Top Crypto Telegram Bot Native Tokens to Hold and Stake for Passive Income.


Telegram bot projects have grown in relevance over the past couple of months, most of these projects have native tokens that serve as their utility tokens. Through these tokens, they also offer income opportunities to their community holders. We took a look at some of the notable Telegram bot projects and their revenue and passive income program offerings.

DexCheck (DCK token)

DexCheck (DCK token)

DexCheck is offering its token holders a passive income opportunity with the new 36% APY staking pool. But this staking program is just one of the numerous ways the project empowers its investors financially. The Revenue sharing program is also one of these ways. 

In summary, here are the benefits of holding the DexCheck token; a staking program with APY ranging from 5% to 36%, access to pro trading tools, and the IPSO for users who stake above 20,000 DCK. The revenue-sharing program which is available to everyone holding at least 5,000 DCK.



PAAL AI offers access to its tools to PAAL token stakers. Stakers also get to earn from 1% of the trading volume. As part of the revenue-sharing program, stakers also earn from the revenue generated from the application, and 15% of the revenue generated from their referrals. Stakers also enjoy airdrops from PAAL partner projects. 



ChainGPT offers single-side staking programs similar to that of DexCheck. However, APY ranges from 1% for the 45-day lock-up pool to 8% for the 365 lock-up pool. However, ChainGPT stakers are still required to pay a fee or have a specific Credits balance to use the products on the website. Credits are calculated in a different way.


Unibot token holders receive 1% of the generated from trading the Unibot token as well as 40% of the transaction fees generated on the platform. holders who refer other users also receive 25% of the revenue generated by the users. To participate in the Unibot revenue-sharing program, one must hold at least 10 UNIBOT tokens.

Banana Gun

Banana Gun rewards holders for every 2 hours they hold their tokens. Rewards are claimable per epoch and holders who sell more than 300 $Banana tokens forfeit their rewards for that epoch. The project claims that this reward system is equivalent to an over 94% APY. This is however a bit complicated since a couple of factors also come into play. The rewards for holders are limited to this program. 


CrocBot applies a 5% tax to the native token. The revenue generated from the tax is split between the stakers, the team, and the liquidity pool. Stakers receive 40%of the tax revenue. The staking APY is therefore relative to the revenue token, considering that 60% of this revenue is already split between the team and the liquidity pool.

 Comparison Table

Project Market Capitalization Community  Staking rewards
DexCheck $3 million About 170,000 cumulative followers 5-35% APY

Access to pro features

Revenue sharing program

PAAL AI $47 million About 30,000 cumulative followers Access to trading tools.

15% referral reward.

Revenue sharing program.

Partner airdrops.

Unibot $44 million Over 50,000 cumulative followers 1% of unibot trading fees.

25% of referral reward.

40% of protocol fees

Banana Gun $19 million About 35,000 cumulative followers Up to 94% staking APY
ChainGPT $13 million Over 320,000 cumulative followers. 1-8% APY staking program
Crock bot $2 million About 4,000 cumulative followers. 40% of token trading tax revenue

Closing thought

There are many reasons why an investor decides to purchase and hold crypto assets, but the expectation to make profits in one way or another from the asset is always there. Either through passive income or through the positive price development of the asset. The projects mentioned here offer passive income and their team works towards growing the token’s value. We have featured these passive income opportunities, but it is up to an investor to make their choice regarding which of these they should purchase and hold. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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