Ukrainian Mail Order Brides: Where and How to Find a Ukrainian Wife

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How much do Ukrainian mail order brides cost? Where to find Ukrainian brides for marriage? Why are there so many Ukrainian brides? How to help your Ukrainian wife to immigrate to the USA and what are the main reasons to meet Ukrainian brides? 

Read this full guide on single Ukrainian women for marriage and get all your questions answered!

Best sites to meet Ukrainian ladies online

  1. BravoDate—20 free credits for all new male users 
  2. JollyRomance—free credits for new users, high-quality profiles 
  3. AmourFactory—a legitimate Ukrainian dating site with gift and flower delivery
  4. AmourFeel—20 credits cost only $2.99 for new users (instead of $9.99) 
  5. UkraineBride4you—voice call feature and free “Say Hi” messages
  6. SingleSlavic—video chat, detailed profiles, real and virtual gifts 
  7. MeetSlavicGirls—thousands of single Ukrainian brides, easy-to-use interface 
  8. KissRussianBeauty—video chat, voice call feature, special offer for new users  
  9. TheLuckyDate—free trial period for new users, very detailed profiles

1. BravoDate


  • Members: 320,000
  • Features: Credit system, 20 free credits for new users, detailed search filters
  • Price: $2.99-$149.99

BravoDate is a website with thousands of Ukrainian singles. This platform has a very simple and easy-to-use interface, but it also offers a full set of communication tools—you can send messages to Ukrainian girls on BravoDate and use a live chat here. 

This website is paid, but you can browse profiles of Ukrainian women and use the search tools for free. What’s more, you can also get 20 credits for free right after the registration—just answer all the questions and upload a photo, that’s all you need to do to get this bonus.

2. JollyRomance


  • Members: 255,000
  • Features: Great matching search algorithm, detailed profiles, convenient live chat
  • Price: $2.99-$149.99

JollyRomance is another good platform for those who want to meet hot Russian women or beautiful Ukrainian women. You can send messages, communicate via live chat, send photos and videos, and even buy gifts on JollyRomance (the latter feature is quite expensive, but it’s definitely worth the money). 

What’s even more interesting, JollyRomance has a special offer for the new users—thus, you can get 30 free credits if you confirm your email, so there’s no need to buy credits right away—you can test all the extra services of this website for free!

3. AmourFactory

Amour Factory

  • Members: 250,000
  • Features: Live chat, fast registration, free credits after registration
  • Price: $2.99-$149.99

If you’re searching for women from Eastern European countries (especially for Slavic ladies), AmourFactory is exactly what you need. Many Ukrainian women, a possibility to arrange a real-life date, strict account verification—this platform is certainly worth trying. 

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars right away—the first users can buy 20 credits for only $2.99 to test all the premium services of this website. The interface of this Ukrainian dating site looks just great and it works perfectly on both laptops and smartphones.

4. AmourFeel


  • Members: 600,000
  • Features: Live chat, profile videos, free search tools
  • Price: $2.99-$149.99

AmourFeel is another example of a great Ukrainian dating website. Most Ukrainian singles on this site have very detailed profiles with a lot of photos, and most Ukrainian girls you’ll find on AmourFeel are quite active and responsive so you won’t have to wait for too long to get a response. 

The messaging tools are not that various (email, live chat) but we can’t say anything bad about these features. The live chat is very convenient, the “Send Mail” feature is ok, too, and the “Make a request for member’s personal details” feature is free—the only requirement is that you spend at least 3,000 credits on the communication with a certain member.

5. UkraineBride4You


  • Members: 80,000
  • Features: Video chat, calls, detailed search filters
  • Price: $3.99-$399

UkraineBride4You is a Ukrainian bride website with a huge assortment of messaging and other premium tools. You can send emails, use a live chat, call women, have a video call, and of course, send them real and virtual gifts on UkraineBride4You. 

The profiles of Ukrainian brides for Western men are very detailed here, the number of search tools is just great (they all are available for free, by the way), and the website looks just great both on PC and mobile devices. New users can get 2 free chat vouchers and 2 free “Say Hi” vouchers after the registration, so you’ll be able to test some of the premium features of UkraineBride4You without paying anything!

