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By Andrej Fedek

Do you want to boost sales and expand your reach? It’s time to enroll in some digital marketing classes. The best online digital marketing courses will provide the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the industry.

Understanding the most recent digital marketing trends and how to use them will be critical to your success, whether you want to pursue a career in marketing or as an entrepreneur looking for information to help you push your business to the next level.

Now, certification in Digital Marketing can be obtained from the comfort of one’s own home. Several renowned universities and industry professionals now offer online digital marketing training programs that teach essential digital marketing skills through exercises, practical assignments, and hands-on projects. These are more adaptable and less expensive than traditional university degree programs. So, if you want to learn new skills or are looking to brush up on existing ones, you can easily select a Digital Marketing online course that is appropriate for you and your business.

Who is eligible to take a digital marketing course?

Digital marketing has become a highly sought-after skill for any size business. The best part is that most courses do not require a marketing degree or prior experience to enroll. Digital marketing courses are also popular among entrepreneurs, marketing managers, marketing specialists, and small business owners. With the advent of social media, e-commerce, and websites, having the necessary skills to market your company online can significantly increase the impact of communicating your brand and selling your products or services.

What are the Best Online Digital Marketing Courses?

Here are our recommendations for the best digital marketing classes to take online.

This Google Digital Marketing certificate program is available on Coursera and is designed to prepare you for careers in digital marketing and e-commerce. This program does not require any prior degree or industry experience from participants. So, whether you’re brand new to digital marketing and e-commerce or have some experience, this Google certificate is an excellent choice.

Learners in this program gain in-demand skills that will prepare them for entry-level jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce. The program includes seven courses totaling over 190 hours of instruction and practice-based assessments. Learners will use tools and platforms such as Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, Hootsuite, and Twitter throughout the program. They also have the opportunity to create their portfolio by working on projects such as customer personas and social media calendars to show potential employers.

These are several topics covered in the certificate courses:

  • The marketing funnel and its impact on the customer journey
  • The use of digital marketing channels such as search and    
  • Marketing on social media
  • Email promotion
  • How to Make Media Plans and Establish Performance Goals
  • Marketing analytics measurement and dissemination
  • Create, launch, and manage online stores.
  • The best practices for creating a memorable customer experience

Google subject matter experts and senior practitioners designed and built the certificate program. It provides learners with theoretical and practical knowledge and real-life problem-solving skills to help them succeed in their careers.

After completing this Google Digital Marketing certificate, students will have limited access to a job. However, they can directly apply for jobs at top companies (members of the Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium) that have committed to hiring Google career certificate graduates for entry-level positions.

HubSpot Academy’s Digital Marketing Certification Course is a fantastic way to learn digital marketing. This course is all you need to become an effective digital marketer with an inbound-first mindset. That mindset includes appropriately optimizing your website for search engines and developing Ad strategies that propagate your company message to your target audience. In addition, the syllabus covers developing a non-paid strategy for building and growing social media.

The Nanodegree in Digital Marketing from Udacity comprises comprehensive modules that teach marketing fundamentals, content strategy, the importance of SEO, search engine marketing with Google Ads, social media marketing, Google analytics, display advertising, and email marketing. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced digital marketers. The emphasis on real-world, hands-on projects from industry experts distinguishes this course from others. Udacity also provides students with career services. You’ll have access to GitHub portfolio review, resume feedback, and LinkedIn profile optimization to help you make the best impression on potential employers.

NorthWestern’s Social Media Marketing Certification on Coursera will teach you how to develop, deploy, measure, and monetize social media marketing programs. Participants gain the knowledge and tools they need to become social market experts. In addition, the course cover how to grow your online audience, effectively manage their social strategies, and build a social brand.

The program consists of five courses that primarily focus on two goals. The first step is to provide learners with appropriate social analytics tools and training to assist them in becoming social media influencers. The second step is to give you the knowledge and resources to develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, from consumer insights to final justification metrics. The courses and projects can be completed on the participant’s own time, and this specialization does not require any prerequisite marketing experience. It is appropriate for entrepreneurs, executives, marketing professionals, and business leaders who benefit from a more effective social marketing strategy.

This course is the best Digital Marketing from the University System of Maryland, and it’s a paid program that benefits you if you have a tight budget. It is also a self-paced course that fits right into your busy schedule and makes learning digital marketing easy and fun. The course is suitable for enthusiastic and advanced marketers and takes four months to complete. You only need to devote four to six hours per week to this course to propel your career forward. The professional certification program is divided into four modules: 

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Analytics, 
  • Online Advertising and Social Media, 
  • and Managing Customer Relationships.

This course teaches SEO and SEM strategies such as web analytics, machine learning, AI and Big Data applications, omnichannel marketing, attribution, and marketing mix modeling. It also assists you in the development of online advertising ecosystems, social media data, and big data analysis for better decision-making. Overall, this Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing is an excellent starting point for advancing your career in digital marketing.

