The Role of Software Outsourcing in Digital Transformation

Software Outsourcing

If an issue occurs in the present situation, I, as the CEO of a firm that specializes in offering software outsourcing services to organizations all over the world, constantly consider digital transformation. The role of software outsourcing in digital transformation must thus be properly promoted and consolidated in order to raise the bar for digital services globally.

Digital Transformation and its close relationship with current life

If we are a consumer who prefers e-Commerce or m-Commerce, we have probably heard at least once that “digital transformation” is a lever that makes it simple for us to shop – pay – obtain items. According to an International Data Corporation (IDC) research, mankind will expedite digital transformation by increasing investment in it. The precise cost for this investment is anticipated to be 6.8 trillion US dollars between 2020 and 2023. 

After two years of living together throughout the new normal and the pandemic, we – from anywhere in the globe – will discover that our everyday routines have been flipped on their head. Working from home, remote learning for our children, shopping, talking with loved ones… all are subject to contact limits. Because of these disruptions, platforms for task management, meetings, conferences, and communication… improved and penetrated further into each person’s life.

What is the role of software outsourcing in digital transformation?

My vision and concern is how to provide services and serve customers in the most thoughtful and complete way. Therefore, I will emphasize the role of software outsourcing – also the strength of Saigon Technology – because this is the key to helping businesses open the door of digital transformation, with the following main roles: 

Enhance connections with talents in other countries/regions

Firstly, the human factor is a factor that plays a core role and is also the reason why the software outsourcing situation is promoted as it is today. You will be able to simply and rapidly address your digital transformation shortcomings if you have the assistance of experienced software engineers – who are freelancing or linked with software outsourcing businesses. At the same time, you do not need to be concerned about future strategies because they are currently being handled by the partners.

Apply and update new technologies

The desire for individuals to utilize contemporary technology is always rising, and as digital transformation progresses, more and more types – new technological trends emerge. The advent of this new series of technologies highlights humanity’s enormous intelligence and adaptability in offering a better living. In particular, we have seen the widespread use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain and IoT, automated SIEM software, and developments in cloud computing capabilities.

If our foresight has driven us to continually monitor such severe changes, the next thing we must consider is the highly skilled human resources for digital transformation. At this stage, your organization should seriously consider working with a software outsourcing firm to help with the conception, design, maintenance, and update… of forthcoming software applications and solutions. come things you require. 

Enhance privacy and data security

If in the past we had a paper data warehouse that needed to be protected by locks and carefully guarded, now we have a huge database that needs to be explored and preserved. Of course, this is never easy, especially in this digital transformation era. 

Specifically, to be effective, advanced software solutions such as artificial intelligence and machine learning require vast volumes of user data. The more important, the more massive the amount of data, the data loss prevention needs to be reinforced at all costs. Only by having a thorough understanding with security legislation and industry standards will software outsourcing companies be able to meet this demand.

If in-house human resources are insufficient or unqualified to manage the situation, then it is time for software outsourcing businesses to step in! They will assist with undertaking frequent security audits, and then utilize the results to upgrade their security strategy in order to fulfill the new security criteria.

Accelerate the progress to affirm the position of the business in the market

Although slightly leaning towards what digital transformation contributes to your business, this is also considered as one of the top reasons that businesses should consider choosing software outsourcing to conduct. Why? Because if you are a business owner with hundreds of ways to think about, you won’t have much time to research and make decisions for your in-house team. 

This requires a significant amount of time and work. Let’s imagine, on the other hand, your organization has a staff of IT engineers that aren’t trained or confident enough to handle such a huge digital transformation project?  Surely your business will not have much time for mistakes if they happen to be made.

Thus, in this instance, reaching out to software outsourcing businesses is a fantastic option! And, of course, with a team of skilled software developers on your side, your project will be completed quickly. Furthermore, the project operation trajectory and any events that arise during the project will be handled completely and immediately. You will save a lot of time and work, making it easier to establish your company’s market position.

Bottom lines

It can be said that software outsourcing companies are frequently better at adapting to the changing digital world. Businesses all over the globe are continuously attempting to identify and modify the route they are pursuing in order to become more nimble and inventive. The number one objective for them is to maximize their potential in today’s digital economy.

Outsourcing is no longer just an option or a strategic decision for IT executives on the path to digital transformation. It has become an operational duty of keeping their organizations up to date with the rest of the world. Hence, if you want to obtain the greatest help from specialists, don’t be afraid to consider software outsourcing. Despite the world’s unequal distribution of software expertise, you may still find an offshore or nearshore outsourcing firm to assist with your project, due to several handy platforms available today. 

Kick start your digital transformation project with Saigon Technology today! With a high rating among the top 15 finest software outsourcing businesses in Asia, Saigon Technology’s human resources of 400+ outstanding software engineers will undoubtedly be the most effective source of professional assistance for your organization.

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