9 Common Eye Health Care Myths Busted: Facts For Best Eye Care

Eye Health Care

Eyecare is a very sensitive topic. It’s a really sensitive part of your body, so you need to take extra care of them. While some of us google the right type of eye care every now and then, some of us follow the advice provided by people around us. Well, sometimes this advice can prove to be fatal. Not everything you hear is advice, sometimes you are falling for myths. So, today we are debunking some common myths related to eye care.  

Myth 1:

Colour bling people see everything in black and white

It’s a common myth that you would have heard endless numbers of times as kids. It’s not true. Color-blind people do not have a black and white world. They just see partial colors, which means they have trouble distinguishing between reds and greens. There is even a small test in textbooks in high school. A severe case of color blindness is when everything appears in the shade of grey but it’s very uncommon. 

Myth 2:

Watching television from really close can damage the eyes

How many of you have had beating from your mom for sitting too close to the TV? That’s because of this common myth that claims to harm your eyes when you watch tv from near. Actually, it can strain your eyes or even give you a headache. It does not damage any part of your eyes. You can use a heated dry eye mask for a calming effect. 

Myth 3:

You don’t need to get your eyes checked until you reach 40’s 

Another very common myth that floats in the world is that you don’t need to get your eyes checked till you reach a mid-age if you don’t have a problem with your vision. It’s not true. You know there are so many asymptomatic eye conditions that start way before this age that can harm your eyes. A common symptom that young people are facing today is dry eyes. 

Myth 4:

Wearing poorly fitted eyeglasses can hamper your eyes and eyesight

Yes, it is important to wear eyewear that fits you properly for the best vision. But if the fitting is not proper due to any reason, maybe it’s a bit loose, or a little tilted, it will not have any effect on your eyes. So, it’s a myth and it will not damage or increase your eye number. However, if you use contact lenses that are not properly fitted, it can damage your cornea. So, make sure that your contact lenses don’t lack in this department. 

Myth 5: 

Sungazing is healthy-looking at the sun directly can improve your eyesight

We have often heard our grandmother or parents telling us that gazing at the sun directly for several minutes can improve the health of our eyes and helps in overall well-being. It’s a total myth. In fact, it isn’t just a myth, it can have the reverse effect. staring at the sun even for a short time can damage your retina permanently. Not only that, it can cause blindness as well. So, never stare at the sun without wearing the right type of eye protection. You can try a dry eye mask to provide heat and relaxation to your eyes. 

Myth 6:

Eye exercises can help you improve your vision.

Just like exercise is important for our body, our eyes too need exercise to stay fit. However, these exercises have nothing to do with your vision. It will neither preserve your vision nor help you reduce the number of your glasses. However, exercises can help you deal with other eye-related conditions like convergence insufficiency.

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