6. SingleSlavic


  • Members: 110,000
  • Features: Voice calls, real gifts, Android app
  • Price: $3.99-$399

SingleSlavic is probably one of the most interesting Ukraine mail order dating services on this list. Voice calls, expensive and affordable gifts, a great live chat, CamShare (two-sided video calls), a great app for Android devices—if you’re searching for Ukraine brides (or Russian brides) who want to marry foreign men, you just can’t miss this platform. 

After the registration, you’ll get 15-60 bonus points for free—to get them, you’ll need to complete a profile and upload a photo (you’ll be able to exchange these points for various services later).

7. MeetSlavicGirls


  • Members: 100,000
  • Features: Video and voice calls, first order discount
  • Price: $3.99-$399

Thousands of Ukrainian women and women from Eastern Europe searching for romantic relationships with men from Western countries, a lot of premium services, a convenient interface—MeetSlavicGirls is surely one of the best dating services for those interested in mail order Ukrainian brides. 

All the new users can get up to 60 free credits for completing a dating profile—and if you decide to buy some credits, you’ll only need to pay 40% (2 credits cost $3.99 for new users and $9.99 for existing users). What’s more, you can download an app for your Android smartphone if you prefer mobile dating—it works great and you can use all the services offered to PC users.

8. KissRussianBeauty


  •  Members: 90,000
  • Features: Gifts and presents, fast registration, free month of premium subscription after the first purchase
  • Price: $3.99-$399

KissRussianBeauty is a huge Internet dating platform for those who are interested in not only Ukrainian brides, but—as it comes from its name—also in Slavic ladies from other Eastern European countries including Russia. 

Tens of thousands of young women are searching for foreign men here—but unfortunately, you can’t communicate with them for free. KissRussian has a credit system so you’ll need to buy at least a few credits to send messages, use live chat, call women or video call them. The good news is that you’ll get a cool first order discount (2 credits cost $4 for new users instead of $10).

9. TheLuckyDate


  • Members: 40,000
  • Features: Live chat, nice interface, 2000 free credits (welcome offer)
  • Price: $3.4 for 2000 credits

TheLuckyDate is a dating platform with thousands of beautiful Ukrainian women, but it’s not a Ukrainian-only website—there are also thousands of ladies from Russia, Kazakhstan, and even China here. The assortment of messaging tools on TheLuckyDate isn’t that wide, but this site offers everything you need, from a live chat to messages. 

The profiles are quite detailed and, what’s even better than that, most Ukrainian girls are very responsive here, so you do not need to wait for hours to get a response. The search tool isn’t as advanced as on the previous international dating sites, but other than that, everything is just great with The Lucky Date.

Where to find Ukrainian women for marriage?

Ukranian Woman - Where to Find

When it comes to the question “where to find Ukrainian brides“, it’s actually very simple. You can go two ways, offline and online—and basically, it’s possible to meet a lot of Ukrainian women both offline and online.

But there’s a trick here—and we believe that you need to know about it before you book the next flight to Kyiv. In short, it sounds like this: it’s cheaper, faster, and safer to meet real Ukraine women using Ukrainian dating sites than offline. We’ll talk about it in more detail a bit later.  

But first, we need to talk about marriage agencies. 

Get 20 Free Credits to start Conversations with Ukrainian Ladies

How to find a Ukrainian girlfriend with the help of marriage agencies

If neither online nor offline dating looks nice to you, you can go another way—you can contact a Ukrainian marriage agency, book a romance tour, go to Ukraine, and meet 5-10 Ukraine women chosen by the dating agency (not by you). But we won’t talk about this method here—because of two reasons.

