Five of the Biggest and Best Casinos in Europe

Playing poker in a casino holding winning royal flush hand of cards

Europe is one of the most important places in terms of the global business sector. Even if you are not based in Europe yourself, it is likely that you will sell into the continent or source goods from it. As a result, the European business scene is always worth keeping an eye on – even if it is to keep up with current trends or industries that are flourishing.

One industry which fits the bill in this regard is European casino gaming. In recent years, the rise of online casino play has enabled the industry to make even greater strides throughout the whole continent. Places such as the UK, Sweden, Romania and France have discovered a real appetite for playing classics such as blackjack online. Much of this comes down to changing regulations across Europe which permit this and online casino promotions offered by iGaming platforms. These bonuses are key because they help internet casinos attract more players and inject extra fun into playing games online.

Of course, the land-based casino niche is still an important part of the whole gambling industry in Europe. Many people, especially high rollers, still love to visit the best European casinos in person. But which land-based European casinos are currently the biggest and best around? 

Casino di Campione

In terms of European casinos, nowhere quite matches this stunning example from Como, Italy. Coming in at a massive 600,000 square feet in size, it certainly has the sort of grand feel you would expect in any top-class gaming palace. Interestingly this casino was originally constructed around the same time as the Casino Estoril and was also reputed to be a secret meeting place for diplomats in WWI. Although it moved to a new building in 2007, this sense of mystery still prevails.

When you start to dig into what this awesome casino offers, you can see why it rates so highly. It is set over nine separate floors and hosts more than 500 slots plus around 56 table games. From blackjack to baccarat, all the classics you would expect to see are here. The stunning Lake Lugano setting also means amazing views from the casino itself across the water are a delight.

Casino Monte Carlo

Of course, the iconic Casino Monte Carlo in Monaco has to be mentioned. This is perhaps THE place most people think of when it comes to playing classics such as roulette on the continent. It is certainly an impressive space to spend time and has all the opulence you would expect in a top-class casino. As the second biggest casino in all of Europe, this gorgeously decorated gaming haven is undoubtedly impressive.

Dating back to 1863, it is steeped in history and you can almost feel this as you wander around its gaming floor. In terms of casino games, there are more than 300 slots and table games spread over the 108,000 square feet the building occupies. A total of 18 restaurants ensure no one goes home hungry and culture fans will love the Monte Carlo Opera/Ballet being housed in the same complex to check out.

Resorts World

While the challenges of digital transformation have been successfully negotiated within European casino gaming, those involved have not forgotten how key land-based sites still are. This was shown recently when the Genting Group decided to invest £150m into opening the Resorts World casino in 2015. Found in the city of Birmingham in the UK, it measures a colossal 59,180 square feet.

Although it might not have the history of some other awesome European casinos, the facilities on offer make up for that. There are more than 200 games to enjoy and VIP gaming rooms to escape to. In addition, Resorts World packs in a 4-star hotel, a spa and a cinema. As a result, it really is the total package when it comes to European casinos.

Casino Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains

This high-end casino might not be the most famous in Europe, but it is one of the most exclusive. It is also one of the biggest on the continent and has around 43,000 square feet of gaming space to explore. Found in a quiet spa town around 11km north of Paris, the lakeside setting offers stunning vistas.

This casino is not only about size though – the wide range of fun games also means it offers a superb experience. The 350 slots are enough to keep anyone busy, and 40 table games also offer plenty to stay entertained with. High stakes players can even try out the €500 minimum per hand Salon des Prince private gaming room if they wish. With the sophisticated dress code adding to the glamorous feel, this is a top choice.

Casino Estoril

The glamorous Casino Estoril is easily one of Europe’s biggest and best casinos. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, it is the very essence of extravagant beauty. But why is this? There is no doubt that the rich history of this casino plays a major part. Opened in 1916, many claim it was a secret meeting point for spies during WWI.

Although it may only be open 12 hours per day, the sheer scale and choice of games always makes a visit here worthwhile. The 27,000 square foot casino floor features over 1,000 table games, including poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat, and slots. Add in 10 bars to relax at when not playing, plus high-end restaurants to dine in and you have a truly majestic gaming palace.

Europe has some of the best and biggest casinos around

As the above shows, Europe really does have some of the largest and most amazing casinos around to enjoy. Due to this, it is no wonder that the casino gaming sector throughout this continent is in such great shape. As more entrepreneurs begin to look at investing or opening up businesses in this industry, the strength of European casino gaming should only increase.


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