Why Princeton, New Jersey Is The Best City In The United States Of America

There are a few standard factors that help one judge whether a particular city is a great place to live or not. These factors include education, crime and safety, economic potential, and recreation. It also helps if the city has some character which mostly manifests in the form of historical significance. If you take all of these factors into account, then one city comes to mind that would check all those requirements, Princeton, New Jersey.

This article will prove why Princeton, New Jersey truly is the best city in the country, regardless of whether you’re looking for a place for yourself in pursuit of economic growth or a new city to raise your family. 



Princeton holds great significance in terms of the American Revolution. It stands as the site of the Battle of Princeton where George Washington served the British with a humiliating defeat, forcing them to abandon the city entirely altogether. The city continued to hold significance long after the American Revolution as well. 

During the stagecoach and rail era, the city served as an important hub in the transportation network for goods as well as people. Princeton sits between two important economic and industrial havens, Philadelphia and New York City. As such, it is only natural that Princeton would be an important trade hub.



By far, this is the first factor anyone considers when it comes to a new city, regardless of their reason for moving. Fortunately, Princeton is not a cause for concern as the crime index is significantly lower in comparison to other major cities of the country. Last year there were 22 reported incidents of assault and robbery which are quite low in comparison to the national average of 422. 



The city is home to an Ivy League school, Princeton University, and the public school system is also equally impressive. Last year, Princeton High School had a qualification rate of 95%, one of the best in the entire country. The area has four elementary schools and one middle school that feeds directly to Princeton High School. 



Being so close to New York and Philadelphia, both major economic hubs, Princeton also has great economic opportunity. Even if you don’t work in Princeton, being an hour’s drive away, many residents commute every day to New York and Philadelphia to work. The Princeton NJ real estate market is also quite booming because of the proximity to these two major cities. Also, starting a business in Princeton is also a lot easier with less red tape and more affordable due to lower taxation. 



While not as booming as its close-by neighbours, Princeton still has a lot to offer in the form of entertainment. There’s only one rave club in the entire city, but there are a lot of bars, diners, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and theatres. You’ll also find a lot of events happening at these venues like stand-up comedy, open mic night, karaoke, plays, and concerts. There’s also a public museum located inside Princeton University where there’s an impressive collection of historical items. The museum also hosts regular talks, exhibitions, interviews, and screenings for those who are more inclined towards intellectual forms of entertainment.


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