This Udemy Digital Marketing course focuses on how to sell any product, service, or business to thousands of customers. It is most appropriate for small business owners, bloggers who want to increase traffic and sales, those working in Marketing, Sales, or anyone with a product or service to sell.

The course teaches students how to use social media, content marketing, and video marketing to acquire their first 1000 customers. It also covers SEO, SEM, PR, Facebook, and Instagram marketing, as well as a variety of other important digital marketing domains. Students learn how to use the following to boost their businesses:

  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat social media marketing
  • How to Create an All-In-One Content Marketing Strategy
  • How to Get Started in Video Marketing
  • How to Promote Your Business on Reddit and ProductHunt
  • How to attract press to your product or service and have it covered by blogs, news outlets, and other media outlets
  • Long-term Search Engine Optimization strategy

The course includes:

  • Over 200 lectures plus more than 24 hours of explainer video content.
  • 14 articles.
  • 154 downloadable resources.

Over 70000 students have taken it to date. 

With over 150,000 student enrolments, Isaac Rudansky’s Udemy course is rated as the best Google Adwords training course; it has the highest student satisfaction rating of any marketing course on Udemy. The course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to profitably advertise any product or service online. It teaches you how to use Google Adwords to drive profitable, reliable, and consistent traffic to your website or landing page daily in a very clear, step-by-step manner.

Students can create, develop, and optimize a professional Google AdWords campaign that brings in high-quality traffic after completing the course. They take advantage of learning about critical topics like ROI calculations and formulas and conversion tracking, but no prior Adwords experience is required to take this course; it progresses from beginner to advanced. In addition, the course has over 25 hours of video content. Participants will also have access to a student discussion forum, where they can ask the instructor any questions they may have as they progress through the course.

The tagline of Quicksprout is “Get Your MBA in Digital Marketing for Free,” and this excellent platform is packed with resources to help you learn everything you need to know to be successful. The platform was founded in 2008 by marketing expert Neil Patel and is now run by talented entrepreneurs led by Lars Lofgren. The platform contains infinite information about the internet and digital marketing. If, on the other hand, you want to learn the ropes and then some, this is the place to begin. This online program coves Beginners Guide to Online Marketing, part e-book, and includes 13 guides that will help you master every inch of digital marketing. Quicksprout is the ideal platform for those who prefer to learn at their own pace. You can jump in wherever you want and begin your journey to digital marketing mastery.

Surprisingly this course covers everything from how to use Facebook to Twitter to, Instagram to Pinterest, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger to manage and grow your business. In addition, it teaches how to create highly targeted and low-cost online advertising strategies. This course is an Udemy best-seller, with over 100,000 student enrollments and high ratings.

The following topics are thoroughly covered in the course:

  • How to Improve Your Facebook Page and Ads
  • How to adequately optimize Your Instagram Account and Create Instagram Sponsored Ads
  • How to fully Optimize Your Twitter Account and Use Twitter’s Targeted Paid Advertising Platform
  • Learn how to create a robust Pinterest page and about Pinterest paid advertising methods.
  • How to Market with YouTube
  • How to Make Google Video Ads (including Web Stories)

The course progresses from beginner to advanced topics, making it appropriate for both newbies and advanced users. Anyone interested in creating ads on any social media network, including business owners, bloggers, influencers, public figures, and marketing professionals, should consider taking this course.

Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist is a Masters’s program that aims to prepare students for careers in digital marketing career by training them in eight core disciplines: 

  • social media
  • pay-per-click
  • conversion optimization 
  • search engine optimization
  • digital analytics
  • content, mobile and
  • email marketing. 

The program’s content is extensive and in-depth. It teaches not only the concepts of each discipline but also the associated tools. It also advanced courses in mobile marketing, advanced email marketing, advanced content marketing, and advanced website conversion rate optimization, allowing learners to specialize in other areas.

This Digital Marketing training gives learners the fundamental building blocks they need to get started and practice in the big market. The program involves several real-world projects and virtual simulations using Mimic Pro to provide domain experience. In addition, learners are introduced to over 40 digital marketing tools and taught how to apply them in real-world projects.

Simplilearn’s digital marketing certification program has received OMCP accreditation. 

It gives you access to 35+ live instructor-led online classes taught by various expert trainers. Students will also have access to high-quality e-learning content, projects, simulation exams, quizzes, and an active community moderated by experts. They also get monthly mentoring sessions with experts, downloadable workbooks, and other resources to help them master the entire digital marketing skill set. In addition, the program prepares you for various expert exams, including the OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associate), Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and YouTube.

People nowadays want to study more and develop skills that will help them advance in their careers. They can not only educate themselves via the internet but also obtain a valid degree that is recognized globally. Yes, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. And, of course, according to your preferences. Another important consideration is that you can apply for jobs based on your education on various online job portals and websites. So, what’s holding you back from enrolling in one of these online digital marketing courses?

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