Latin Mail Order Brides: Where and How to Get a Latin Wife?

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Latin American women are rightfully viewed as the epitome of beauty, passion, and strong family values. But where can you find a Latin woman to marry when you have never been to Latin American states or have never met women from there in person? We have prepared for you a detailed guide on meeting South American women online and several dating platforms you can use to start chatting with them.

Best sites to meet a Latin mail order bride

Choose the best platforms to have the best dating experience. Which ones to test first? Visit any of the following websites and check their interfaces, services, and look at their community: the one that will look suitable for you will provide you with comfortable online dating and you will be able to focus on communication with singles you like.

  • ColombiaLady: provides one of the fastest to meet women from Latin America
  • LoveFort: best suited for long-term, long-distance dating with single Latin women
  • LatinWomanLove: lots of ways to contact and impress Latina mail order brides
  • LatamDate: trusted by thousands of fans of South American brides in the West
  • LatinFeels: offers a wide range of communication features for long-distance relationships
  • LatinBeautyDate: a big and active audience of single women from Latin American countries

Best countries to meet Latin brides

Best countries to meet Latin brides

If you know exactly what kind of Latin ladies you would most like to meet, then you probably don’t care too much about the popularity of different nationalities. However, if you don’t have a lot of experience with Latina women or are simply wondering which Latin country is the most desirable one among the fans of Latin beauty, there are plenty of statistics to satisfy your curiosity.

The most reliable way to know which Latin American ladies are particularly popular among Western gentlemen is to refer to the official immigration statistics. American men who want to marry foreign ladies, such as Latin or Asian women, have to apply for a K-1 visa. Every year, thousands of foreign ladies enter the United States on fiancee visas. In 2020, there were 4,443 Latin ladies who got K-1 visas and married US citizens. The top 10 of the most popular Latin American states with brides looked like this:

  1. Mexico.
  2. Dominican Republic.
  3. Brazil.
  4. Cuba.
  5. Colombia.
  6. Peru.
  7. Venezuela.
  8. Ecuador.
  9. Honduras.
  10. El Salvador.

In 2020, the immigration rates dropped for understandable reasons: most importantly, because the coronavirus pandemic put many things on hold. This is why it’s not surprising that in 2019, there were almost twice as many Latin girls who immigrated to the US than in 2020, or 8,939. That year, the top 10 most popular countries for Latin brides for marriage included:

  1. Mexico.
  2. Dominican Republic.
  3. Brazil.
  4. Colombia.
  5. Peru.
  6. Venezuela.
  7. Ecuador.
  8. Honduras.
  9. El Salvador.
  10. Nicaragua.

So while the exact numbers and the countries making it to the top 10 can change from year to year, it’s clear that some Latin states are far more popular than the others when it comes to Latin mail order women. Let’s look at the five most coveted Latin American countries among single Western guys.


We probably don’t need to go into detail about what makes Mexican brides so attractive to American men. Mexican brides seem both very familiar and exotic, which is exactly why they are so irresistible. As an American gentleman, you are likely regularly exposed to Mexican culture and way of living, and that’s another thing that adds to the appeal of local ladies. With 1,676 women immigrating from Mexico to the US on fiancee visas in 2019 and 1,005 women achieving the same in 2020, their popularity is not up for debate.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic may not be the largest Latin country, but it’s very well known on the international dating scene. Men are captivated by the sunny personalities, exotic looks, and incredible loyalty of Dominican brides. Now that marrying a Dominican bride, or any other beautiful Latin woman for that matter, is easier than ever, these marriages are becoming more and more popular. In 2019, 1,270 Dominican brides married American men, and in 2020, that number was 546.


Even when you are just learning about Latin culture and women, you have definitely heard about Brazilian women. These women are known all over the planet for their combination of outstanding looks, vibrant inner life, social skills, and devotion to their families. There is clearly no shortage of Western men who want to marry Brazilian women. In 2019 alone, 1.065 women moved to the United States on fiancee visas, and in 2020, there were 431 women who turned their life around by marrying American guys.


There are Latin women who are known for their loyalty, but Colombian brides are known for being fiercely loyal. They will stop at nothing to make their loved ones happy and secure. Colombian brides are attractive to foreign suitors because they are beautiful inside and out. And the statistics clearly reflect that. In 2019, 1,014 Colombian women received a K-1 visa and married American citizens shortly afterwards. In 2020, that number dropped to 470, but that is certainly not due to their lack of popularity.


For many years, Cuba had remained a mysterious land for Americans, so we could only guess what Cuban brides are like in a relationship or marriage. Luckily, the best dating sites also have an impressive Cuban audience, so you can meet a Cuban woman for marriage using your favorite dating service. And it’s clear that many men are using those mail order bride sites. 473 Cuban ladies received K-1 visas in the US in 2019, and while there were only 259 of them last year, this number will hopefully change in 2021.

Latin mail order marriage statistics

Latin mail order marriage statistics

Marriages between foreign men and a Hispanic bride have been around longer than most dating sites, so now there are plenty of statistics we can look at to analyze those relationships and marriages. If you ask an American man who enjoys his happy married life with a Latina bride if he was satisfied by his decision, he would definitely say yes. These are a few mail order marriage statistics to prove it.