  1. First of all, it’s much more expensive than online and offline dating. Such a romance tour might cost you more than $6,000 while you’ll only need to spend around $100 per month on a dating website with single Ukrainian women. If you choose to go to Ukraine and meet hot Ukrainian women there, you’ll need to spend around $1,500 for a 1-week trip.
  2. Second, it’s just not how it can work in 2021. The main feature of such agencies is that you can’t see Ukrainian mail order brides before you meet them, you can’t chat with them, and can’t call/video call them before the first real-life date. Think of it as a blind date—and you can’t deny that blind dates are obsolete and stressful. And that they can’t cost you $6,000 or more, of course.

How to find a Ukrainian wife while traveling in Ukraine

Traveling - Ukraine

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You book a flight to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, or any other big Ukrainian city. 
  2. You book a hotel room for, for example, 1 week—it makes no sense spending 3-4 days in Ukraine because 3-4 days are never enough if you’re going to meet Ukrainian girls.
  3. After that, you start meeting Ukrainian ladies using Tinder, Facebook, or Instagram. It’s easy—just use the Discover People feature (Facebook) or reduce the distance to 10-20 miles on Tinder (if you’re in a densely populated city like Kyiv). 

That’s how you’ll meet a lot of Ukrainian ladies—some of them will probably know English quite well, and a few of them will probably be enthusiastic about international dating. Basically, it’s pretty similar to how you meet Western women/American women in your country—if you look well and sound like an interesting person, your chances to find a hookup are quite high.

Only a hookup, yes—that’s how Tinder and similar apps work in Ukraine and all around the world. Many women want to find a man to have some fun with, and they don’t care whether you are from Ukraine, from the US, or from any other country.

But the problem is, it’s not that easy—or should we say it’s extremely difficult?—to find a Ukrainian lady with serious intentions this way. There are, actually, several issues with looking for a girlfriend traditionally.

Free registration and lots of quality profiles of beautiful Ukrainian women

What can prevent you from finding a Ukrainian woman when traveling

You can find a lot of Ukrainian girls who are searching for something casual on Tinder/Facebook, but when it comes to searching for a future wife, these apps are surely not what you need. There are beautiful Ukrainian women who would spend a night or a few nights with you, but the girls you find on the apps like Tinder just don’t think about building a family and raising children with a foreigner right now.

And that’s not the only problem, actually. Another thing you need to understand is the cost—you’ll have to pay around $1,500 for a short trip to Ukraine, and while it’s much cheaper than the average cost of a “marriage tour”, it’s still quite expensive—especially taking into account the fact there is no guarantee that you’ll meet your future Ukrainian wife even if you spend $1,500.

What else? The safety question. Ukraine isn’t the most dangerous country in the world, but it’s still not 100% safe. We are not talking about the war here—as long as you don’t go to Donetsk/Lugansk/Crimea, you will have no problems with it. What we’re talking about is the high degree of violence in the country—there is an index that measures this factor, it’s called the GPI (Global Peace Index), based on 23 different indicators including murder rate and potential for terrorist acts. According to this measure, the Peace Index of Ukraine is 2.95 which makes it the 14th most dangerous country in the world and the 2nd most dangerous country in Europe (Russia is the 1st). The Peace Index of the US is 2.4 (it’s the 36th most dangerous country in the world, by the way).

That’s not all. You also shouldn’t forget about the COVID-19 restrictions—they can (and will!) make your trip to Ukraine a bit more time-consuming and expensive.

  • First, you’ll need to get a proof of medical insurance covering all expenses related to COVID treatment to enter Ukraine.
  • Second, you’ll have to self-quarantine for 10 days if you are not vaccinated.
  • Third, you will undergo a 14-day quarantine in case you arrive from Russia—so if you’re going to meet both Ukrainian and Russian girls, focus on Ukraine first.
  • And the last thing you need to know is that the interregional passenger traffic in Ukraine is only allowed for fully vaccinated passengers/passengers with a negative result of testing by PCR (valid for 72 hours). This will most likely change in the near future, but that’s how it works at the time of writing.

We don’t want to say that going to Ukraine is an awful idea, of course. It’s not the best idea, yes—but only if you have no clear plan. If you, however, go to Ukraine not to wander from city to city trying to pick up some girls but to meet the women you’ve already met online, this sounds like a good plan.

