Things You Didn’t Know About American Netflix in Canada


Netflix, the king of streaming is a company that was founded in 1997.

It has been providing its services for 20 years, from the time of beta testing to being purchased by other companies such as Blockbuster and finally reaching its current spot as a king within the industry.

Within this time frame, Netflix has developed itself into a worldwide brand that is bringing entertainment to your fingertips.

The Popularity of Netflix Around The World

Netflix also has a big hand in the entertainment industry by providing original content for its subscribers.

It not only provides content from other companies but it brings its exclusive shows and movies to everyone.

Netflix Canada vs Netflix USA

Netflix in the US is far more superior to its Canadian counterpart because of the different titles available, which is causing Canadians to go through extreme lengths to access American Netflix in Canada.

This ranges from using tools such as VPNs or Smart DNS proxies to even signing up for dedicated IP services where you pay an extra fee.

Netflix Cost: Is It Worth The Money

Netflix is known for its costs among other things, with a basic plan at $8.99 and a standard plan at $11.99 every month, but did you know that Netflix has a 4K streaming plan as well?

This little-known plan costs Canadians an extra fee for their subscription of up to $12.99 a month, something that is also living in the shadows of Netflix.

Smart Download Attribute of Netflix

Netflix is known for its downloads feature, which enables you to download shows and movies so that you can watch them later even if you don’t have an internet connection.

However, Netflix Canada doesn’t support the smart download’s function, which means you will always need to be connected to the internet to keep your downloads.

Netflix Personalized Account

Netflix allows users to create a personalized account, but many Canadians are unaware that the American version of Netflix has a stronger security feature.

While both versions of Netflix require you to sign up with an email and password, US subscribers have an extra layer added to their protection by requiring them to use a 4-digit PIN code as well as their password.

This added layer keeps your account safe by requiring you to enter an extra code whenever someone tries to access your account.

Netflix Kids Section

Netflix is known for its kids’ section, but did you know that the US version of Netflix offers an exclusive Disney collection?

This collection offers children the option of watching Disney movies and TV shows, all in one section where parents can be at ease that their children are only able to watch appropriate content.

Netflix 4K Feature

Netflix has recently opened up its service to “Ultra HD” and 4K programming. They claim that you will need an internet connection of 25mbps or more to watch Netflix at Ultra High Definition (UHD).

Netflix has always been known for its amazing video quality, but did you know that the American version of Netflix allows subscribers to stream in 4K? The US Netflix offers its users this feature.

The difference between 1080p and 4k is quite noticeable, with 4K having a much clearer quality to it, which is why many subscribers are willing to pay the extra fee.

The Most-Watched Show on Netflix till Now

The most-watched show on Netflix till now is Breaking Bad.

The final episode of Breaking Bad drew in 10.28 million viewers which is a new record for cable television.

The average viewership per episode is around 5 million viewers, and the show has been streamed over 500 million times on Netflix till now.

Netflix employees can take as many days off as they want.

Netflix employees can take as many days off as they want. They can take a few days, or up to a year off when they please.

Netflix employees are treated like adults and trust is placed upon them to use their best judgment in case of emergencies, important meetings, etc.

Netflix on Television

Netflix won the major television award for the first time in 2014, and then again in 2015 with the political thriller drama, House of Cards.

In 2009, Netflix announced a deal to have its streaming service available on TiVo devices including some Sony televisions. 

This was also a first as it was Netflix’s first streaming media distribution via television.

Netflix Has Its Awards – The Flixies

Netflix started an award show in 2013. It is called the Flixies. The winners are based on reviews for Netflix TV shows and movies. They were announced during CES 2014.

As part of that announcement, it was stated that only six categories would be handed out during the first year: Best TV Episode, Best TV Show, Most Addictive Player, Best Teen Movie, Best Animated Movie, and Best Foreign Movie.

The winners were determined by how many people watched the movies and television shows on Netflix.

These awards are not like other big award shows like the Oscars or Emmys. They’re meant to show how good Netflix’s original content is and help users find new shows and movies to watch.

The Netflix Algorithms 

Netflix used algorithms for everything from deciding what movies and TV shows will appear on its site, to picking which thumbnail images it displays on the personalized home page.

It uses machine learning to improve the algorithms over time.

The algorithm that Netflix uses is based on several different components such as:

  • Watch history (set by the individual)
  • Global average collaborative rating (set by Netflix)
  • Percent of a title watched (as set by user)

For Netflix, the user feedback is what matters most, rather than critic reviews.

Netflix uses cutting-edge technology to implement its personalized movie recommendations based on each member’s unique preferences and viewing habits.


Netflix is a media streaming service and it continues to grow in popularity.

Netflix provides millions of hours of programming for users to enjoy.

Netflix has won several awards and its original content has been very popular amongst viewers.

There are many interesting things about Netflix that people may not know, such as Netflix’s algorithms used to determine user preferences and its awards.

In some countries, Netflix appears as a different version than it does in America, but once a user signs up, they can see the same content regardless of their location.

Netflix continues to provide programming that is unique, yet popular amongst viewers.

Netflix users can watch Netflix on different devices such as television sets, tablets, phones, etc. which allows them more viewing options for their favorite shows/movies.

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