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Have you been looking for help with your IB extended essay to no avail? Wait, do you struggle to decipher the meaning behind this type of essay? Well, we have the best IB extended essay writing service review for you today. We will explore five of the most outstanding IB extended essay writing services that have made some of the world’s most brilliant academicians. We’ll look into each of these extended essay writing services in detail, with a particular focus on the following:

  1. The quality of the IB writing service
  2. Benefits students will get when they buy IB extended essay
  3. Assistance offered by the customer support of the service
  4. Prices of the various IB writing services
  5. The reliability of the service

Make Choice Of The Best IB Extended Essay Writing Service

Rank Website Service Rating Students Enjoy
1 ? PapersForge 9.9
  • Top-notch quality
  • ENL writers
2 ? PenCamp 9.8
  • Free revisions
  • Friendly customer support
3 ? QuickWriter 9.7
  • Delivery in 3 hours
  • Plagiarism-free papers
4 JustDoMyEssay 9.7
  • Secure payments
  • Discounts available
5 GetEssayToday 9.5
  • No hidden charges
  • Money-back guarantee

Students in the US or UK will do well to pay close attention to the IB extended essay writing services highlighted in this review. Who knows, you can find the perfect match for that problem you were facing in your IB extended essay today!

1. PapersForge – Best Extended Essay Writers

No doubt, PapersForge should be your first choice if you’re looking for the best IB extended essay writing service with qualified writers, strict adherence to deadlines, and caring customer support available 24/7. Completing independent and self-directed papers is not something that any extended essay writing service can achieve. However, papersforge.com has continued to outshine other extended essay writers in delivering such quality assignments. Its rankings have soared higher in the past two years, especially because of their custom extended essay online help. Students who have used this extended essay help say that they deliver papers with a clear introduction, focused research questions, a well-organized body, and a captivating conclusion.

This IB extended essay help also helps students choose a reliable research question as a topic and offer all the necessary research materials. They have a competent and responsive customer service team that responds quickly and accurately. You will never miss someone on the line when you call their toll-free helpline. Most of the top extended essay writing service reviews rank papersforge.com among the best three with a 4.89/5 rating. Students have a guarantee of achieving higher grades with this EE writer.

Services Provided

Since this writing company offers a personalized approach, students can find help in any type of IB essay. All their IB writers are sure enough to crush any task you bring their way with their years of experience. You can always find an extended essay writer to help you with any of the following services:

  • IB application essay help
  • Math extended essay assistance
  • Economics extended essay help
  • IB research paper
  • Chemistry EE writing help
  • Geography IB essay service
  • Visual arts IB extended essays

It is the best place to buy IB extended essay papers for students in the USA. With an in-depth understanding of the curriculum and unique academic needs of students in this region, papersforge.com has become a pacesetter in offering extended essay help online.

Students Will Love

When you pay someone to write an extended essay, you expect to understand the assignment and deliver quality work. You can achieve this and more with this IB essay writing service. Their professional writers use unique and distinct strategies in their writing to ensure that you achieve:

  • Top-class papers: Most of their writers are from the UK or the USA. They are native ENL speakers who write grammatically and syntactically correct papers. They also understand the type of IB essay help that college students in New York need.
  • On-time paper submission: This IB writing service will never miss deadlines. The writers here are swift to complete the projects on time and help students with urgent extended essay orders.
  • Friendly prices for all services: You will find proofreading services from $2.99, editing from $3.51, and IB essay writing from 5.27 per 100 words. With these low prices, you are sure of project-specific referencing and extensive research.
  • Lifetime discounts: If you have 750 points, you will stand a chance of getting a 5% discount. Those with 1500 points will get 10% off, while customers with 3000 points will have 15% off.

What stops you from getting a world-class paper from this great IB extended essay website?


Papersforge.com is all you need for a well-polished, informative, and customized IB extends essay.

2. PenCamp – Best for Custom IB Extended Essays

If you want to pay someone to write extended essay, PenCamp is a really good option to try. IB extended essays can go up to 4000 words, and this is not something that every IB extended essay writing service can achieve. Remember that in-depth research precedes this voluminous essay. Over the years, pen.camp has proved to handle such long projects with maximum precision and deliver impressive quality. Whether it is an IB research paper or essay, these guys can give you something that you can confidently present before a strict panel. Their paper success rate stands at 9/10 in the USA.

Pen.camp has highly qualified British writers familiar with these papers. One reviewer described a writer on this website as ‘phenomenally unique with long assignments.’ You can tell that these writers do not just pile up words for the sake of achieving the word count but deliver sentences that add meaning to the paper. Those who buy IB essays from pen.camp say the quality and timely delivery are the key tenets of this impeccable ‘write my extended essay’ service.

