The Top Destinations to Visit in Colorado


Colorado brings in millions of travelers every year. If you have visited once before, you understand once you get a look at the scenic views. Thanks to a variety of cities and towns, there is an offering from each unique destination you visit. After visiting once, it might be hard to go somewhere else. 

Having a tough time trying to figure out where to visit? No worries because we have got you covered. When looking at the possible activities, food, and outdoor life, we narrowed it down to the best places to visit in the mountain state. Take a look at these potential landing spots as you begin your journey to Colorado. 


Denver is not just the focal point of the Rocky Mountains but possesses a variety of Colorado sports betting options. In the summer, the Colorado Rockies play in the Major League Baseball season. When it gets closer to the fall, the Denver Broncos and the Denver Nuggets begin their seasons. As for the hockey fan, the Colorado Avalanche are also based in the Denver area. 

If you are not interested in sports, the Mile High City offers an assortment of urban excitement. There are plenty of trails for hiking, as well as museums. Colorado is one of the best destinations to visit during a pandemic because there is so much scenery that you don’t even need to be inside. Along with the trails, Denver has a passion for art. If you get hungry you can visit Capitol Hill and walk down Restaurant Row. Denver is very kid-friendly and has one of the best zoos in the United States. 


Aspen is home to the skier. During the winter months, sports betting in Colorado takes off when local winter heroes take the slopes. Home to the scenic mountain town, Aspen looks like it was taken straight out of a snow globe. The Colorado Rockies, the actual mountains, are a sight to see. Getting back to skiing, there are plenty of high-quality resorts where you can ski competitively or for family leisure. The Little Nell and Viceroy Snowmass are known for bringing in celebrities. 

There’s more to Aspen than the ski gear. There are high-end shopping outlets. Some of the more popular sites include Maroon Bells, as well as the Roaring Fork Valley. 


Known for its Victorian-era charm, it’s the home of the pinnacle of the gold rush. Breckenridge is a cultural symbol for the transportation the town took during the silver and gold mining rush. It’s home to one of the country’s popular skiing destinations. What makes Breckenridge perfect is that it is centrally located. It’s a 40-mile drive to vail and an 80-mile drive to Denver. 

It’s home to several breweries and distilleries. In the summer, hiking and cycling are very popular. Known to have little cloud cover, the sunset and starry skies are always there for you. Breckenridge is a town that is worth coming back to visit. 

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