Review on 3 Best Software for DVD Ripping on Windows/Mac


A DVD contains various data types, such as videos, songs, operation systems, etc. But, DVD storage is not safe enough, for the disc is easily damaged or lost. Therefore, DVD ripping software is increasingly necessary among DVD or digital fans. This article will bring you a further understanding of DVD rippers and collect some standard software to Rip DVDs.

1. Why You Need DVD Ripping Software

Of course, you can directly insert a DVD into a driver to view and play the content, but it doesn’t mean that DVD ripping software is useless.

Copy/Transfer Data from DVD

A DVD is not only meant to play movies or songs but can also reserve operation system installation programs and more. Remember that you can’t easily open the files within a DVD because they have different formats. Therefore, DVD ripping software can copy the data and convert them to formats that a computer can easily recognize.

Optical Driver Is Out of Fashion

DVDs are still helpful; at least they can reserve operation systems, but almost all computers abandon an optical driver. You have to own an external optical driver to open DVDs on your computer. Therefore, DVD ripping software can back up the files in a DVD, so you no longer need to connect the driver to your computer.

DVDs with Protection

Whether it’s a commercial game and movie DVD or a homemade DVD that adds protection, you can’t directly copy and paste them to your computer. On this occasion, you can only resort to third-party software to rip a DVD, breaking through the protection.

Note: When it comes to commercial DVDs, you can only rip them for fair use but not commercial use, or you’ll be involved in copyright infringement.

2. What Makes a Good DVD Ripper

So, what makes a good DVD ripper? It’s impossible to determine the best DVD ripping software, but you can describe a good DVD ripper according to your use of a DVD.

Multiple Converting Options

A good DVD ripper should be able to rip a DVD and convert the DVD content to many video formats or audio formats, etc. If a DVD ripper can only convert a VOB file to very few video formats, this video won’t match the aspect of many other electronic devices. Also, the ISO creation feature is necessary.

However, some DVD ripping software intends to deal with a single format; for example, a DVD ripper can only rip DVD to MKV, which is the developer’s unique strategy.

Various Settings

A good DVD ripper can offer many output settings. For example, it can help you choose the main video on a DVD or set the subtle video, image, and audio parameters. Although many users do not frequently use those features, they can meet particular demands when you rip a DVD for a specific purpose.

3. Common DVD Ripping Software List

Let’s take some DVD rippers as examples. You can view their features to make it easier to rip a DVD and create ISO images, etc.

Tipard DVD Ripper

Tipard DVD Ripper is a general DVD ripping program. It can copy or evade the protection of DVD content on your computer. After you load a DVD in your driver, this program can recognize it and offer you many converting options, including many video and audio formats that match many digital devices, etc. It can also rip a DVD to an ISO file, which is for OS installation purposes.

Usually, DVD rippers that are not exceptionally lightweight will offer some marginal-related features, such as editing, filters, and other unique post-production functions after you rip a DVD. But if you only want to create ISO images, they can handle it well.

Disk Unity on Mac

You can consider Disk Unity a built-in DVD ripping software on Mac. Although it was created to manage volumes and data in physical storage, you can still use it to open and rip a DVD. Moreover, this hard disk manager can also repair some errors on your disks or external discs. Based on this feature, Disk Unity can create ISO images from a DVD quickly.

However, you may have also realized that this program can’t convert the content to other formats. Therefore, this free DVD ripper could be a good choice for ripping a DVD and making an ISO file for operating systems.


You may have heard of VLC, which is a multimedia player. The fact is that those media players can also help you rip a DVD, such as the Windows Media Player on your computer, but VLC is a stabler player compared with it.

Based on the multiple features and settings, VLC can show you how to adjust subtle parameters of a DVD video, like video and audio profiles, primary movie selection, etc. You can also play the DVD video before DVD ripping with such media player programs.


DVD ripping software can copy the content of DVDs and convert it to suit a computer or hard disk. ISO creation feature is also usually included. Some DVD rippers also offer editing features and detailed settings adjustments after you rip a DVD. And don’t forget that commercial DVDs can only be ripped for fair use.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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