Taking into account all the previously said, we can make a list of concerns regarding meeting Ukrainian women offline:

  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s time-consuming, especially bearing in mind the COVID-19 transmission measures.
  • It’s not that safe.
  • It’s hard to meet Ukrainian women with serious intentions this way.

Maybe, there is a way to meet Ukraine brides with serious intentions? Maybe, there is a way to do it without spending a few thousands of dollars and wasting a week or two?

Yes—and you surely understand where we’re heading with this. Of course, we’re talking about online dating.

How to meet Ukrainian women for marriage online


Dating Ukrainian women online is literally the best option you can choose. There are dozens of trusted and reputable Ukrainian dating sites with tens and even hundreds of thousands of Slavic women. Of course, there are some fake profiles on these sites, but as long as you communicate with verified profiles only, you can be sure you’re chatting with Ukrainian real brides. We don’t exaggerate here—there are hundreds of thousands of intelligent, extremely feminine, and beautiful Ukrainian brides who use online dating sites, share traditional family values, and want to have a happy family life with a foreign man.

Another important factor to consider is language barrier. The point is, it’s quite easy to meet a pretty Ukrainian lady if you go offline—but it’s much harder to meet a pretty Ukrainian lady who would speak and understand English this way. Ukrainian mail order bride websites, like BravoDate, are, in turn, full of English-speaking Ukrainian brides—with these educated women, you can forget about the language barrier problem. You won’t need to use Google Translate on the first date and you won’t have to wait for an interpreter to translate what you’ve just said—this will make your first date with a mail order bride much more relaxed and casual.  

As for safety, there’s nothing to say here, really. With dating sites, the only danger you can face is romance scam—but as long as you don’t send money to people you’ve never met in person, you don’t need to worry about it.

Now, the last offline dating problem: time and money. Obviously, chatting with a Ukraine girl on a dating website is much faster than going to Ukraine—it’s very convenient, especially taking into account the fact most Ukrainian bride platforms have nice mobile versions of their sites. Chatting with Ukrainian women online is also much cheaper than booking a flight to Ukraine and a hotel room in Kyiv—most sites with Ukrainian women for marriage cost around $100 per month and that’s at least 15-20 cheaper than going to Ukraine. 

It all begins with choosing the right website with beautiful Ukrainian brides. Let’s talk about it.

Choosing a website with Ukrainian ladies: Top 3 questions to answer

When you’re searching for a website to meet American women, it’s simple—Facebook, Tinder, and dozens of American dating platforms are at your disposal. They are trusted, reputable, and most of them have been working for years.

When you’re searching for a website to meet Ukrainian women, it’s not that simple because there are too many unknowns here. What group does a site belong to? Is it really as reputable as the reviews say? Are the reviews real, after all? And are the profiles on the site real? There are lots of factors and questions, and answering all of them may take too much time. That’s why we’ve gathered 3 most important questions here—once you answer them, you’ll understand whether the mail order brides site is worth the money or not.

  1. Are Ukraine mail order wives on the site real? It’s not that difficult to answer this question. First of all, google the photos of Ukraine women for marriage you find on the site—if you find a lot of dating profiles with the same photo, it’s most likely a fake profile. And second, always use your head—if a Ukrainian girl who looks like a top model sends you a lot of messages (and you don’t even have a profile picture), something is surely wrong here.
  2. Is the dating site reputable? To answer this one, you will need to read a ton of reviews. We highly recommend you read literally all the reviews you can find, from the expert reviews to the ones written by the real customers of the site. Please, pay special attention to the wording—there are lots of fake reviews written by ESL writers, so you’ll need to analyze them thoroughly.
  3. Do you feel comfortable on this dating site? It’s actually the most important question to answer. Does the assortment of features and services look good enough to you? Are you ok with the pricing policy of the website? Is everything clear and transparent? Does this website feel like a good option for you in general?

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Dating Ukrainian mail order wives online: How to succeed

Ukrainian women are different from American ladies. Dating a Slavic woman—no matter if it’s a Ukrainian girl, a lady from Russia, or a woman from Poland—is quite different than dating in the United States.

