9 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site

Speed Up WordPress Site

A blogging platform that the world cherishes is WordPress. This is because it is user-friendly, regularly updated, and highly customizable. These features make WordPress the most favorite of bloggers. It functions efficiently and swiftly as well. But with regular utilization, a WordPress website can slow down, and it can happen for several reasons. Most of the time, bloggers and online merchants avail themselves of the services of a WordPress development agency to speed up the WordPress site. In this content, we will extend easy fixes for speeding up a WordPress site.

Let’s Check the Top Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site 

When you are in the ecommerce business, it is vital to understand that the speed of your business website matters to Google as it directly affects the rankings. Every time Google will check how fast the website is. If it finds that it is slow, automatically, your business will find its position on the 2nd or 3rd page and not the 1st. A slow-loading website leads to a poor experience for the visitors. Speed up WordPress site with the following tips:

  1. Hosting: Every time you ask the experts of a WordPress development agency, you will get to know the importance of web hosting. It is critical for the overall speed and performance of the website. There might be a requirement for modifying the hosting plans when you operate a blog where you upload contents regularly. However, regular uploading might lead to slow website speed. Hence it is crucial to select the correct web hosting package that comes with numerous resources.
  2. Latest version: If you want to guarantee that your WordPress site runs smoothly and fast, updating it to the latest version is mandatory. Several functional optimizations and improvements come with WordPress updates. The core WP updates facilitate the fast running of blogs along with enhancing website security.
  3. Updating the Plugins and Theme: Just how it is vital to update WordPress regularly, you must update the plugins and WordPress themes as well. It would be best if you never neglected this important note. No matter how much content you upload on the blog or how many features you include in the website, it will run efficiently. It can be beneficial to remember a tip over here. You must never use several plugins at one time as they can slow down any website drastically. On the other hand, you must be equipped with the bare essentials plugins.
  4. Image Resizing: Visuals matter when it comes to your ecommerce business website. Not only does uploading eye-catching images feel amazing, but it appeals to the visitors as well. However, you need to focus on the size of the image files while uploading on WordPress. You can never speed up WordPress sites if you do not optimize the file sizes correctly. Smush is an outstanding tool that automatically optimizes blog images.
  5. Don’t Forget to Cache: You can end up in a mess when you use several plugins at once. But on the contrary, you must know that it can make the website faster when you have the rights. A useful caching plugin that you can use is WordPress Total Cache. It is a highly recommended one! You can find every WordPress development agency of today’s time using this plugin as it boosts page performance largely by clearing out the data stored frequently.
  6. Changing the WordPress Theme: The utilization of themes can add overhead to the WordPress speed. There are several free themes available that are most of the time not optimized. This will automatically lead to a slow-loading WordPress site. You can go for a premium theme with better coding to speed up the WordPress site. If you are running an eCommerce website, you can try a WordPress fastest WooCommerce theme. Numerous WP blog templates are available that are recommended. Pix & Hue is one of the most noteworthy theme designers that are equipped with gorgeous modern templates. Each one of the templates is optimized for the smooth running of the blogs.
  7. Reduce CSS and JS Files: As you use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to run the website, you will receive notifications for reducing the size of the JS and CSS files. Decreasing the size of the files will also mean that you can boost the website loading speed. Also, when you carry adequate knowledge about WordPress themes, it is possible to look at the guides extended by Google for manual fixing. If you do not go this way, you can find plugins that will aid you in attaining this goal. One of the best plugins that you can use is Autotomize, which works by optimizing the JS, CSS, and HTML of the WP website.
  8. Utilizing a CDN: People visiting your ecommerce website or blog might come from numerous locations from all over the world. The website loading speed will automatically vary when the visitors are situated far away from where the website is hosted. It would be best if you learned about Content Delivery Networks that keep the website loading speed to the slightest for visitors from other countries. The Content Delivery Networks store a copy of your site in numerous data centers situated in different places. A CDN’s primary function is to extend the webpage to the visitors from the location in proximity.
  9. Cleaning Up WP Database: You can keep the size of a database to a minimum when you delete unwanted data. It even helps in decreasing the size of the backups. Alongside you must also delete the spam comments and old drafts, and fake users of the content. Unwanted themes and plugins must be removed right away as well. This is the best tip you can ever follow to speed up WordPress site. Do this from the beginning to keep things organized.

Final Say 

Now we are clear about the things that can hinder speed up WordPress sites. Follow the tips diligently, never to encounter the issues mentioned above. The biggest benefit of lowering the loading time of your WordPress site is that it will largely boost the user experience. When you focus on user experience, you can experience real growth in terms of engagement, profit, and revenue.

Furthermore, by following these tips, you will be enhancing the Google rankings. You can largely benefit from the quick loading website and decreased bandwidth usage of the hosting. This is not just temporarily helpful but for the long run as well. Get in touch with a WordPress development agency today to build your professional or personal blog and website.


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