The Most Helpful Tips for Coping With Dialysis


Dialysis is a lifesaving treatment and we are lucky enough to live in an era where this kind of medical help is available to people who struggle with chronic kidney disease. However, the reality is that many of those who have to live on and with dialysis find it quite challenging to cope both physically as well as mentally and emotionally with the change that this treatment brings into their lives. The same can be applied to their family and close friends, and at first, living with dialysis can be quite overwhelming and stressful. Still, it is important to remember that plenty of people who have this kind of treatment a few a times week, still lead very active, full, and joyful lives. People who live a life on dialysis can accomplish a lot in their careers, social, and family lives. So, keep on reading to see what some of the most useful tips for adjusting to life on dialysis are.

Be active in your treatment

One can easily slip into the role of a passive patient, too afraid to ask questions and educate themselves about any matter related to their health. You shouldn’t allow this to happen to you. Therefore, once you have been diagnosed and once you have learned that you will have to do this treatment a few times a week, you can start to get more familiar with it. You can ask your doctors more questions about your condition and how it will influence your life, and you can have hearty and helpful conversations with other patients who are on dialysis for a much longer time. Moreover, you can be proactive and even book your treatments with the help of trustworthy sites like, where you can get more information about different dialysis clinics and how they were reviewed by real patients. This is truly important, as you want to feel comfortable and in safe hands while receiving your treatments. As they are going to be quite frequent, you want to go to a place that is both professional and welcoming. Even more, sites such as this one can help you find the best dialysis clinics when you go on a trip to a different city.

Know your medications and adopt a proper diet

Together with your dialysis treatment, you will most likely be prescribed certain medications. You should take them as prescribed and get familiar with them in order to be healthy and able to live your life. You also want to inform your doctor if you have another condition and are taking some other meds on a regular basis. In general, you should talk to your doctors and nurses about your medications often, so that they can review them and see if you maybe need to change some or include new ones. Another important thing you should focus on is your diet. Once you start with your treatments, you will probably have to incorporate some changes in your everyday food habits. And while you may no longer be able to eat some things, there are plenty of delicious foods and meals that you can enjoy. Once again, if you have any doubts or are unsure of what kind of diet to follow, get advice from your doctor and even a nutritionist. A proper diet will help your feel much healthier, both physically and emotionally.

Be physically and socially active

Exercising regularly can help you get rid of the stress and fight against depression. However, you should first consult with doctors to see how much and what kinds of exercises are you allowed to practice. Once you find a program that suits you, try to stay motivated to follow it through as you will notice how much physical activity benefits your life quality. Moreover, you should also be active in your social life, of course, at a level that works for you. Practicing your old hobbies, catching up with your friends, and spending quality time with your family will have an incredibly positive effect on your mental health. Also, this will help you realize that even with dialysis, you can still lead a fulfilled and happy life, without having to give up on the things you love. What is also quite important is that the people you love, your family and friends, will feel much happier if you go through this challenging stage of adapting to dialysis, together with them. They will be there to help you will feel safe and loved, while at the same time, they will feel more useful and valuable to you.

Make dialysis time quality time

The dialysis treatment itself can last a few hours, so, the best is to take advantage of that time. What you absolutely don’t want to do is to contemplate extensively on your life and feel sorry for yourself. Instead, use the time to read a great book or play a game on your tablet or phone. You can even call a friend and catch up with them. If you just want to relax and listen to some music, do it as it is also an amazing option.

To conclude, we can say that accepting that you are living on dialysis is a challenging task. However, with the help of these tips, your medical team, and the people who love you, you will soon be back on your feet, living your best life. The important thing is to stay positive and remember that you are strong and loved.

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