Services Provided

Whenever you type ‘write my IB extended essay’ on the Google search bar, you expect the writing companies that pop up to meet all your needs. Well, this one here is unique. It not only meets your needs by providing the service you are looking for but also offers you additional features. Therefore, their extended essay writing services include:

  • IB history extended essay help
  • extended essay reflection writing assistance
  • Editing biology extended essay
  • English extended essay service
  • IB TOK essay writing
  • Article critique writing

You can order any of these services and more when visiting the pen.camp website. They are that ‘one-stop online college shop’ you hear about on the internet.

Students Will Love

I don’t think anyone is fond of long assignments that involve hours or days of research – even some bookworms would shrink back. However, writers at pen.camp take such assignments as hobbies. They don’t mind spending sleepless nights just to help students score highly. On top of that, they guarantee the following perks to students:

  • A great customer support system: The length of an IB extended essay demands that the client and writer keep in touch throughout. Pen.camp writers are either available on call or chat. It is up to the student to choose the mode of communication with their writer.
  • Transparent pricing policy: The charge of every IB extended essay service is available online. You will see the payment you need to make upfront before placing your order during the ordering process. That is the bill you will get once the project is completed.
  • Quality assurance: Once the writing process is completed, the paper moves to the quality assurance team of editors and proofreaders. These professionals check for grammatical and plagiarism nuances before submitting the final copy to you.
  • Unique IB extended essays: No matter how long the paper is, it will always be unique and original. The plagiarism report offered at the end will confirm this claim.

When you buy an extended essay from pen.camp, you can be sure that what you get will leave your professor smiling.


It is the best choice for writing long projects without losing the IB extended essay format or style.

3. QuickWriter – Best For Quick IB Extended Essay Help

Choosing your topic can be easy, but writing 4000 words can be an uphill task. With the strict format involved in IB extended essays, you can end up messing somewhere. Nonetheless, you can pay someone to write an extended essay on quickwriter.com and get such an essay intact. A quick survey through various extended essay writer reviews showed that this service could deliver professional and top-grade 4000-word papers.

The acceptance rate by professors stood at 99.8%, with no returns – Most of the students say that quickwriter.com understands their needs and curates IB extended papers professionally. You can be sure that they will give you a credible and authentic paper when you ask them to ‘write my extended essay for me.’ They have a 5-star rating on the top three IB extended essay service reviews. The writers are also known for their unique sense of humor and creativity in crafting such papers.

Services Provided

These taskmasters will save the day, whether you need an IB extended essay abstract or an extended essay outline. Since they have been around long enough, they can offer various services that auger well with college students in the US. Furthermore, they have Master’s graduates who can offer help with:

  • Psychology extended essay
  • IB English extended essay
  • IB English essay help
  • IB internal assessment writing service
  • Book review writing
  • Annotated bibliography writing
  • Best literature review writing services
  • Programming assignment

Quickwriter.com also offers a confidential and plagiarism-free IB IA writing service to college students. If you want them to fine-tune your assignment or begin it from scratch, they are up to the task. With a writer in every niche, you can appear on the list of top students effortlessly by ordering a paper from them.

Students Will Love

The benefits you will get from this IA IB writing service extend from quality papers to reliable and timely services. You can never buy extended essays from them and fail to graduate with top-notch scores. Their expert IB extended essays for sale will give you:

  • Safe and secure payment methods: Every data they capture is always stored on secure servers, which prevent intruders from phishing. They also have the best SSL encryption on technology on their website, which gives you a safe browsing experience.
  • All you need at a go: They offer everything you need to succeed in any IB extended essay. Whether you need free samples for your inspiration or expert tips, quickwriter.com offers them all. If you have trouble figuring out the IB extended service you need, you can let their ninjas know.
  • Custom IB extended essay help: Their writers identify the unique needs of students before proceeding to the writing process. You should not worry about your specific IB extended essay as they can write it to your liking and the professor’s satisfaction.
  • Trusted extended essay writers: The rigorous elimination process ensures that only the cream of the crop is left behind to complete your project.

You will find exceptional IB English essay help formatted to your specific specifications on quickwriter.com.


Their IB extended essay helpers are trained to respond to all your needs at any time. You can also review some of their samples before making your order.

4. JustDoMyEssay – Best For English Extended Essay Help

When you want to buy an extended essay online, the writers will greatly inform your decision. A writing service with British writers or those hailing from the US will assure you of properly constructed English sentences. Such is what justdomyessay.com aims to accomplish. When you look at the profiles of their writers, you will discover that they come from native English-speaking countries and holders of post-graduate degrees. You will also note that these assignment helpers have gone through various aptitude tests in English.

That is why their papers have a 99.9% approval rating. The reviews also bear witness to this, with students stating that justdomyessay.com writers are masters at writing such assignments. These papers mostly attract college students in New York because of the strict-English policy in academic institutions here. That is why you can buy an IB extended essay from justdomyessay.com and present it to Barack Obama without fear of contradiction.

