Top Three Ways to Save on Your Business Energy

Business Energy

Energy consumption is one of the ongoing and constantly rising costs associated with running a modern business. It is thus also a common means of saving. There have been a number of ways presented in numerous different forums and platforms to save energy that is used for businesses

The common preconceived saving solutions

Insulation is one of the most common means of saving and is always on the list in conjunction with changes to LED light bulbs, cleaning and maintaining electrical and gas equipment, and yes, all these savings techniques will work, but they may not all provide the savings you expect.

However, there are three top saving techniques that have proven to be the best at limiting the cents that we spend on gas and electricity. These techniques are noted below and when used together, will prove the best way to save on your business energy costs.

Shop around

The number of providers out there has grown over time and even though there has been a slowing of this growth in the energy sector, there are still more choices than there have ever been for business energy. Being able to compare business rates accurately and efficiently is a great first step in saving money on energy. Use sites like and make sure that it’s a whole of the market analysis for best results and biggest savings. Knowing what the rates are and how to change providers is key and a terrific way to ensure that you make the biggest savings.

Go all green

If you’re going to make sustainable energy changes, make them across the board. Although many businesses won’t be able to switch all their services to an immediate green supply, it’s about making a range of environmentally-friendly changes in tandem. Your choice of supplier must have green credentials, even if all their energy isn’t yet from a green supply. It is these changes that will save you both money and allow you to be true to your business ethos.

Educating staff

It’s a proven means to make valuable savings, by ensuring that those who use the resources are educated as to how they should be using energy and water resources. Remember that while the business may be paying for the use of resources, it’s the staff and employees that will use them. There are a number of webinars on climate change issues, costs of traditional energy and how to use greener sources of energy. These should be sourced and shared with staff as part of the development and training process. Any business changes instituted for money saving will thus need staff buy-in and support in order to be successful.

Business energy usage is one of the biggest costs for businesses of all sizes and types, and as such, it must be where you are able to make some of the biggest savings over the long term. The tips presented herein are some of the most basic and often ignored, yet important aspects of money-saving through understanding and adjusting energy use.


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