Karim Benzema’s Departure from Real Madrid After 14 Years

Real Madrid

Karim Benzema, the renowned French striker, has recently announced his Real Madrid departure after an impressive 14-year stint at the Bernabeu. As the club’s second-highest all-time goalscorer, Benzema leaves behind a remarkable legacy. Throughout his tenure, he won LaLiga four times and the coveted Champions League title on five occasions.

This article delves into the details of Benzema’s departure, the surprises it brought, and the impact it will have on both Real Madrid and the player himself.

Benzema’s Departure and Future Plans 

After a successful career at Real Madrid, Benzema has decided to explore new horizons. The 35-year-old striker has reportedly reached an agreement with reigning Saudi Pro League champions, Al-Ittihad, where he will sign a two-year deal. Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti, who expressed his astonishment at the decision, confirmed the surprising turn of events.

Ancelotti had previously suggested that Benzema should retire from the club, emphasizing his significance to the team. However, the departure marks the end of an era, and both Real Madrid and Benzema are now embarking on a transitional phase.

Benzema’s Contributions and Achievements 

Benzema’s contributions to Real Madrid are truly commendable. During his time with the club, he made 648 appearances and scored an impressive 354 goals. His exceptional performance on the field led Real Madrid to four LaLiga and five Champions League titles. His consistent and remarkable play made him a fan favorite and earned him a place among the best sports betting choices for those who understood the game.

The Frenchman’s skill, conduct, and professionalism have set an example for others to follow. Benzema’s departure leaves a significant void in the team, who will sorely miss his unique style of play and magical football.

Ancelotti’s Tribute and Real Madrid’s Statement 

Ancelotti paid tribute to Benzema in a post-match press conference after the striker’s final game for the club. He described Benzema as one of the best players and strikers in the world, highlighting his complete footballing abilities. The manager also expressed his respect for Benzema’s decision and thanked him for his legendary contributions.

Real Madrid released an official statement acknowledging Benzema’s departure and expressing gratitude for his conduct, professionalism, and representation of the club’s values. The statement emphasized that Benzema had earned the right to decide his future and declared that Real Madrid would always be his home.

Potential Replacements and Future Outlook 

As Benzema bids farewell, Real Madrid is confronted with the task of discovering a fitting successor for their esteemed goal-scoring maestro. Speculation has arisen regarding the club’s interest in Tottenham’s Harry Kane, although Ancelotti has refrained from commenting on specific transfer targets. The Spanish giants are believed to be searching for a seasoned striker who can seamlessly integrate into the team. 

However, the economic considerations and the reconstruction of the new Bernabeu Stadium may limit the club’s ability to make extravagant signings. Despite the uncertainties surrounding the replacement, the club remains optimistic about building a competitive squad for the upcoming season. Real Madrid’s focus is now on securing the future and maintaining its reputation as one of the world’s top football clubs.


Karim Benzema’s departure signifies the culmination of an extraordinary era for both the player and the club. After 14 successful years, Benzema leaves behind a legacy of achievements and unforgettable moments. Real Madrid will undoubtedly feel his absence, but they are determined to move forward and find a suitable replacement. 

The departure presents an opportunity for a new chapter in both Benzema’s career and Real Madrid’s journey. As the club prepares for the upcoming season, they aim to maintain their competitive edge and continue their pursuit of success while Benzema embarks on a new adventure in the Saudi Pro League.

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