Best Casino Money Withdrawal Methods in Europe

If you’re interested in playing online casinos within Europe, but are hesitant to use a personal bank account for deposits and withdrawals, you may be wondering what the best solution is. While Europe encompasses a pretty large spectrum of countries, each with their own laws regarding online casinos, there are several methods of making deposits and withdrawals to online casinos that can apply to most European casino players, regardless of country.

In this article, we will list the various options you have for doing transactions with online casinos in Europe.



PaySafeCard is a convenient method of payment for European players. It is a prepaid card that can be used as a deposit method for online casinos, and it is unnecessary to confide any personal bank information to use a PaySafeCard.

When you make withdrawals to your PaySafeCard, you can then use it like a regular prepaid card, and you’ll be given a 16-digit PIN for online transactions to be made. Alternatively, there are various methods of withdrawing the funds to a bank account or PayPal, if you choose to do that.



Skrill, previously known as Moneybookers, is a reliable online payment and money transfer service. You can use it to make deposits or withdrawals from online casinos, but you need to link a debit or credit card to your Skrill account and go through a verification process.

Skrill is a reliable and widely-accepted payment method for many operators, including Casumo casino. The only thing to be aware of is that while depositing funds is lightning-fast, it can take a couple of business days for withdrawals to complete.



EcoCard is another popular online payment solution for European players. You do need a credit or debit card to use the EcoCard services, but you’re given full control over the account, and you can deposit funds into several currencies.

EcoCard has a nice fraud prevention system, and the card itself is technically a pre-paid MasterCard, which offers the convenience of using your EcoCard wherever MasterCard is accepted, all over the world. Making deposits to online casinos is entirely free, and there’s a small fee for making withdrawals from your EcoCard to a bank account, but you can avoid this by availing a physical EcoCard.



Another popular payment platform which is widely used in European casinos, and especially popular with Norwegian players. It offers a hassle-free deposit experience, and allows you to keep track of your savings and outgoing balances. Another bonus is that it offers great privacy, and you don’t need to reveal any confidential information such as personal details or bank account in order to start using WebMoney.

WebMoney operates as a personal e-wallet, so you can make transfers at any time, both deposits and withdrawals, in several currencies of your choice. Both deposit and withdrawal times should be around 24 business hours, with very small fees attached, so overall it’s a quick and convenient method of playing at online casinos in Europe.



Accepted in more than 180 countries, Neteller is in the top five most popular payment processors used by online casinos like VegasCasino and casino players. It offers convenient options for deposits and withdrawals, and a handful of additional features, and generous terms and conditions for usage. It is also highly secure, and all customer funds are kept in separate trust funds. Which means even if Neteller went bankrupt, all of their customer’s funds would be available for withdrawal.

There is a verification process to go through, and you must use the funds in your Neteller account within 14 months or else you’ll pay an administrative fee. This doesn’t mean all the funds in your Neteller account, we just mean dormant accounts. If you’re playing at online casinos often, this obviously doesn’t apply to you.



As a decentralized cryptocurrency, no government agency or bank has any jurisdiction over the transactions made with Bitcoin. This offers incredible privacy and safety for online casino players. Furthermore, Bitcoin offers lower transaction fees than other methods, and much faster transaction speeds.

As an additional bonus, many online casinos that deal with Bitcoin offer bonuses specific to Bitcoin, such as free spins, cashback bonuses, as well as better match bonuses in some cases.



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