Gamesys Group plc and 3radical: Everything You Need to Know about the Exciting New Agreement


Although online gaming is banned in some countries, the industry remains among the fastest-growing worldwide. Recent research indicates that the global gaming market currently stands at a whopping $43bn ((€36.6bn). 

That said, it is a striking development for two giants, Gamesys Group plc and 3radical, to partner and work as a team. Both brands have an impressive global reputation and prowess, so the cooperation would undeniably take online gambling to the next level. 

Read this review and find out what both companies bring to the table and the future likelihood of new innovations in online casinos. 

Who are Gamesys Group plc?

Gamesys Group plc was formed in 2007 when Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG acquired PartyGaming Plc.  The company is primarily known as an online casino operator, though it also operates poker rooms and bingo halls. Gamesys Group plc was the first UK-based gambling firm to offer its services for free after the Gambling Act 2005 came into force on November 1st, 2007. 

Since then, their client base has grown significantly, leading to a string of successes along the way. For instance, in 2014 alone, the brand took home two prestigious awards from EGR B2B Marketing Awards for “Best New Product” and “Best Innovation”. 

All in all, Gamesys offers players a broad range of online games like card games, reel slots, table games, and video pokers hosted in a virtual environment. The most outstanding games on offer are Blackjack, Baccarat, Cleopatra, Roulette, and Deuces Wild. You can also indulge in Jackpot Joy online games and enjoy free spins and bingos. 

Needless to say, Gamesys is a significant player in the online casino and betting industries that you will want your readers to know. Their reach includes but isn’t limited to Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Who are 3radical?

3radical is an online gaming company based in London, England. Mainly, their services revolve around fair games and casino management software. They have a strong team of game developers like software engineers, analysts, and designers to achieve this. In addition, they offer services on mobile gaming development and web-based casino platforms.

In the past, 3radical has been working with other industry’s leading names such as PartyGaming Plc and Microgaming Group to provide high-quality solutions that add value to their existing products. Most impressive is that they focus on designing custom online tools for gaming purposes but are also open to new ideas and opportunities outside of the industry. 

What is the Agreement between Gamesys Group plc and 3radical?

On July 27th, 2021, 3radical announced a five-year agreement with the world-leading online gambling operator, Gamesys Group plc. 3radical’s primary responsibility is to help the company achieve its strategic business goals by providing interactive application design services in gambling. 

What are the Benefits of Interactive Application Design Services in the Online Casino Industry?

There are several key benefits you will benefit from when investing in gambling technology development. These are;

1. Better website traffic and online sales 

You can attract more potential customers by offering them a better experience through graphics, animation, clean site design, and interactivity. The better your site looks to visitors, the more likely they will stay on the page longer or even return for repeat visits. 

Luckily, 3radical has experienced designers who can create effective landing pages that feature relevant content, striking images, and engaging words.   

2. Reduces cost in creating new games and applications 

It may be hard to think about investing huge amounts of money into development if you are new in the gambling industry. However, 3radical prowess with interactive application design services can create a prototype that features many of these same benefits without costing you a fortune. 

3. Greater convenience

Customers want things done their way, or they will take their business elsewhere. A good website design agency can help your business meet customer demands for online interaction, allowing them to play games at any time using any device they prefer. When it comes to creating a powerful brand identity and keeping customers engaged, building an effective interface is vital. Basically, it means that you need to invest in well-designed interfaces that are easy to use and provide all the information customers require in making informed buying decisions.   

4. Better company image 

By creating an appealing and functional interface, you can generate a positive feeling about your business through the images and product offerings you include on the site. This will help improve brand awareness and customer loyalty while also boosting your website traffic potential. 

One way to increase customer interest is by letting them participate in something unique or different they have never seen before. 

5. Increased conversion rate 

We’re all used to seeing how much of a gamble betting on sports can be; there’s no reason that gambling should not be done online. You already know that betting in online sportsbooks is very popular with gamblers. Sadly, that is not always the case with casino games. 

The good news is that by improving online gambling services, you enhance the experience for your customers. As a result, it increases the likelihood that they will convert from mere customers to loyal players.

What is the future of online gaming? 

With new technological advancements coming up, it is essential for the gaming industry to remain relevant and updated. For this reason, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are exciting and ever-evolving new technologies that will help to meet the challenges of today’s online gaming industry. Tech start-ups can use these new developments to create innovative game apps never witnessed before.

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