VFR: Living and Breathing CTV

Living and Breathing CTV

Ever since its inception, television has been an integral part of our everyday lives – offering a high-quality home entertainment experience that is difficult to match. However, with the rise of connected TV (CTV), the traditional television experience has been revolutionized, both for the viewer and the advertisers.

With CTV, viewers have the power of convenience at their fingertips. Instead of waiting for a certain show or movie to air on television, they can access whatever content they want from their CTV device—anytime and anywhere. This feature puts the viewer in full control over what entertainment experience they would like to curate for themselves, making it an incredibly engaging medium that keeps viewers tuned in.

Additionally, users can access games, products, and streaming services with the mere press of a few buttons on their CTV remote. This high level of interactivity offers advertisers a new avenue to reach out to their target audiences in ways never thought possible before.

Why CTV could be the next big thing for advertisers

CTV is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of content consumption, with 81% of marketers around the world reporting planned increases in CTV advertising budgets. This presents a unique opportunity for advertisers, who can now target audiences with ads at the exact moment when they are most engaged with the content they are viewing. This can lead to higher click-through rates, better ROI, and overall more successful campaigns.

Moreover, CTV devices are frequently the main source of entertainment in the home, giving viewers more time to interact with ads. With TVs usually taking center stage in living rooms, people can’t help but give greater attention to commercials – making them far more receptive to the brand messages that they are being exposed to. Furthermore, these ads have a notably higher completion rate than other platforms – providing advertisers with an invaluable opportunity for maximum return on their investments.

With that said, it can be hard to know where to get started with CTV advertising. First of all, you need to have content creation and tracking systems in place to effectively measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Additionally, monetization strategies for CTV can be complex and require specialized knowledge to make sure you are getting the best return on investment possible. Fortunately, this is where VFR comes in.

How VFR can help advertisers get the most out of CTV

VFR is a full-service CTV tech startup that strives to ensure advertisers make the most out of their campaigns. The company takes pride in living and breathing connected TV, as its team consists of seasoned veterans within the industry who have dedicated years to understanding every fine detail involved with this unique form of media. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how VFR can help advertisers with both content creation and monetization strategies.

When it comes to content creation, VFR offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that help advertisers build high-quality ads tailored to

Content creation

If you want to advertise on CTV, you are going to need specialized content that speaks directly to your target audience. VFR has a team of experienced content creators that can create engaging videos and even games tailored specifically to your needs, regardless of the demographic you are trying to reach. For example, VFR has 100 different Roku channels, ranging from those tailored toward young children and parents (Little Stories) to a channel called Vegas TV which is dedicated to bringing the Vegas experience directly to viewers’ living rooms.

As such, VFR can help creators understand the world of connected TV, and create a CTV channel that stands out from the crowd and captures their viewers’ imagination.


VFR offers a substantial suite of monetization solutions for CTV, working with advertisers to customize campaigns that suit their particular objectives. One unique feature that the company offers is its native ads which blend seamlessly into content and capture viewers’ attention more effectively. This dynamic ad insertion technology enables ads to be integrated without interrupting the viewing experience and increases engagement levels significantly.

These native ads boast a 94% ad completion rate, keep viewers more engaged, and can significantly increase the ROI of campaigns. This type of high-quality monetization service is what sets VFR apart from other CTV companies, and it is why the company is positioned for rapid growth in the coming years.

Final word

As connected TV quickly becomes the de-facto means of entertainment, VFR is paving the way with tailored content production and monetization plans for advertisers. If you’re eager to capitalize on CTV’s immense potential, then look no further than VFR. Not only do they have the resources to maximize the ROI of your campaigns, but they also provide an unparalleled level of expertise that can guide you to creating CTV content that resonates with your audience. No matter what type of campaign you’re looking to run, VFR has all that’s needed so you can get extraordinary returns from your CTV investments.

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