Review of One of the Best Swedish Casino Guides

Casino Pro is an online casino guide that claims to provide basic details about online gambling in Sweden. It has been around for a while but does it provide answers to all your online casino problems? However, this review will reveal all that you need to know about this acclaimed online casino guide.


History of was established 6 years ago, in 2014 precisely. This online casino guide was founded to provide reliable and helpful information about online casinos in Sweden. Initially, their main focus was only casinos in Sweden. However, all that changed a few years ago. You can find details of the top online casino across the world here. is operated by a company called MediaClever Sverige AB. Also, this company is owned by Emin Rajic. The main focus of is to provide details of licensed online casinos, review promos and bonuses, recommend top online casinos and much more.


Is a reliable online casino guide? is among or if not the best online casino guide available for Swedish players. Interestingly, they have experts that analyze the operations of every casino. Based on their experience at the online casino, then they would either recommend or discourage patronage of such casino.

Going forward, their website is secure and also duly registered as a casino guide. They welcome ideas from players too. Like the saying goes “no man is an island of knowledge”.


What does have to offer?

If you remember, in the introduction was introduced as a Swedish online casino guide. However, has gone beyond providing a guide for just the Swedish market. They also provide reviews for online casino games in other countries.

Nonetheless, below are some services offered by;


1. Analyze bonus rewards 

Frankly, if you are new to the online casino industry, all bonuses (especially welcome bonus offers) will appear enticing. You are likely to be confused at some point. will help you recommend the best bonus offers without any preference to any casino.


2. Keep you up-to-date with recent casino news

The online casino industry is dynamic. Therefore you need to be updated with the recent happenings in the industry. This will help you make the right choice.


3. Recommend licensed casinos

Playing an unlicensed online casino is not safe. The risk of losing your sensitive details is very high. How will you know a licensed casino? will provide you with this vital information. They recommend top casinos that are licensed by the Swedish Gaming Authority and other reputable licensing agencies.


4. Gaming rules and regulations

In most cases, players find it difficult to read online casino gaming rules. will provide you with the basic gaming rules you should know. Also, will go a step further to provide you with special rules and regulation of an online casino if any.


5. Provide gaming tips and tricks

Looking for the best gaming tips and tricks to win at an online casino, then visit They provide players with helpful gaming tips and will improve their chances of winning. In fact, most of the tips on their site are tested and proven to have worked.


6. Banking methods reviews the banking methods offered by online casino websites. For instance, they are some online casinos that don’t offer banking methods that are suitable for players in Sweden. So if you don’t want to have any challenge withdrawing your winnings, then you should check out


Conclusion is in business basically to make the players in Sweden happy. They aim to equip the Swedish players with the right information to conquer the online gaming industry. You don’t need to have any doubt using any information on, they are operated and owned by a respected company. Furthermore, you can find almost everything you need to know about online casino in Sweden.


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