4 Tips to Gain More Control Over Your Business Electricity Expenses

Business Electricity Expenses

The price of commercial electricity seems to be reaching an all-time high every few months, which is alarming, but a fact, nonetheless. It’s affecting businesses of all sizes and not just the large enterprises either. While there are certain aspects of this continuous and seemingly incessant energy price hike that you cannot control, it doesn’t mean you can’t gain any control over your business energy expenses at all. Here are four tips that will help in keeping the cost of electricity under control.

Invest in Solar Energy

States such as Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and California receive enough yearly sunshine to make an investment in solar energy more than worth it. Not only will you be able to shrink your electricity bills down significantly with a few well planned PV arrays, but your business will also be able to claim tax credits for doing so. Photovoltaic cells are becoming increasingly more efficient, and best of all, we can now use solar cells to indefinitely store converted solar energy and use it later.

Shift to a Different Commercial Electricity Provider

If you feel that you are being overcharged for your company’s energy requirements, then there is a very good chance that you are right. Verify your suspicions by comparing business electricity plans for enterprises from various commercial energy providers in your state, to that of what you are paying right now. Even if you are not paying anything that feels too exorbitant in comparison, you may still be able to negotiate a more cost-effective plan for your company by switching over to a different electricity supplier.

Cut Down on the Energy Consumption of Electrical Equipment

Older electronic equipment tends to be a lot less energy-efficient compared to the newer models. If your company is still using any electrical equipment that’s more than 5–7 years old at this point, make plans to exchange them for newer, more energy-efficient, and capable models.

Depending on the kind of business that you are in, it may not be possible for you to change everything at once, which is fine. Sit with your accounting department and work out a budget to have the old electronic equipment replaced gradually. This applies to everything from desktop computers to manufacturing equipment.

Reduce Your Lighting Expenses

Medium to large enterprises will often end up wasting small fortunes on unnecessary lighting expenses. It’s advisable to sit with an expert in commercial lighting and plan a comprehensive strategy to help you cut down on your commercial lighting expenses.

For example, most experts will tell you that motion detecting lights are the norm for some sections of large business compounds and buildings. They only light up when needed, or if someone attempts an illegal entry at night. Also, check to see if you still have some old CFL lights inside or outside the building somewhere. LED lights last longer and they are more energy efficient.

Other than the few suggestions here, it’s also important for every employee to be more aware of their electricity use. Create and implement company policies that encourage energy saving practices in your employees.


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