8 Creative Ways to Preserve Happy Memories

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Life is made up of our experiences and we’d all like to think that when we’re old, we’ll have a huge collection of happy memories to look back on. But even when we’re young and in the middle of our latest great adventure, we’re likely to forget things. The best way to keep memories fresh in your mind is to surround yourself with reminders.

Preserving happy memories not only keeps your mind fresh but also helps you to share your memories with other people and can be a great ice breaker when you are entertaining guests. Here are some of the best ways to preserve all of your memories, to help you to share and relive all of those fantastic experiences and adventures.

Create a Cool Gallery Wall

Displaying photographs on your wall is a great way to remember adventures, people, and places, and to show off all of the wonderful things that you have done. Give your gallery wall a creative edge by using different sizes and frames and adding color where you can. A trendy way to do this is to add background to photo to give it a colorful or quirky touch before printing.

Start a Blog

Blogs have evolved a lot over the last few years. Modern blogs are often run as businesses or at least side hustles, and most bloggers write articles on topics they’d consider themselves an expert in. Blogs are less personal and more like online magazines.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t start a blog to share photos and stories from your life. Another option is using social media sites like TikTok or Instagram to catalog your adventures.

Tell Your Stories

Telling your stories is a magical way to share them, but also to make sure they are remembered in the future. It also means that there’s someone else to remind you if you start to forget.

Make Story Jars

Story jars are a creative way to remember vacations, trips, special days, parties, and other events that are important to you, and they look fantastic displayed in your home. Collect souvenirs and mementos, such as sand from the beach, shells, tickets, and receipts, and add them to a jar when you get home.

Start a Journal

A journal or a scrapbook filled with photos, drawings, tickets, and other reminders can be a really good way to tell your stories creatively. Just make sure you write things down before you start to forget.

Print Photo Books

Printing photos is something that we don’t seem to do as much now that we can share them so easily online and save them to huge cloud storage banks as soon as we take them. But having photos printed makes us more likely to look back over them and talk about our experiences in the future.

Buy Postcards

Postcards are a wonderful way to remember the places that we’ve been. Whether you display them, keep them in a scrapbook, or tuck them away in a box in your cupboard, it’s great to have them.

Make a Playlist

Images aren’t the only things that can remind us of the past. Most of us have songs that we associate with periods or holidays. There might have been a popular song one particular summer that you’ll always associate with your holiday memories. Create a playlist of songs that mean something to you.

It’s strange to think that many of the creative ways to preserve memories, like having printed photographs and buying postcards, are actually fairly old-fashioned. In the increasingly digital world, many of us take joy from having a physical print or product. When it comes to preserving memories, creating multi-sensory reminders, giving you the chance to listen, touch and see, can be wonderfully effective.


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