Planning to Conduct research? Here’s How CATI Software Can Help


In order to build a profitable business in today’s digital age, understanding the market is extremely important. It not only helps to keep an eye on the competitors but also unlocks the needs of the customers, employees, as well as stakeholders. But how to conduct effective research the right way? That’s where the name of CATI software arises. To make the most of your research, it’s important to understand what a CATI survey is and why you should consider using CATI software for your brand.


What is CATI?

CATI (also known as Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is a popular research model using which researchers conduct surveys through telephone calls via a computer-assisted process, like software installed onto a computer or a specific mobile device. In order to conduct a CATI survey, interviewers (also known as survey enumerators) leverage CATI software that plays a key role in creating a survey, guiding them through it, recording responses, and monitoring the completion rates. Moreover, the CATI software is known for housing the entire survey design, which includes the entire questionnaire, required instructions, survey logic, and the relevant answer options to the questions.

A look inside the benefits of using a CATI software

Effective and pre-tested questionnaires  

Using CATI software ensures that the survey scripts are tested on a small group of people before the fieldwork phase is initiated. This helps to check the efficacy of the survey. Moreover, it helps to design scripts that are intelligently branched, for instance, skipping the non-relevant questions, pushing an interviewer to examine the reasons behind a specific response. This helps to gain maximum customer insight. 

Relevant & high-quality data 

By using CATI software, telephone interviews are seamlessly conducted in a secure &  controlled environment. This helps to format the questions for eliciting a clear and accurate response. However, in the case of DIY surveys, there’s no pre-testing or monitoring involved. This leads to a higher risk of gathering wrong, inaccurate results. The use of incentive-led web surveys that provide respondents with access to a particular website or competition is known for encouraging rapid-fire & less accurate results.

Customized questionnaires 

Leveraging CATI software ensures that the surveys are created while keeping a company’s brand identity in mind. This plays a pivotal role to assure interviewees (especially the recent customers) about the authenticity of the survey. By offering survey customization, it helps to add questions that are focused on certain service or product attributes. This helps to generate more relevant and insightful feedback.

Global audience

Using CATI software helps you reach out to your target audience across any part of the world. It empowers companies to research their desired customer, employee, stakeholder, or supplier market anywhere, anytime.


It is widely known that the cost of conducting telephone interviews is less and their productivity is high. The CATI software comes equipped with an in-built contact database as well as an appointment setting function for boosting the speed & accuracy of the interviews. In fact, reaching the interview quota is much quicker which results in a low project cost. 

Deep & valuable customer insight

Leveraging CATI software enables brands to create surveys that develop an insightful understanding of customer behaviors as well as motives. Unlike an online survey software, where questions are kept short on purpose, CATI software allows for longer surveys that involve in-depth questioning! 

A robust CATI software can certainly help you establish your brand by understanding your market well. Click here to know more about the exceptional functionalities of CATI software!


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