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Want to know more about dating a Colombian girl? Want to understand how to choose a good  Colombia dating site without fake profiles? Let’s talk about these beautiful women.

Best sites to find Colombian women for dating

You don’t need to spend much time finding a good Colombian dating site—all you need to do is choose any dating site from the below list. These Colombian dating sites are trusted, reputable, and they are definitely worth trying.


One of the most popular and trusted Colombian dating sites with thousands of beautiful Colombian ladies, various messaging services, and free registration.

various messaging services, and free registration

Visit La-Date


Are you’re interested in a serious relationship with beautiful Colombian women? In that case, ColombiaLady is a good option for you—it offers more communication tools than other dating sites (e.g., video chat).

tools than other dating sites (e.g., video chat)

Visit ColombiaLady


A great Colombian dating site with convenient search filters, lots of messaging tools, and thousands of beautiful women from Colombia and other Latin American countries.

other Latin American countries

Visit LoveFort


Being a part of the Qpid (Cupid) Media network, this dating site is a perfect option for those interested in meeting Colombian women—LatamDate and LatinFeels are the two super powers of online dating in South America today.

online dating in South America today

Visit LatamDate


Video calls, lots of free search filters, real and virtual gifts—LatinWomanLove is among the best websites for meeting women from Latin America.

meeting women from Latin America

Visit LatinWomanLove


If you want to find a simple dating app/site with tens of thousands of Colombian singles, click the link and join LatinBeautyDate without further ado!

LatinBeautyDate without further ado!

Visit LatinBeautyDate

Colombian dating statistics

Here are some facts about Colombian dating. The absolute majority of men who search for women from other countries are in their 40s—the average age of a man who marries a foreign bride is around 42 years old. Most of these men work as drivers/business executives or are retired.

business executives or are retired

As for women who search for an American man for marriage, the statistics is not surprising at all. Most of the women from this country you’ll find on dating sites are in their late 20s, most of them have no kids (only around 28% of K-1 visa holders have children), and most of them are younger than their husbands. Thus, the median age gap between Colombian women who married American men after arrival (K-1 visas) is 4.5 years (6.8 years for those married before or on arrival).

How to find Colombian girl?

As you’ve just read, there is really only one option for men who want to meet women from Colombia (this isn’t a Colombian thing only; it’s easier to meet women from other Latin countries online, too).

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The reasons are clear.

First of all, it’s much cheaper to meet Colombian singles on the dating sites like La-Date—yes, you’ll have to pay for premium membership to exchange messages, but even paid membership typically costs around $50-$100 per month, which is much cheaper than going to Colombia.

And of course, it’s also much more convenient and much easier to meet beautiful Colombian women online. There is a huge number of dating sites for serious relationships such as ColombiaLady and for those who want a short-term relationship; for those who prefer young Colombian women and the ladies in their 40s, and so on. The online dating scene is extremely diverse regarding audience and feature assortment—you only need to sign up on a dating site to enter it.

Let’s now talk about how to do it.

Let's now talk about how to do it

How to choose a website?

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for long-term relationships or for short-term relationships, for younger girls or for older women—in all these cases, you’ll have to choose a good Colombian dating platform first. Here are the top 3 rules for choosing a trusted Colombian dating website:

  • Always read the reviews—it’s the easiest thing to do to tell good Colombian dating sites from bad ones. Unfortunately, there are lots of dating sites with fake positive and negative reviews. That’s why it may be time-consuming and hard to distinguish the real reviews from the fake ones. This is exactly why we highly recommend reading literally all the reviews you can find—if a website is really good/bad, it’s impossible to hide it. Or you can read real and trusted dating sites reviews here.
  • Free membership is not always the best choice. Yes, paid membership might look too expensive at first sight, but in reality, the best international dating apps and sites (e.g. LoveFort) are the ones with a premium membership. They offer more messaging tools, better search options, and they typically have more women.  
  • Pay attention to such factors as feature assortment, messaging tools, search filters, and profile quality. The number of messaging tools is important because when it comes to long-term long-distance relationships, a single live chat is just not enough—so the more options you have to exchange messages, the better. Search filters are important, too—because if there are a lot of them, you’ll easily find the right woman according to your requirements and preferences. The profile quality is the most important factor—and probably the most difficult one to analyze. Just browse profiles, pay attention to free and premium (“gold” or “platinum”) members, and try to answer one question: “Do the girls on this dating site look real?” If the answer is yes, then this site is worth trying.