How popular are relationships between Latin women and Western men?

Intermarriage and dating between white American men and Hispanic or Latino women is on the rise. Over the last decade, 38% of all intermarriages in the US were between white Americans and Hispanics. And while we cannot claim with confidence that all of those marriages were between American men and Latina women, it is still clear that hot Latin brides are some of the most popular foreign women for American men to date or marry.

Ideally, all marriages would last forever, but that is sadly not the case. When looking for a Latina mail order bride, you also need to accept the fact that your marriage can end eventually. So how many mail order marriages end in divorce? The good news is that it’s not that likely to happen. According to one report, mail order marriages have a higher chance of survival than regular marriages, and 80% of those marriages last over a year.

There can be many reasons why mail order marriages tend to be more successful than marriages between two US citizens. One of them is that American men and Latin American brides spend a long time communicating online. They get to know every aspect of each other’s personalities before committing to marriage. This is why they are less likely to be surprised by some features of their partners in a negative way and why these marriages happen to be rather successful.

When is it typical for Latin girls to get married?

There is a stereotype that Latina girls tend to get married very early in life and that a Latina woman in her early 20s is obsessed with the idea of getting married. This is far from the truth. While Latina brides do tend to get married earlier than their European or American counterparts, it is hardly the first thing on their minds. A typical Latin woman would rather spend enough time looking for the right partner than jump head first into marriage. Here are the average first marriage ages for the top 5 most popular countries with Latin brides:

  • Mexico: 26.0
  • Colombia: 22.3
  • Brazil: 30
  • Dominican Republic: 21.0
  • Cuba: 21.3

The age difference between Latin brides and their American suitors

Another stereotype about mail order brides from Latin America is that they tend to be significantly older than their spouses. In the imagination of a typical Western citizen who doesn’t have much experience with Latin brides for marriage, a typical Latina wife is someone in her twenties while her spouse is in his forties or fifties.

In reality, the age difference between American men and their Latin mail order brides is not that stark. In different conditions, it can be just from a little over a year to a little over six years. Naturally, the age difference can be more extreme, as many Latina brides actually prefer their spouses to be older. However, the variety of Latin brides and their aspirations is very diverse, so no matter who you are and what kind of Latina girl you want to marry, there is an ideal Latin lady waiting for you.

Latin mail order brides cost

Latin mail order brides cost

Latin women are some of the most incredible women in the world: just look at Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, or Eva Longoria to know that it’s true. By now, you probably also realize that dating online is both the most effective and the easiest way to meet your future Latin wife.

However, like most good things in life, a positive experience with dating sites doesn’t come for free. Plus, you need to take into account the cost of visiting Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, or one of the many different countries where your future wife may live. Here is how much it can cost you to use mail order bride services and then take your relationship offline.

The cost of dating online

If you’ve never used Latin mail order bride services before, you should know that they look and feel similar to any other dating platform you’ve used in your life. Most dating sites you have used before have probably either been free or had similar membership prices both for men and women.

At the same time, dating sites that are meant to connect Latin girls to Western gentlemen have a different pricing model. They are usually free for Latin mail order brides and other girls using them, while men need to invest money into a successful internet dating experience. Plus, paid access to such sites serves as proof of the man’s serious relationship intentions.

There are two types of expenses you will face when using online dating platforms. The first one is a Premium membership, which usually unlocks unlimited profile view and a few other features. It costs from $10 to $50 per month. The other one is the credits that you need to access some of the more advanced dating features, including video chat and phone calls. Men usually spend between $50 and $200 per month on credits. So, every month of using a dating site with beautiful women from Latin America will cost you from $50 to over $200.

The cost of traveling to a Latin American country

After you’ve spent months communicating with Latina brides online and you are both convinced that you want to be each other’s life partners, comes the next important step: visiting your Latina woman in her home country. Experienced American gentlemen will tell you for a fact that it’s impossible to get Latina wives without this step, as you need to meet your future Latina wife in her natural habitat to see if you are a good match. Here is how much a 2-week trip to visit your Latin mail order bride can cost you depending on the country in Latin America you plan to visit.

Country Plane tickets Accommo-dations Food Transportation Entertainment Total
Mexico $600 $600 $300 $100 $300 $1,900
Brazil $1,000 $800 $500 $200 $400 $2,900
Colombia $600 $400 $300 $100 $200 $1,600
Cuba $600 $600 $400 $200 $300 $2,100
Dominican Republic $600 $1,500 $800 $200 $500 $3,600

How to find a Latin bride

How to find a Latin bride

Feeling lost in the variety of Latin brides for marriage? Here are some tips for successfully navigating the world of international dating.