However, this is not 100% true when it comes to dating sites—that’s how cultural globalization works. Thanks to this phenomenon, chatting with a woman from Kyiv, Moscow, or Warsaw online is pretty similar to chatting with a woman from an American city. Still, here are the tips that will help you succeed while dating Ukrainian women online:

  • Make sure your profile looks great. The better your profile looks, the more Ukrainian wives will send you a message (or respond to your message). Upload some great photos, include both full-body pictures and selfies, show some of your interests, etc. And don’t forget to write an interesting profile bio—make it look like an essay, just make sure it’s catchy and is written in simple English (not all Ukrainian wives you’ll meet on dating platforms are fluent English speakers).
  • Lead the conversation—this works both offline and online. Express yourself honestly, be confident, talk about things interesting to you, and allow them to respond. It’s not that difficult, actually—especially when talking about dating websites where you don’t need to come up with new ideas every minute.
  • Be respectful and don’t go sexual immediately. Stay nice, stay friendly, don’t rush—you don’t want to look like a creepy guy who only wants her nudes.

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How much does a mail order Ukrainian bride cost?

You can’t buy Ukrainian women for marriage, obviously. The process which is sometimes called “buying” a Ukrainian woman actually looks like this:

  • You use dating sites to chat with women—most dating sites are paid
  • You arrange a date—this is the only free step on this list
  • You go to Ukraine—at this step, you will have to pay for the tickets
  • You spend a week or 2 weeks in Ukraine—at this step, you’ll need to pay for the hotel room, transportation, restaurant bills, and entertainment

Let’s be more detailed now. How much will you pay for a trip to Ukraine?

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The cost of traveling to Ukraine

Let’s say you will need 2 weeks to personally meet all the Ukrainian girls you’ve communicated with on dating platforms. Here’s how much a 2-week trip to this country will cost:

  • Tickets from the US to Ukraine—$500
  • Hotel room—$280-$560
  • Food—$150-$250
  • Transportation—$100-$200
  • Entertainment $150-$300
  • Total cost: $1,200-$1,800

The cost of online dating with a Ukrainian wife

Below you can find the prices on credit packages on the three most popular websites from our rating.

Dating Website Cost
  • $9.99—20 credits ($2.99 for the new users)
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits
  • $10—2 credits ($4 for new users)
  • $96—16 credits
  • $400—100 credits
  • $3.4 (3 Euro)—2,000 credits

How to legally bring a Ukrainian wife to the US?


Finding a Ukrainian girl looking for marriage is not that hard—there are tens of thousands of single women, after all, and you only need to sign up on a dating website to meet them. Getting a Ukrainian woman to the US is a bit more difficult.

There are two ways you can go—you can bring a Ukrainian woman to the US on a K-1 visa or on a CR-1 visa. The situation is similar to the online vs offline dating situation we’ve described earlier—because even if it looks like you have two choices, there is actually only one way you can go.

First, a CR-1 visa—it’s called a spousal visa and it’s a perfect option for those who have already married outside of the US. Here’s how it works:

  • You marry a Ukrainian woman in Ukraine
  • You file form I-130, she files form DS-260
  • The application is processed through a consulate in Ukraine
  • Once the application for permanent residency (DS-260) is approved, your wife can enter the US legally

The pros of CR-1 visa are obvious:

  • It’s cheap ($1,200)
  • It’s great for those who want to save on a wedding because weddings are much cheaper in Ukraine

However, there is one serious disadvantage—the problem is, the processing time of CR-1 visas is typically much longer than the processing time of K-1 visas.

K-1 visa (fiance visa) is issued to the foreign brides/grooms of American citizens. Here’s how it works:

  • You file form I-129F
  • A Ukrainian woman (your bride) applies for a K-1 visa at a consulate in Ukraine
  • She enters the US
  • You marry within 90 days
  • She files form I-485

The advantages of having a K-1 visa are:

  • You’ll bring your bride to the US faster
  • A Ukrainian woman can work in the US even if she hasn’t filed the I-485 form yet

The only disadvantage is that the filing fee costs of a K-1 visa are higher ($2,025).

