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Founded in 1997, Bluemina has evolved from humble beginnings to become a prominent citizenship firm with offices across the region; Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, UAE, KSA and Qatar. The company’s success is attributed to its commitment to excellence, innovation, and the life-changing impact it has had on its clients. 

Bluemina offers a diverse range of citizenship and residency programs, totaling approximately 16 options for potential investors. The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs stand out, allowing applicants to obtain citizenship without physically residing in the respective countries. Programs in the Commonwealth, such as Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda and Grenada, offer citizenship within a year, typically involving conditions like donations to the government or property purchases. Turkey and Malta are among the countries offering citizenship programs, while residency by investment options are available in Greece, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, and many more. Bluemina’s flexibility in choices allows them to match each investor with the most suitable program tailored to their needs. 

The benefits of obtaining second citizenship extend beyond visa-free travel. Second citizenship opens doors for business access to Europe and provides crucial healthcare options. Access to quality education for children further underscores the significance of securing second citizenship. 

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In 2024, Bluemina unveiled the eagerly awaited version 2.0 of its Virtual Office, featuring an array of updated features and enhanced interactivity. The advanced platform offers users the option to delve into the details of the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Residency by Investment (RBI) programs, with comprehensive explanations of the associated benefits and options.  

Our Virtual Office 2.0 features bilingual access in Arabic and English to serve our diverse clients effectively. It includes a detailed company overview of Bluemina, ensuring users have a thorough understanding of our services. With multiple communication channels available, clients can easily connect with us through direct phone calls, scheduled meetings, or WhatsApp for real-time assistance. The platform provides in-depth explanations of program benefits, keeping users well-informed and engaged. Designed to be interactive, the Virtual Office guarantees an engaging and user-friendly experience for all visitors.  

To experience the latest iteration of the Bluemina Virtual Office, visit and explore the evolution of global mobility solutions. With the release of Virtual Office 2.0, Bluemina continues to lead the way in simplifying and enhancing the global citizenship and residency journey for individuals across the globe. 

In 2020, Bluemina embraced innovation by introducing a Virtual Office, responding to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This online platform, accessible through their website, enables clients worldwide to connect seamlessly with expert advisors. Virtual meetings provide personalized assistance, making the citizenship and residency application process convenient and efficient for individuals from various corners of the globe. In 2024, Bluemina finally released its version 2.0 that is more up to date with latest features and more interactive, where you can choose an option whether you want to know more about CBI or RBI programs, with explanation of each of the program benefits and options, and if our viewers are interested they can either call an advisor now, or schedule a meeting or text us on whatsapp, as an innovative company, we have now integrated an AI feature into the Virtual Office, enhancing the user experience with intelligent, real-time support. To check the newest version please click on this link 

Bluemina’s success stories highlight the transformative impact of citizenship services on individuals and families. Clients have experienced positive changes in business, ease of travel, and education, with over 15,000 success stories and 12 offices across the Middle east attesting to the firm’s efficacy. 

Bluemina’s client-centric approach is credited for the company’s success. With a team of experienced professionals, Bluemina navigates clients through every step of the process, ensuring transparency and a seamless connection between Middle Eastern investors and Western governments. 

In conclusion, Bluemina’s journey is marked by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a life-changing impact on its clients. As a beacon of citizenship and residency services, the firm continues to facilitate global mobility, providing individuals with the freedom to access opportunities around the world. If you are considering obtaining citizenship or residency, Bluemina is a trusted choice for comprehensive consultation, bringing you one step closer to realizing your dreams of a happy and prosperous life.  

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At Bluemina, we always strive to keep you informed about everything related to second citizenship and permanent residency programs. Bluemina is your first, reliable, and closest choice .


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