Services Provided

Their services cut across various niches, which are tested in English. Students seeking help in science, math, philosophy, or psychology papers can also buy extended essays from justdomyessay.com. They have professionals with proven credentials in every field to help students reach the top effortlessly. Among the updated writing services on their website include:

  • IB application essays help.
  • Business management assistance
  • World studies IB essay help
  • Capstone project academic writing
  • Critical thinking paper writers
  • Medical IB extended essays

They write these papers and offer to proofread and rewrite services. With versatile services and options, students can worry less and score more! They write every one of these assignments from scratch and fine-tune them to professional standards.

Students Will Love

Many IB students juggle between completing their diplomas and doing part-time jobs. Therefore, affordable and professional service is necessary to help students trying to make ends meet at night and day. Justdomyessay.com offers the following privileges to college students:

  • Guaranteed refund: If the writer does not meet the deadline or violates any of your instructions, you can always request a refund. Even after the revision and you still feel dissatisfied, this writing service allows you to get your money back.
  • They are keen on privacy: Their strict privacy policy ensures that no one else gets wind of the arrangement between the writer and client. They also have a secure website with superior anti-virus software to prevent suspicious activities.
  • Simple process to make an order: You will not have to go through technical processes when making your order on this platform. Once you click on the ‘write my extended essay’ button, you will be minutes away from completing your ordering process. They do not require you to create an account and log in before making your order.
  • Prompt revision policy: Those who want changes on their projects within a given time can get them on justdomyessay.com.

Their writers will only pass a sigh of relief after you are satisfied with your IB extended essay.


Justdomyessay.com offers a team of versatile and professionally equipped writers who ensure that students get outstanding results in the end.

5. GetEssayToday – Best For Quality IB Research Papers

Although writing an IB extended essay is a laborious process, getessaytoday.com has proven not. Their articulate writers have delivered detailed papers and made many students prosper academically. Their skills include the insight to develop good and researchable topics, research plans, and clear arguments. That is why they have quality IB extended essays that have made students top scorers in their various fields of study.

The majority of the satisfied clients agree that getessaytoday.com writers deliver well-structured and thorough IB extended essay papers. They carry the weight of the students and make them excel without much effort. Their prices also consider the financial muscles of students and auger well with the quality of work delivered. Their ratings have steadily risen in the past few years, and you can only expect them to soar higher in the coming decades.

Services Provided

Did you know that IB extended essays hold up to one-third of your overall grades in a diploma course? That means various subjects or niches within this project require a diversified IB extended essay writing service. Getessaytoday.com ensures that you are well equipped with the following services and more:

  • Buy extended essay on history
  • Write my IB extended essay on economics
  • Extended essays help online
  • Interdisciplinary IB essays help
  • Thesis writing help
  • Law extended essay writing

Their services are cheap, and anyone who wants to succeed can visit their website for these and more. Since they are based in the USA, students in New York can better understand this region’s curriculum and writing trends.

Students Will Love

You will always feel the urge to return when you order your first IB extended essay from getessaytoday.com. Their services are student-centered and appeal to the basic needs of college students. Considering getessaytoday.com as your IB extended essay writing companion will guarantee you the following:

  • Free samples are always available for your motivation: You can try out any of their free samples and see how much it will help you during your revision. The quality of these samples is top-notch, and thus you can trust them to help you prepare adequately for your next assignment. Regardless of your status – an international student or a local one, these IB extended essay samples will prove useful to your academic progress.
  • Flawless work delivered right on time: Their papers are original and written from scratch to give you a unique standing among your peers. You will not have to contend with penalties resulting from plagiarized content, such as expulsion or deduction, or scores.
  • Accurate formatting: They format papers according to the various formatting styles. Their writers are experts in MLA, Chicago, APA, and Harvard formats.
  • Free add-on services: You will get a free bibliography, title page, and formatting for your paper.

With meticulous attention to detail, getessaytoday.com guarantees you a top spot on the graduation list.


The work produced by this writing service will reduce the pressure and confusion you might encounter while completing such a task.


Many students struggle with International Baccalaureate extended essays because of their length. However, with professional and quality assistance, you can complete it in no time. Since such an assignment involves research and long writing hours, someone who has done it before can help you with the necessary tricks and tips. The five extended essay writing services we have discussed above all offer a way out for you. It’s up to you to identify which one matches the requirements of your paper and use it for your success.

