8 Things Your Shopify Store Must Have


Without a doubt, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform and is used worldwide for retailers of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting to sell your own products and services, or if you’re switching platforms for your established business, Shopify is scaleable regardless of what you have to offer your potential customers. To really find success, however, you’ll need to have the right tools like smart communication with customers, a shopify search bar, and a way to convert browsers into dedicated return buyers. If you’re really looking to step up your eCommerce game then check out the eight things your Shopify store must have to be successful.

1. Branded Look

It’s marketing 101 to know that your brand should have a certain look and feel to make a long-lasting impact on customers. Your Shopify store should also have a curated look that blends photos of products with the story you’re trying to tell about your brand. While building your website, look to incorporate the same font, colors, and overall style to create a seamless view into your brand’s world.

2. Easy-to-Use Navigation

We have all navigated away from a website because it was clunky and hard to use, so don’t bring those same negative elements into the design of your Shopify store. You’ll want to collaborate with a well-versed web designer if you need help situating the ergonomics of your shop. Just like your branded look, you’ll want to keep menus accessible and on the same side of the page on every product page to create a coherent experience. Do away with excessive click-throughs and keep navigation simple, think of how easy you’d like to have customers browse an in-person brick-and-mortar shop.

3. Personalized Communication

Leverage your collected customer data into emails, texts, and offers personalized just for them. There are various widgets that can help you convert all of that important information into a message directed to each of your customers in a way that is as aggressive or passive as you’d like. Think of greetings with your customer’s name followed by recommendations on products they should buy based on their browsing or purchasing history.

4. Smart Search Bar

Possibly one of the best add-ons for your Shopify store is Expertec’s smart search bar. Expertec looked at the original shopify search bar and realized that it could be optimized to generate more relevant results that impact sales directly. By replacing your shopify search bar you’ll unlock features like displaying results by current stock, popularity, category, price, and type. This simple plugin can get customers to your blog posts as well when they are looking for a specific item even if they used a partial word search, this can educate your potential clients and give them a reason to click “Add to Cart.”

5. Elevated Order Tracking

Another plugin to research is that of an elevated order tracking system. Customers want to know when their products are shipping and arriving, but wouldn’t you like to let them know what else they should pick up based on their current purchase? If you’re looking to create more return buyers, you’ll want to give them a reason to come back and while some people may not open your marketing email they will open one with tracking information, now you just have to tag in recommended products, and a discount code.

6. Push Notifications

You’re in the eCommerce business because automation makes life easier and streamlining your product to your customer matters. With push notifications, your customer will be alerted of promotions, items left in their cart, and things that are finally back in stock. Push notifications can gently pop up on the side of your website and let customers know that something important is going on while they’re browsing, it’s like walking through your local supermarket and smelling fresh bread being baked in the back, you want to find out more! 

7. Useful Helpdesk

Any successful business owner understands that eventually, they may need some help to help their customer base, this is where a helpdesk comes into play. Whether you’re looking to set up automated messages, AI responses, or have someone answer customer concerns’, the right communication can bring trustworthiness to your business. Get on board with a helpdesk app that fits your budget and user base size, they’ll be grateful to have answers to their questions and you’ll be grateful to have some time added back into your day.

8. Conversion Helper

You may have plenty of people looking through your shop but not often making a purchase, and those people need to be nudged by a conversion helper. A conversion helper is really just a suite of apps bundled into one that enables customers to receive things like opt-in communication, countdowns for sales events, and exit offers. The virtual customer service representative-like features will help with conversions as customers are urged to take advantage of your products, services, and discounts.

Final Thoughts

Your Shopify website is on its way to being very successful if you can figure out which of the above products and tips can be tailored to your business. By having a curated online experience for customers with smart tools that help convert customers like a shopify search bar that works for them, you’ll create credibility and the sales numbers to back it.


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