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How to create an attractive profile?

Writing a new success story of international dating always begins with registration on a dating site. It doesn’t matter if you want to meet a woman from Colombia, Western women, or girls from other countries—it always begins with creating a profile on a dating website.

creating a profile on a dating website

It’s not that difficult and time-consuming, actually—most websites with Colombian women will only need your email address, your name, and your date of birth before registration. Here are the top 3 tips that will help you create an attractive profile that would attract a lot of Colombian girls.

Upload your best photos to attract more Colombian women

Most sites have a “Take a picture with a webcam” feature, but it’s really not the best choice for you. The point is, you only have a few seconds (or, as some studies show, only 0.1 of a second) to make a great first impression—and obviously, it’s your photos that can attract a woman or turn her off. Show that you’re a mature and established man via picture, show your hobbies or show a picture of yourself doing something you really enjoy, and show a variety of poses—full body shots always work great. If you want a woman to send you a message and have a date with you, you need to make her interested even before you start the conversation—that’s a very important rule most men forget about. 

Write a catchy profile bio

Remember, it’s all about making a woman interested—and you can easily do it with your profile bio. For example, you can write something about your hobbies—for example, if you love to travel the world and meet people, you can write a fun story about your last trip to whatever country. You’ve got the idea, right? Just don’t write an essay, please—if you want to meet women and to make them interested, keep it short and simple. It’s not a thing that works only with sites like Colombian Cupid or La-Date, of course—it works with all the other dating apps and sites.

Don’t ignore premium membership

It’s not that expensive—as you already know, most sites like Colombian Cupid, LatamDate, and LatinFeels cost around $50-$100 per month. But it’s definitely a purchase that is worth the money—because a paid member always gets much more attention, views, and responses than a free member. That’s how websites like Colombian Cupid/LatamDate work.

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Where and How to Get a Latin Wife

How to search for a Colombian woman?

Almost any site with Colombian women looks the same. Technically, they all have different color schemes and a different design, but the user experience is always the same: one signs up, creates a profile, uploads photos, and clicks the “Search” button. There are lots of various search filters, but almost any site has similar options:

  • Age
  • Country and city
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Children
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Drinking/smoking
  • Hair color and eye color
  • Height and weight 
  • Online now
  • Intentions (marriage, soul mate, short-term/long-term, etc)

How to write a dating profile to meet Colombian women

Meeting Colombian women online is not that hard, actually—there are thousands of girls who want to chat with a foreign man, to have some fun with a foreigner, or even build a serious relationship with him. Here, we’ll talk about creating a great profile headline and bio to attract a Colombian woman. Some great dating profile examples are included, too!

Some great dating profile examples are included, too

Dating profile headlines

First of all, let’s talk about a profile headline—not all the sites have such a feature, but on most dating platforms, you can write a short headline. These tips will help you create a great headline:

  • Use a quote if you can’t come up with a good idea
  • Curiosity always works. Intrigue women, build suspense, and make them send a message to you!
  • Action words are a must-use.
  • Funny headlines work great, too—enjoy yourself, be fun, and you’ll get dozens of first messages from women.

Dating profile bio

As for bio, it’s simple—as we’ve said, you must write a catchy bio to attract women (this works for women from any country in the world, not just Colombia).

Here’s another tip for you: don’t forget to write a “hook”. A “hook” here is something a woman can use to write you a message—for example, writing about your hobbies, favorite movies, favorite places to visit, and your work can give a woman the possibility to come up with a question based on this information.

Dating profile examples

There are two types of dating profiles: good ones and bad ones. The two following examples are definitely good profiles—they are catchy, fun, and have a lot of hooks.

have a lot of hooks

The last one is a good example of a bad profile—it’s quite a boring profile bio that just can’t attract a girl (poor English included).

