7 Fruits that can Create Disaster for Men’s Health


Of course, fruits are considered one of the healthiest items to add to your diet. They help us to lose weight help us to add vitamins and minerals and along with this you also get a low calorific value to add to your diet. It is one of the best food items to add to your diet in case you are looking to undertake weight loss. They can help you to reduce your overdependence on pills like Cenforce 100mg.

But on other hand, you also have some food items that are not so good for your health. In this article, we will find out seven such examples, that if you take into your diet regularly on a long time basis will add on to more problems and bring on further health complexities.

Let’s begin right away-


Of course, if you are looking to reduce your daily calorie intake you must focus on food items and fruits especially those that contain fewer carbohydrates. Unfortunately avocado does not feature in this list. Rather it features in the list of those fruits that you can take to add on carbs.

But if you are already suffering from high blood pressure problems, obesity, or high blood sugar the first thing that is most unhealthy for your diet is any food item be it a fruit or a vegetable that is high in carbohydrates.

But on the other hand, avocado is also a good option in case you are looking to add some healthy fats to your diet. But does it mean that you must eliminate this green-looking fruit item from your fruit platter altogether? No, you should try and have this fruit item on a few days, not every day.


Grapes are a good fruit item to add to your list. They contain loads of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals in small quantities. But the only problem you have with grapes is that it is high in sugar. We are sure that you must have had this one fruit item in your life. Once you put it the ripe ones especially taste high in sweets. And this is the one big problem that you have in this segment.

Of course, your idea should be to lessen the amount of sweet and glucose intake. when you take 100 gm of grapes you take in 16 gms of sugar which is quite high enough since you will also have other food items in your diet which also contain a small amount of sugar right?

High blood glucose can risk your diabetes and then you will have to keep taking pills of Vidalista 60 mg tadalafil.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits like cashews, pistachios, raisins, apricots, figs, peaches, etc when taken in daily have one major problem about them. You see the fact is that these fruits are loaded up with carbohydrates. For example, if you have a bowl of such dry fruit items mixed you are almost looking at up to 500 calories in them which is considerably high enough given the fact that you also have to include four other regular meals of the day, isn’t it?


Banana is one of the fruit items which contains probably the highest amount of carbs in them. One banana can contain up to 150 calories which are just too high considering the amount of food you take.

So it is due to the same reasons as we told you above that taking in bananas each day can increase chances of weight gain and obesity. And this may force you to a whole new disorder where you will have to keep taking in pills from Powpills.


Mango is one fruit item where you get a mix of both high dissolved sugars with loaded carbs. The vitamins content is also relatively low considering some other fruit items. Have mangoes seasonally during the summertime but do not have them each day. for example, you can have them a few days a week. The other way round to reduce intake of mango is to slice in other fruit items and have a fruit salad.


Cherries are one fruit item that contains even more sugar than grapes. Yes, about 100mg of cherries will have around 18 grams of sugar which is just too high. It is a very poor fruit item to add to your diet in case you are diabetic and if you are looking on to do some weight loss.


Oranges contain a high amount of acid but since they are highly acidic they can do a lot of decay to your teeth. Oranges can cause the growth of bacteria that thrive on acidic mediums and this may lead to a lot of tooth decay eventually according to Fildena price.


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