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VanGuard-Trading has mastered offering free trades to retail traders. These free trades are why they are a popular choice among retail traders. Additionally, they provide a seamless mobile app that would help users make trades while engaged in other activities. The platform has created an ecosystem where users can trade with relative ease. As a result, it has become a top choice among beginner and advanced retail traders. 

When choosing a broker, you must ensure they tick all the right boxes. Are you looking for a reliable broker with a mobile app and access to multiple markets? Then VanGuard-Trading is right for you. This VanGuard-Trading review covers the perks you will get and the features available on the platform. We hope this review does a good job of convincing you and getting you to join the brokerage. Here is all you need to know about the features of VanGuard-Trading. 


Integrated Mobile App

The VanGuard-Trading platform has a smooth mobile app with full facilities. The platform recognizes that the technology world is increasingly becoming mobile-first; hence, any broker that hopes to survive must have a mobile app that suits retail traders. The app has all the trading tools available on the platform. Additionally, it has a user intuitive design that makes it easy to use and simple for new users to learn the ropes. The app is a great addition to the VanGuard-Trading platform, allowing users to utilize the broker wherever they are properly. 

Learning Materials for Traders

The platform provides learning materials for traders on the platform. These materials cover a broad range of topics and are relevant for all types of traders, from beginners to experts. Furthermore, these materials are on the platform to help users sharpen their trading skills to build better portfolios. These materials can be downloaded from the platform or accessed while online traders. Beginner traders can quickly level up their trading skills by reading these materials and practicing as often as possible.

Dummy Accounts for Traders

The dummy accounts provided by the VanGuard-Trading platform are available to all traders on the platform. These dummy accounts allow users to practice what they learned from the training materials without losing money. The dummy account is a simulated environment where traders can practice various trading techniques. The market simulations are quite realistic and make traders feel like they are trading live markets. Users can switch between their live accounts and dummy accounts as they wish. Seamless switching means they can train when they want to and live trade when they wish. This switching process is seamless and frictionless. 

Diverse Assets Available

The platform has various assets available for purchase. These assets include cryptocurrencies, CFDs, ETFs, stocks, options, and forex. These assets are available to all users, and the available tools can be used to trade the assets. The diverse assets allow traders to build hedged portfolios. It also gives users a long list of options when building their portfolios. In addition, the VanGuard-Trading brokerage constantly updates its available assets to give its users more flexibility. As a result, traders will have an exhaustive list of assets and full market access when they use the platform.

No Fees and Low Commissions

The large fees retail traders pay to make trades can be a big barrier to new entrants. This is quite true for retail traders that have a small trading budget. For this reason, users of the VanGuard-Trading platform can make trades without paying fees. This $0 strategy means traders can place trades without paying a dime to facilitate the trades. You may be wondering how the platform makes money. It does this by charging low commissions for trades on the platform. With the low commissions, both the platform and traders win. 


The VanGuard-Trading platform is a seamless broker that allows traders to get the best from their trades by giving them a decent trading platform. It also does not charge fees for trading and offers users a wide range of assets to trade. To get more details about the platform, contact the help desk or go to the website.

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