There has been a proliferation of IB extended essay writing services in New York. Some exist only to make money while offering low-quality assistance. Such companies have landed many students in deep trouble with their professors, and some have even been victims of expulsion. For you to avoid falling into such traps, there are various points to consider:

How To Find An Extended Essay Writing Service

Every decision requires a carefully thought-out process with metrics that will inform your choice. Through these metrics, you will compare and contrast the various IB extended essay writing services and get one that will springboard you to the top. The most important factors to consider include:

  • Cost: This is a major element for most students. The majority of the undergraduate paper writing services start at about $9 per page but keep in mind that this is for high school level writing and a longer time. You should be ready to pay upwards of $100 for most typical college papers, determined by the complexity, the number of pages, deadline, and other circumstances of your assignment. You will save a great deal if you opt for a longer deadline and hire an ESL writer rather than a native speaker. Some IB extended essay writing services provide discounts for customer retention.
  • Quality: Another key consideration when selecting a writing service is writing quality. Many IB writing websites allow you to specify a quality tier in addition to selecting between an ESL writer or a native English speaker when you ask them “please, do my paper”. Guess it depends on your class, tutor, and the desired grade; it may be worthwhile to pay more for a top writer.

Ensure that the current service you pick thoroughly verifies every last one of their essay writers. Even ESL writers who are proficient in speaking can produce high-quality work. In any case, even though spelling and grammar are part of any teacher’s grading rubric, hiring a high-quality author is frequently well worth the money.

  • Deadlines: The majority of the IB extended essay services offer turnaround times as short as three hours. Nonetheless, you will have to upgrade to a premium option for such a strict timeline. Order your IB extended paper as far in advance as possible for the best price and quality, as a hastily written piece may not be thoroughly polished or proofread.

Furthermore, many essay writing services have a maximum time limit. If you want to buy a lengthy or complex IB extended essay, look for a website with a maximum deadline of a month or more to obtain the best possible promising option.

  • Communication: Regardless of how skilled the author is, you must have a way to contact the website if the delivered article does not meet your expectations. Reputable essay writing services will make it simple to contact them, with many companies providing customer support 24/7.

Use these four metrics, and you will be able to arrive at a service that will give you that dream grade!

Benefits of Using IB Extended Writing Services

All the writing services we have discussed above can elevate you to a top scorer position. You can achieve much with experienced writers, sharp writing skills, cheaper options, and timely deliveries. Besides all these perks, you would achieve benefits at an individual level while using any of these services. These include:

  • You can complete more than one assignment in a short period
  • They give you access to resourceful materials which contribute to your greater success
  • Students can hone their writing skills through the expert tips and tricks
  • The services enable you to develop expertise in various fields
  • You stand a chance of being an authority in a particular discipline
  • Discounts and loyalty programs will help you save greatly

You will outshine your peers and develop the confidence you need in completing any IB extended essay paper. Paying for supplementary exams or reading for a retake will be the least of your worries.

Is Using Extended Essay Help Online Safe?

Yes, it is. Nowadays, IB extended essay writing services give you a chance to check the profiles of various writers. You can see the number of orders completed, ratings given by previous clients, and the expertise of the IB writer. Through these, you can develop the confidence you need in using such a service for your critical essay or research paper.

Furthermore, regulating authorities can help you identify the real from the fake. The fact that legit writing services do not ask for upfront payment should be an encouragement that it is safe to order a paper since you only pay for it at the end when you are satisfied.

How To Buy IB Extended Essay

You can get a paper from any IB extended essay writing service by following the straightforward steps below:

  1. Place your order
  2. Pay for it
  3. Control the process
  4. Download your paper

You have no reason to worry about tedious registration processes or a technical interface that will require prior experience. Everything is straight to the point!


1. What is the most trusted extended essay writing service?

It proves its legitimacy and quality through the services offered and a team of professionals behind it. For instance, it should offer plagiarism-free content with a plagiarism report at the end. The service should also submit the projects quickly, offer editing support, free revisions, have a 24/7 support team and affordable prices. Every service and price tag should be realistic and accommodating to all students regardless of their level.

2. Can I pay someone to write my extended essay?

Yes, you can. Many students confuse this with copying or plagiarism content online. However, that is not the case when you pay someone to write your extended essay, as you will give them due credit in the end. Furthermore, such papers only serve as an inspiration, and as such, you do not present them as you received from the writer. It is safe to pay for a paper online as you will not copy and paste online content as most lazy students do!

3. Are IB extended essay writing services legit?

Yes, they are! To ascertain that the chosen service is reliable, you should evaluate its reputation online. Go through the reviews left by previous clients to gauge whether they were satisfied with the used IB extended essay writing service or not. If yes, you should contact the essay writer to find out more about the specifics of its services. You may also inquire from your colleagues whether they have ever cooperated with the selected company or not. With these, you will get detailed and accurate information about the writing company you will deal with in the future.

4. Is 3500 words enough for extended essay?

Whereas there is no specific minimum word count for such an essay, most schools advise students to get 3500 words. The maximum is 4000 words, and therefore the expectation is to be as close to that as possible without going overboard. Nonetheless, you should always remember that quality is more important than quantity. That is why it’s better to be below than fill your paper with irrelevant or repeating information.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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