Bulenox Review 2023: Is This Funded Trader Program Worth it?

Bulenox Review 2023 Is This Funded Trader Program Worth it

Bulenox offers a uniquely funded trader education program specifically tailored for traders and investors, along with a platform for selection and training.

In a market that’s becoming increasingly competitive due to the emergence of various new prop trading firms, Bulenox stands out with its competitive pricing, account sizes, and rules. However, there are several pros and cons to consider if you’re contemplating using them to secure a funded trading account.

This Bulenox review aims to cover all you need to know about them and what they offer to help you determine if they align with your needs.

What is Bulenox?

Bulenox is a platform forged by traders for traders, designed to empower both professional and novice traders. It enables you to learn the fundamentals of trading, enhance your performance, and gain exclusive access to global financial markets without risking your capital.

What sets their approach apart is integrating a wealth of trading knowledge. By leveraging cutting-edge technology available to all clients, Bulenox provides a novel and secure gateway to international financial markets trading. The company also offers flexible conditions, granting traders complete freedom of action and a convenient trading schedule.

What Does Bulenox do?

Bulenox, a prop trading firm, offers a funded trading program that allows traders access to funded trading accounts. You can use this funded account to trade futures if you have a successful trading history.

Drawing from its years of trading experience, the firm has crafted a unique strategy for managing this sponsored program. This has enabled the company to establish a new, secure conduit for trading in the global financial markets.

What Software Does Bulenox Use?

Adhering to the standards of funded futures trading programs, Bulenox provides Rithmic as your data feed and account connection, along with NinjaTrader for use throughout the evaluation.

Once funded, you can continue using the free NinjaTrader license. While you can use other platforms, you need to supply them yourself. An extensive list, including Jigsaw Daytradr, is available on their website under the support tab.

Bulenox Qualification Account

The Qualification Account serves as Bulenox’s talent scout for futures traders. The firm aims to identify skilled traders and provide financial support through the Qualification Account. Bulenox is committed to furnishing traders with all the resources required to transform their passion for trading into a stable venture.

To qualify for the funded Master Account, traders must showcase their trading acumen, select an effective plan, and focus on their market vision. Those who have demonstrated responsibility, dependability, and discipline will undoubtedly be eligible. The Master Account is the name of this funded account. To complete the Bulenox challenge, follow these steps:

  • Create a personal account and register
  • Choose one of the available account sizes
  • Begin trading on a Qualifying Account
  • Display exceptional performance without breaching any rules

Bulenox Master Account

Understanding how limited funds can impair your ability to make prudent trading decisions, Bulenox provides comprehensive support and professional guidance to help you realize your trading potential.

By fostering a strong, mutually beneficial partnership that promotes personal and financial growth, they assist professionals in advancing and achieving new milestones. It’s in the prop firm’s interest for the trader to succeed as profits are shared.

  • Utilize and adapt your trading strategy
  • Obtain your first $10,000 without commissions
  • Earn up to 90% of your profits
  • Use the trading platform free of charge

General Rules at Bulenox: A Focus on Futures Trading

Bulenox is committed to creating an environment conducive to traders’ success. Its rule set is tailored to this goal and revolves around crucial aspects such as trading days, time restrictions, position sizes, and trading objectives.

  • Trading Days & Time: Traders must trade for at least five days to advance to the Master Account. The trading day spans from 5:00 PM to 4:00 PM the following day (CST), excluding holidays and weekends. All positions must be closed by 3:59 PM (CST).
  • Position Size & Objective: Bulenox permits multiple simultaneous positions, but the maximum size depends on the chosen account type. The primary goal is to achieve a specific profit target to move up to the Master Account.
  • Trailing Drawdown: Traders must remain vigilant about their maximum drawdown, which should never be exceeded, as a crucial risk management measure to ensure long-term viability.
  • Instruments: Bulenox allows trading standard and micro contracts concurrently and offers various futures instruments, including Equity, Interest Rate, Currency, Agricultural, Energy, Metal, and Micro Futures.

This rule set provides a structured yet flexible trading environment accommodating diverse trading styles and strategies. With a clear emphasis on futures trading, Bulenox is one of the best prop trading firms, offering the framework and variety needed for traders to achieve their goals.

Pros of Bulenox

  • Allow Tiny Bitcoin (MBT)
  • No uniformity requirement
  • Diverse account sizes
  • After earning $40K more, the first $10,000 is 100% yours, and 90% is split
  • Various withdrawal options
  • Low monthly cost after funding
  • Traders can simultaneously have multiple Qualifications and Master accounts
  • Extensive range of financial instruments

Cons of Bulenox

  • Limited withdrawals
  • Limited history, resulting in less user feedback compared to other prop firms

Is Bulenox Worth it?

Bulenox can be a solid option for those considering trading on a funded account. However, it requires a good knowledge base and experience, as traders must pass the Bulenox evaluation program.

A forex demo account can be a helpful starting point to practice and build confidence. Discipline and sound money management are crucial, as Bulenox has stringent criteria for qualification.

Their offerings align with the best options prop trading firms and best-funded stock trading accounts, which can enhance your trading potential. Always approach trading with a clear plan and risk management strategy.

Don’t forget to use the Elite Trader funding promo code to maximize your benefits. You can click here to sign up for Bulenox today and get started.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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