for windows with a sliding or pivot-axial mechanism. They can be divided into several varieties:

  • Deaf — these doors do not open, they are usually combined with swing-out doors.
  • Swivel — these flaps open vertically or horizontally. There are also sash swinging along the horizontal or vertical axis.
  • Flap, or fanlight sashes — open from top to bottom.
  • Swing-out —they combine different opening mechanisms.
  • Sliding — move to the right or left.
  • Folding — these are accordion-type windows.

All sash types have their own characteristics and type of work. Depending on the size of the window and the type of window sashes, their decor is also thought out.

A good plastic window is made to order, but there are clear technical tolerances for the design parameters. For example, it is not recommended to make opening window casings more than a meter wide. The weight of a glass unit in such a sash will be very large and over time, problems will arise during the operation of this structure.

Also, do not forget to think about whether you need a casement window air conditioner in the future. Most often, the structure has the shape of a rectangle. On the front panel, there are louvers responsible for the direction of air masses, as well as control buttons. The back of the device has special holes for heat dissipation.

The monoblock window copes with the main purpose of the air conditioner – indoor air cooling. Additional options may vary by model and manufacturer. This can be a decrease in the level of humidity, ventilation, heating of air masses, etc.

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