How to Purify Your Air Conditioner Easily

Cleaning your Air Conditioner is actually vital for its maintenance. If you do not keep it clean you will end up with an AC that needs continuous repairs, produces a weird and odd smell every time you switch it on and it’ll not be as effective. The thing is, during winter, even if your AC is switched off or set on heating instead of cooling, it still traps the dust and odors in its filters. Therefore, when it’s too hot outside, your AC still traps up dust inside its parts, when you switch it on, the dust is blown away from the filters and into your room. You will find that your AC is producing this bad odor and the room is not as cold as it’s supposed to be. Cleaning and purifying your AC is not hard and you do not need professionals AC repair company to get it done for you. You can do it by yourself since it’s pretty simple. You just need to make sure it’s done regularly, here are a few tips on how you can purify it.


Replace The Filter

You can replace the filter at the nearest improvement store. However,  this option might seem overwhelming because there’s a lot of information that you do not know about the filter like it’s size and dimensions, and that’s ok. This is exactly why you need to do a bit of research to learn more about these details. AC maintenance professionals at clarify that you can always reach out to the professional to help you out with ensuring that you get these dimensions right. You just need to either read the dimensions written on the filter or inside the AC and understand that it’s rounded off to the nearest tenth. So the new filter you want to buy should be a little bigger or smaller depending on the number you see on the AC. You can always just simply take the filter with you to the store and ask for the same exact one or you can simply measure the dimensions yourself.

Before replacing the filter, you will need to shut off your AC and vacuum all the dust out of the blower compartment. That way you’ll make sure the inside parts of your AC are clean and ready for the new filter to be installed. You can also make sure the drain tube and the condensation tube are not clogged and clean.


Clean The Outdoor Unit

Whatever you do to your AC you need to make sure the circuit power of your AC is turned off. Then you can start by vacuuming and cleaning the fins of your AC. Keep in mind that they are fragile and can be broken easily so be careful when removing the dust not to break or bend the fins. Try and get to the fan and wipe it with a damp towel to ensure it’s clean and all the dust trapped in it is gone. You can even spray the fins with a little bit of water if it doesn’t seem to be getting cleaned very easily.

Give It a Rest

You can allow your AC to be switched off without power for about 24 hours. It’s like a restart thing, it will give your AC a good boost once it’s turned on again. All cleaned up and nice, you will be able to enjoy clean, odorless, and cool air in your room for a few months before you have to purify it all over again.


Clean The Indoor Unit

Whether you have a new AC or an old version, it’s all pretty much the same, you can clean the filter, vacuum the fins and the fan, and then sweep all the dust with some damp towels. You will also need to make sure there is no blockage or drainage in the water pipes. Remember, these can ruin your wall, ceiling, floor, and your AC. Worse if there’s electricity or a plug ride under the AC, it can cause a power outage or set the whole house on fire. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the circuit powering your AC is shut off while you’re cleaning it, for your safety and the safety of others in your home.

If you make sure everything is clean but your AC’s performance still hasn’t improved, you can call for maintenance to recharge it and add some freon. It’s a simple procedure that could be done at home. However, professionals come with their own tools that will make this an easy process. It’s not supposed to cost you a lot of money or do any damage to your AC so make sure you try it before the professionals leave off to rechange yet another unit.

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