(poor English included)

How to talk to Colombian girls

So, your perfect profile on ColombiaLady, LatinFeels, LatamDate, or other sites, has attracted a lot of beautiful women from Colombia. Congratulations! Now, you’ll need to keep these women interested through chat. Here are some tips that will help you understand how to chat with a Colombian woman:

  • Be respectful and show that you are a gentleman. It works for both online dating and your first date.
  • Don’t act like you are a rich man who can just buy a bride. Show her you’re looking for a long-term relationship with someone specialon the sites where people from all over the world are seeking something serious, declaring your intentions is never a bad thing.
  • Demonstrate more interest in her personality. Men on dating sites often start with compliments, paying attention to beauty and nothing but beauty. There’s nothing wrong with complimenting a woman, but if you also mention her interests and ask her about her life values, you’ll get a serious advantage over other men.
  • Don’t start talking about intimate things too early: just be nice and try to learn more about each other.
  • Go offline. Ask her out as soon as possible—it makes no sense chatting for 3 or 6 months before the first date.

Simply put, you only need to be respectful, monitor the dynamics, and act accordingly, expressing genuine interest in another person.

Online dating conversation starters

First of all, it’s necessary to use hooks we’ve talked about before—women use them in their profile descriptions, too! Take a look at her profile—is there anything worth mentioning? Did she write about her hobbies or interests? Then, tell her something like “your photos are amazing! when did you go to (insert location from her pictures here)?” or “I’m a huge fan of (insert genre or hobby here), too. My favorite is (insert album, book, or movie). Heard/watched/read it?”

read it

Simple conversation starters such as “I feel like I’ve seen everything on Netflix. Have you watched anything cool lately?” or “Your bookshelf is cool. What are you reading right now?” work great.

Funny lines like “Here’s my best opening line: (insert a line)” or “My phone is broken; it doesn’t have your number in it” have always worked well, too.

PRO TIP: Avoid phrases and even single words that everyone else uses on dating sites. Surprisingly, many representatives of online dating companies note that people who send messages that start with “Hi” and “Hello” receive a lot fewer responses than users who start with more creative greetings or even go straight to business. Compliments are great, but try to say something a woman can respond to. After all, there’s no good reply to “You are beautiful” except for “Thank you”. The more attentive and creative you are, the better, and again, the information provided in one’s bio is your key to success.

Red flags in a relationship with a Colombian bride

When it comes to Colombia women dating, there are some red flags you need to be aware of—they are quite obvious, but you still need to learn them. Here they are:

  • If she asks you to send her cash, it’s always a red flag. It’s the most common type of romance scam most online dating users are aware of.
  • If she wants to have the first date with you in a non-public place, it’s most likely a red flag.
  • If she wants to know everything about your income and asks for numbers and sums you usually spend, it is surely a red flag.

sums you usually spend, it is surely a red flag

P.S. Girls from Colombia can be straightforward with you right off the bat, but it’s not a red flag; it’s just a part of Colombian culture. Whether you’re meeting women from their capital city, Bogota, or a small city, they all are quite direct, even if it’s the first date. So don’t worry if your girlfriend asks you a lot of questions on a date—it’s their personality trait, not a red flag.

How to avoid scam?

Romance scam is an extremely serious problem in the US—in 2019, losses to romance scams reached $304,000,000 (that’s 50% more than in 2019). An average victim of scammers lost $2,500—and that’s definitely not what you’d want from dating sites. Here are the three safety tips—they are quite obvious, but we can safely say that you will not become a romance scam victim if you follow all of them.

  • Choose the best Colombian dating app or Colombian dating site. Always read all the reviews to make sure the site you’ve chosen is safe, trusted, and reputable. Ideally, you should also test the free version of the site to see who you can meet there. Also, most platforms also have free trials or grant bonuses, so you can test the premium features without paying, too.
  • Do not send money to women. Just don’t do it—all the excuses and reasons they have are not real, so don’t fall for them. “The princess in trouble scheme” is the most common one, and it’s still effective as the main reason why people lose their money is that they want to help someone they’ve already fallen for.
  • Block the suspicious profiles and don’t continue communication if something feels wrong, especially if you notice some contradictions or understand you’ve already received this message from another user.
  • Don’t post photos depicting all your wealth. You can do it, actually, but you’d better focus on your inner beauty if you’re looking for a woman for love.

Remember that these are the rules with no exceptions, and if you follow them, you’ll be able to feel safe on any website.

Dating Colombian women: Final thoughts

Finding a Colombia dating site isn’t that hard—you only need to choose a platform from our list, that’s all. Just sign up, upload a photo, write a catchy profile bio—and you’ll get dozens of messages from the most beautiful Colombian ladies. It’s really that simple!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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