How to choose the right dating site for you

Sure, you can simply look for a mail order bride platform on Google and see what the search offers to you, but that is not an approach that will bring you the desired results. Most Latin women choose special types of mail order bride sites for their online dating journeys. Here is how to find the best dating site for your needs:

  1. Look for reviews. Mail order bride sites are very popular right now and their variety may be too big for you to handle. Find a resource that you trust and look for its recommendations on which mail order bride sites deserve your attention.
  2. Check the audience. A good service needs to have enough women for you to meet, but all profiles should be detailed and active. You cannot get far with a site where half of the profiles are empty or abandoned.
  3. Review the safety. Looking for mail order brides online is not an instance where you want your

How to register for a dating site

Registration on dating sites with Latin women is usually very uncomplicated and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. It’s also typically free, so you can take a look around and only pay when you want to. After you’ve chosen your perfect dating site, this is how to sign up for it:

  1. Fill out the necessary fields, which may include your name, date of birth, and country of residence.
  2. Provide your email address and set your password.
  3. Confirm your registration by following a link from your email account.

That’s it—you are now a rightful member of the platform and can look for your Latin wife.

How to find your Latina bride

After you’ve joined the site of your choice, see if it has a matchmaking algorithm—it can connect you with your future Latin wife using the information you stated on your profile. If not, you can use the following tips:

  1. Narrow down the selection of Latin brides. Good sites have thousands of single Latin women, and you can’t really view every profile. Use the filters to only see women with your desired features.
  2. Reply to the women. Many mail order brides are very active on dating sites and don’t have a problem with contacting men. You may get more messages than you expect and it’s a good idea to answer all of them to see who matches you best.
  3. Actively reach out to the girls. Some of the best mail order brides have so many suitors that they don’t need to contact men first. You will need to try your luck with them, and you should let them see your confidence instead of being intimidated by their beauty.

How to write a dating profile to meet a Latin girl

Dating Latin American ladies online is something you should take lightly. We are not just talking about the things you write to the women, but also the things included on your profile. Your profile is your initial introduction to your future Latina wife, so you want it to meet your goals. Here is how to write a dating profile that will attract the right Latin girl.

Dating profile headlines

Your dating profile headline will be just a couple of words long, and each of those words needs to count. You can use abbreviations to fit in more words, but it’s best to just be very brief and leave the rest for your bio. Here are a few examples for your inspiration:

  1. A modern Prince Charming looking for his Cinderella.
  2. Can you be my fairytale princess?
  3. I will show you the world if you let me.

Dating profile bio

Depending on the dating site that you choose, your bio can range from one sentence to a few paragraphs. When writing your dating profile bio, it’s important to walk the fine line between saying too little and too much. You need to give the women some exciting facts about yourself to pique their interest, but also invite them to contact you to find out more.

Dating profile examples

Looking at other men’s dating profiles can tell you what to do and what to avoid when creating your own profile. Let’s check out two dating profile examples together. In the first one, the gentleman didn’t use a lot of words but still got his point across: who he is and what he wants from a relationship.

Dating profile examples

This gentleman, however, clearly only filled out the mandatory fields while signing up and couldn’t even spare a couple of minutes to add more information to his profile. Not taking this step seriously means you shouldn’t expect great results.

Dating profile examples

How to talk to Latina girls

“How to talk to girls” is typically not a problem if you have some dating experience with local women. However, it can sometimes be tricky when you are pursuing Latin women for marriage. If you view Latin brides as distant and exotic, talking to these women may not be as easy as you’d hope. Here are 5 tips to talk to a Latin girl to impress her:

  1. Ask questions about her culture. There isn’t a Latin mail order bride who isn’t passionate about her cultural heritage. You should definitely do some reading, but asking questions never hurts.
  2. Ask about her hopes and dreams. A great way to see if you and your future Latina wife are a match is to find out what she wants to do in life.
  3. Tell her about your background. Latino brides will never marry foreigners who remain intentionally mysterious and try not to share anything about them.
  4. Talk about each other’s families. Like any Asian woman, a mail order bride from South America adores her family and can talk about it for ages.
  5. Talk about your plans for the future. After you and your Latin bride have spent some time together, you need to let her know that you’re in for the long run.

Online dating conversation starters

Here are 5 online dating first message tips that work great with hot Latin brides:

  1. Do you think we could one day explore the world together?
  2. What is the happiest memory you’d like to relive once again?
  3. Have you recently seen a movie that you’d like your own life to be like?
  4. What is your signature dish and can I try it with you?
  5. I see on your profile that I like fast cars. Can I show you mine?

Red flags in a relationship with a Latina

Red flags in dating are important at any relationship stage, but even more so when you are getting to know each other. Here are the 3 must-know red flags when dating Latina ladies online.

Being vague

If the woman visibly tries to conceal some information about herself or avoids answering your questions, it likely means she has something to hide.

Being too forthcoming

In a new relationship, it’s natural for the woman to take things slow and see how it goes. If your Latin mail order bride seems smitten with you after you’ve just met, it may also be a red flag.

Constantly getting into trouble

When a Latina bride is regularly getting into tough situations that need your help, mostly in the form of money, you can treat it as a big red flag.

Final thoughts

Finding your ideal Latin wife is not difficult, but only when you know what you are doing. Don’t rely on chance in your quest to meet Latina mail order brides—use our tips and insights to make your search successful.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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