Growth of online casino


Since the first online casino games have been launched online in the late 90s, the gambling industry has seen rapid and unrestrainable growth.

The development of the internet, the rapid growth of mobile devices which have made slots accessible whenever and wherever we want, the new advancement in technology like blockchain or cryptocurrencies which have made playing games online much safer thanks to more rigid legislation concerning personal data, have been important steps forward. Also, the influence of virtual reality which has made slots even more appealing and entertaining, and the development of a playing experience bespoke on each customer’s demands thanks to the IoT, are all factors that have influenced the I-gaming industry and led to the growth of online casino. You can check out this online casino to understand what we are trying to say!


The diffusion of mobile casinos

Mobile phones or tablets have now substituted traditional desktops. This happens when we play online games too. These devices flexibility and adaptability have pushed many new people to try slots for the first time. Indeed, the possibility to play from the comfort of your own home, the addition of many special features and sound effects, make games even more functional and appealing when played on a smartphone or I-pad.


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Who has never heard about blockchain? This so widely discussed topic affects every aspect of our life. When casinos first appeared online, one of the main concerns among players was related to the security of their own online payments. With blockchain and cryptocurrency, payments have become safer and faster. Similarly, users’ anonymity is guaranteed. Also, the cost of playing has decreased. All of this has contributed to pushing even the most reticent players to try online casinos.   


Virtual reality online Casino

Virtual, VR, cyberspace, headsets, helmets, visors… these have now become so common words in our everyday vocabulary that they don’t need to be explained. The first slot in virtual reality has already appeared in 2017. From that moment on, many others have been launched.

What makes virtual slots that appealing? For sure, the possibility to evade from normal reality, the special effects and the physical and visual interaction with objects these games offer, stimulate players. The next steps in virtual reality are hard to predict. For sure, once the gambling industry has already embraced this direction, it is hard it will move back.


Internet of Things (IoT’s)

The internet of things or IoT is the use of smart objects which facilitate the way we live and communicate with reality. These ‘intelligent’ objects have led to the collection of metrics, variables and specific data about players. The result is now the customisation of each player gaming experience. Indeed, the use of smartphones and tablets make the gaming experience much more ‘personal’ and interactive. Slot developers are now able to launch games customised to their own final users’ needs and this contributes to their success. 


Final thoughts on online casino

Online casino india games are very successful. The fact that they move and evolve in step with the times demonstrate their evolution is unstoppable.


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