Why take a Ukrainian woman for a wife


Thousands of Americans want to meet Ukrainian women looking for marriage. What’s the reason?

We believe that it’s not about one reason, it’s about numerous reasons. Here, we’ll talk about the top 5 of them—each of the reasons alone makes Ukrainian women worth dating, but it’s their combination that makes them so popular and desirable. 

  • Beauty. You’ve surely heard about Ukrainian beauty—it’s one of those stereotypes everyone has of Ukrainian women. This is a 100% true stereotype—women from this country look extremely attractive. Their natural beauty is irresistible, their lifestyle and diets make them even more beautiful, and the fitness craze is exactly the detail that makes them just perfect. The way they look, the way they act, walk, talk, and dance—everything is beautiful about Ukrainian mail order brides.
  • Traditional family and gender values. That’s one of the most common reasons for American men to search for a Slavic woman—and Ukrainian brides are exactly that traditional. From a young age, the family members tell them that they must be good wives. Ukrainian families are often quite patriarchal, as well as Ukrainian society—so lots of Ukrainian brides have an idealized image of family life where a man is a provider and protector and a woman’s role is to care for the children and to make a husband happy.
  • Loyalty. Ukrainian women are very loyal to their husbands—unfortunately, they don’t always get it returned (it’s one of the main problems of Ukrainian men and we’ll talk about it later).
  • English. Modern Ukrainian brides, especially the ones in their 20s, speak English quite well.
  • Intelligence and education. Nothing to say here—Ukrainian brides somehow combine traditional values with the desire to get a degree.

Are Ukrainian brides legitimate?

Yes, they are 100% legitimate. American men can get a Ukrainian wife to the US legally—it doesn’t matter if you choose a K-1 visa or a CR-1/IR-1 visa, it’s still absolutely legal to get your wife from Ukraine to the United States (provided that your relationship is bona fide, of course). What’s more important, Ukrainian wives can become American citizens in 2 years after arrival to the US!

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Why are there so many single women in Ukraine?


When it comes to mail order brides, the answer is simple—they are single just because they don’t want to date Ukrainian guys. Some of them think American men make better husbands and partners, others want to live in a better country—but almost all of them don’t think that men from Ukraine can give them what they want. As for the stereotype about Ukraine being the country where single Ukrainian brides outnumber men, it’s not 100% true.

Some people say that there are more women in Ukraine than men because of the Second World War and because of the chaotic 1990s—that’s only partially true. The point is, Ukrainian women do really outnumber Ukrainian men, but only when we’re talking about the 60-90 age category. When it comes to such categories as 20-24 years old or 25-29 years old, women outnumber men only slightly (around 0.1%), so this is not the main reason why there are lots of singles in Ukraine.

Why are Ukrainian brides looking for foreign husbands?


If you’ve ever visited any website with Ukrainian brides for Americans, you surely noticed that there are tens of thousands of Ukraine ladies looking for marriage. The reasons why they do it are clear and simple.

First of all, it’s about Ukrainian men. We don’t want to say they are awful, of course—but they are generally not as loyal and caring as men from the United States. That’s how patriarchal society works—it makes women caring, supportive, and respectful, but it also perpetuates toxic masculinity with all its consequences—abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.

Another reason why Ukrainian girls want to meet foreign men is that they simply want to get a better life. It has nothing to do with gold-digging, of course—the US has a higher income, better employment opportunities, lower poverty, better medical care, and education, etc, etc. Obviously, young, beautiful, and educated Ukrainian women want to live their best lives—there’s nothing illegal here.


Ukrainian brides are definitely worth dating. They are beautiful and traditional, they make great wives and mothers, they have traditional family values, they speak English, and they usually have no problems with adapting to a new culture. Ukrainian mail order brides love dating Western men—and you only need to sign up on a mail order bride platform with Slavic women to start chatting with them!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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