Best 6 Ideas To Make Your Event Incredible

Hosting an event

If you have ever hosted an event, be it a small-scale event or a huge event, you must be familiar with the complications that come up during the process, from planning to execution.

It is said and proven, events can benefit businesses in numerous ways. When surveyed, 52% of CEOs agreed that event marketing has proved to be a better way to increase ROI than other modes of marketing. 

A successful event is a compilation of many aspects. It has the attention of the audience, an engaging factor to look up to like a popular speaker at the event or an activity that the visitors can be excited about.

But that’s definitely not all. There are more incredible ways through which you can make your event a huge success. A reputed events management company in Singapore can explain this in detail with you and also guide you according to your budget

Continue reading this blog to know more. 

6 Ideas To Make Your Event Incredible 

Here is a listicle of 6 effective ideas to make your events so much more engaging and enjoyable. 

1. Create A Pre-Buzz Around Your Event

In case you are wondering when is the right to start talking about your event like it’s really happening is as soon as you have an announcement ready!


The moment you announce your event is the moment you should start with your promotions vigorously. The best thing you can do for yourself as an event host is to start the promotions early. 

You can start by soft launching your event on social media. Creating the feeling of FOMO is an extremely effective way to drive more people to your event. You can start by giving out early bird offers on the tickets from the ticket companies or giving a sneak peek of the events from the previous years.

2. Don’t Ignore Social Media 

The biggest mistake you can make while planning out your event is not including social media in the promotion strategy

Even though, social media is an extremely important factor nowadays. Almost unforgettable. Event hosts sometimes forget the power of social media to reach a wider audience easily.

There are so many interesting things you can do by including social media. You can collaborate with influencers, you can run a social media campaign to promote your event, and introduce a hashtag even! 

In fact, introducing a hashtag for your event can be so useful for event promotions. If promoted correctly, visitors will also use your hashtag which can further help you in collecting UGC. 

3. Set A Tone For Your Event

Just like setting a tone for your brand is important, the same way, setting a tone for your event is crucial, too. 


This way, you can reach your targetted audience in a more powerful way. Setting a tone is helpful as it helps you make your audience see you the way you want them to perceive you. 

So for example, if your planned event is a fun-filled carnival, then you can promote it in a quirky way to reach the audience and make them interested. 

4. Include A Social Wall 

Imagine going to an event and seeing a huge screens of social media featuring UGC, important information from the event organizers, and all of that as an attractive compilation.


There are many free social wall display tools that help users to create social walls from certain social media platforms, moderate them and personalize them according to the users’ liking. 

By including a social wall, you can make your events considerably better. A social wall in an event can act as a platform for hosts to conduct activities, and showcase UGC from the event in real-time. You can also use a social wall to interact with your audience in amazing ways. 

5. Distribute Freebies 

There is no better way to create a strong recall value for your event or spark a conversation post-event than by distributing freebies. These freebies could be your brand merchandise, or simply something for the audience to remember you by. 


It could be something as simple as a diary or a t-shirt or something more solid and long-lasting like a portable speaker with your branding. 

This sounds like a tedious task to fit into your event budget, but distributing freebies can increase your ROI.

6. Invite Popular Speakers & Panelists

Another amazing idea to make your event happen is by inviting popular speakers and panelists. The speaker plays a crucial role in any event. They are responsible for providing the audience with the necessary information and details about the event. Ultimately, the speaker will be the face of the event. To make your event a success, hire a talented and experienced speaker from

You would not be able to guess the power of popular personalities at an event until you invite one and realize that most of the population is present just to listen to them. 

Inviting popular personalities is also a great way to boost your event’s visibility. You can reach new audiences, i.e., the guest’s audience as well as your brand’s own audience.

Wrapping It Up 

Making an event happen takes a lot of effort. The whole process is a trail of tasks, from planning the event to execution. And simply hosting an event is not enough. In order to make it a successful event, your event has to be enjoyable, should give you a valid return on your investment, and increase conversions for your brand. For that, we have these ideas to make your event memorable.


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