4 Recruiting Tips for Finding Better Candidates


The recruiter’s job is overwhelmingly tough however, it is rewarding at the same time. They are always under constant pressure to find better candidates for the clients. The recruiters move the heaven and earth to find better candidates as if they fail to find worthy options, they would not be able to stand the competition.

Frankly, it’s pretty hard to find the best candidates in the beginning as you grow old and become more experienced, the job starts getting easier and easier. If you are new in the world, tried interviewing and have not found a better candidate, take a deep breath and relax. Here are the 4 life-changing tips that would help you in finding better candidates;

  • Write your requirements very clearly
  • Share your job postings on social media
  • Allow employee referrals
  • Conduct phone interviewee first

Write your requirements very clearly

The recruiters usually announce the vacancy through a job ad. It’s pretty obvious if the job description is clear, the recruiter would get better applications. However, if the job description is not clear, he would get a lot of irrelevant applications and end up wasting his time interviewing unqualified candidates.

Let’s take an example, if the recruiter post and add “teachers required”, he would get a lot of applications and might only need Maths or English teachers. However, if he posts “female English teachers required with minimum experience of two years”, he would get fewer but quality applications.

Share your job postings on social media

People spend a lot of their free time on social media. Therefore if you want to have more quality applications and the time is short, post the vacancy on social media. However, to meet candidates online you should develop a page first and be clear with the job description as well. Otherwise, you would receive irrelevant job applications and messages. If you choose not to respond to them, it would hurt your reputation. Facebook is the most used platform, build a page there and start hunting for employees.

Allow employee referrals

The new recruiters need to know that they should not limit themselves to one method of finding the right candidates. They should try all the means to reach the candidates. One least tried and underestimated way of finding the right employees is allowing employee referrals. Announce the vacancy to your employees, discuss the requirements, and allow them to refer. 

Conduct phone interviewee first

Once you have received a few quality applications, your goal should be to shortlist the few candidates for the final interview. What can be a better way of shortlisting the options than phone interviews? So, consider conducting phone interviews to save your time and energy for the right options or hire recruiters like recruiters in chicago You can later call the shortlisted for a final interview, pick the most promising option, and your job is done!

Moreover, to improve the recruiting strategy you have to respect the applicants, take advantage of sponsored jobs, attend industry-related meetups to build contacts and find candidates, and make the application process simple and easy.


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