How METASMART TV Turns Your Home into an Art Gallery

How METASMART TV Turns Your Home into an Art Gallery

TVs with the SMART feature not only broadcast TV channels, but are entertainment hubs and a source of a wide variety of content. The integration of innovative technologies into TVs is constantly expanding their capabilities. The development of Web 3.0. technology became an even greater qualitative impetus in the world of TVs. Gazer was the first to take advantage of these new opportunities. In 2023, the brand presented the world’s first METASMART TV, which has access to NFT platforms and the ability to enter the metaverse. 

The NFT industry appeared in 2017 and now is experiencing a real boom in its development and popularity. An NFT is a non-fungible token that is unique and irreplaceable. In other words, it’s a certificate of ownership of a virtual object. A digital object can be a picture, song, gif, meme, etc. Despite the fact that NFTs have only one owner, they can be viewed by anyone. The platforms can be accessed from any phone or computer. Gazer developed the technology to view digital art on a large, high quality screen by integrating NFT technology into the TV. 

NFT platforms available on TVs opened a new world for digital art and has revived interest in it. The unique multiverse screen displays images perfectly, allowing you to enjoy the art the way the creator intended. It’s incredibly easy to access the online platform and thanks to the innovative technology, thousands of works of art are immediately available for viewing, adding to a collection, and setting as the TV screensaver. It is really easy to search for works you’re interested in by specific subject, author, or country.

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The practical use for NFT-pictures might have been limited in the past, but now being able to use a TV instead opens up many other opportunities. Digital art can be a functional part of your interior with the METASMART TV. Choose your favorite pictures as a screensaver or enjoy your own collection from the comfort of your sofa. You don’t have to fly to Paris, stand in line at the world’s most famous galleries, or even leave your house to be immersed in the world of modern art, with the Metasmart TV.

Gazer’s latest device has made it possible to bring virtual art into reality, and introduce it to the general public. As result all of the world’s digital art exhibitions (Hamburg, Lisbon, and Dubai) were held using Gazer TVs in 2023. Gazer turned the TV into a convenient and understandable platform for accessing NFTs, and digital art in general. Discover new artistic horizons with the next-generation METASMART TV from Gazer. The brand continues to evolve the world of of modern TVs, and in September 2023 at the IFA international conference in Berlin it will present a new device, which will qualitatively change the TV experience as we know it.

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