Best Mail Order Bride Websites: How To Meet Real Foreign Brides?

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Wondering how to find Asian ladies, Ukrainian brides, or women from Latin America? It’s really simple with international dating websites—they have thousands of brides who want to meet a foreigner. By the way, it’s also extremely easy to find the best mail order brides sites—just check this list, visit site you like most, and start chatting with foreign women today!

Top mail order bride sites: 7 services worth visiting

Top Sites About website
1 UkraineBride4You one of the best dating sites with video chat, free registration, and lots of foreign ladies from Ukraine and Russia
2 CuteAsianWoman visit site and enjoy bonus points for new users, video chat, free search tools, and lots of Asian women who are searching for a foreign life partner
3 SingleSlavic one of the best dating platforms for those interested in Slavic girls
4 ColombiaLady a perfect dating website with lots of communication features, easy-to-use interface, and thousands of Latin women
5 CharmDate easy and fast registration process, thousands of women from Eastern Europe, and lots of free search filters
6 FindRussiaBrides an extremely popular online dating site for those interested in communication with Ukrainian and Russian women
7 LatamDate one of the most popular dating platforms for Western men who want to find a Latin American partner


  • Region: Slavic
  • Visits per month: 80,000
  • Prices: $4-$400

UkraineBride4You is probably the best mail order bride site for those who want to find a life partner from Eastern Europe. Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland—you’ll find mail order brides from all these countries on this online dating platform (read full UkraineBride4You review). 

This mail order bride website has a lot of communication tools, from live chat to CamShare (video chat)—so you are not limited to texting here on UkraineBride4You. 

Another reason why you just have to pay attention to this mail order bride service is the welcome bonus it offers to the new customers—visit site, complete profile, and you’ll get bonus points and Free Chat Vouchers. There is also a first order discount for the new users—you’ll be able to buy 2 credits for only $4 instead of $10.

Pros Cons
  • Wide assortment of messaging tools
  • A great Android app
  • Thousands of overseas brides seeking serious relationships
  • No iOS app
  • No free messaging

Register at UkraineBride4You now and get 2 FREE chat vouchers


  • Region: Asia
  • Visits per month: 110,000
  • Prices: $4-$400

If you’re searching for a top-notch mail order bride website, CuteAsianWoman is exactly what you need. This is one of the most advanced mail order brides sites—it has a modern interface, it offers a very wide assortment of messaging tools from text chat to video calls, and it has a lot of very detailed profiles of beautiful mail order brides from China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. 

Another cool thing that makes CuteAsianWoman stand out from the crowd of mail order bride services is the male-to-female ratio—it’s around 30-70 here which means around 70% of the site members are women! If you prefer mobile dating, CuteAsianWoman is a great option for you, too—it has a great Android app (available on Google Play).  

Pros Cons
  • One of the most popular Asian mail order bride sites
  • Video calls
  • Android app
  • No app for iPhones
  • Video chat is a bit expensive

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  • Region: Slavic
  • Visits per month: 70,000
  • Prices: $4-$400

Meet one of the best mail order bride sites with Slavic ladies—SingleSlavic! Every month, more than 70,000 people visit this mail order bride platform. This service has a great assortment of messaging services—on SingleSlavic, you can not only send text messages to ladies but also call them and even use the CamShare feature (a two-sided video chat). 

Of course, the messaging services are not free to use—you’ll need to buy credits first. The male-to-female ratio is around 40-60 here which means there are around 6 women for 4 male members on SingleSlavic. 

If you want to chat with ladies (or call/video call them) using your mobile phone, it’s possible with this mail order bride service.

Pros Cons
  • Video calls and voice calls
  • Real gifts
  • Easy-to-use mobile version
  • No mobile app
  • Video chat isn’t that cheap

Register at SingleSlavic now and get 2 FREE chat vouchers


  • Region: Latin
  • Visits per month: 100,000
  • Prices: $4-$400


ColombiaLady is focused on women from South American countries. There are thousands of members from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico here (yes, technically, Mexico isn’t a part of a geographical consent of Latin America, but most girls from this country use Latin dating websites, not Central American or Northern American ones). 

ColombiaLady is one of dating websites perfect for users who are not that experienced in online dating—the interface of this dating platform is very simple, every button is exactly where you expect it to be, and the number of features isn’t too high (so you won’t get confused with various types of chat rooms here). 

The registration is free, and that’s all—you can use the search tools and browse profiles for free here.

Pros Cons
  • The mobile version of the site looks nice
  • Free registration and search
  • The interface of the site is very simple
  • No option to chat with women for free
  • Not all profiles are detailed

Register at ColombiaLady now and get FREE Say Hi! greeting vouchers 


  • Region: Slavic
  • Visits per month: 1,200,000
  • Prices:$4-$400


Have you heard of Ukrainian or Russian beauty? Well, if you’re interested in Slavic women, you just have to pay attention to CharmDate—this international dating website has literally everything you need. 

The number of online communication tools is just incredible (live chat with photos and even videos, mails, favorite lists, real and virtual gifts, etc.). The assortment of search tools is quite wide (and all of them are free). 

You can have instant chats with female members of CharmDate and exchange photos. 

The number of free services isn’t that high, unfortunately—you can sign up, use the search engine, contact support service, and browse profiles for free. 

Pros Cons
  • Most girls here are very active
  • Detailed profiles
  • Great mobile version of the site
  • No free messaging tools
  • Not the lowest prices

Register at CharmDate now and get 2 FREE chat vouchers


  • Region: Slavic
  • Visits per month: 140,000
  • Prices: $4-$400


If you’re searching for a dating website with tens of thousands of beautiful ladies from Russia and Ukraine, FindRussiaBrides is another great option for you. This platform is perfectly simple—so even if you’ve never used online dating services before, you will have no problems with it. 

You just visit site, complete profile, verify your email, and start communicating with women via live chat or emails. 

Pros Cons
  • Fast registration
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Lots of communication tools
  • Impossible to chat for free
  • Not all profiles are detailed

Register at FindRussiaBrides now and get FREE Say Hi! greeting vouchers 


  • Region: Latin
  • Visits per month: 260,000
  • Prices: $4-$400


LatamDate is one of the most interesting websites for those seeking for online communication with beautiful Latin ladies. Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela—all these countries are covered. Just visit site, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about—there are tens of thousands of extremely hot women from all the most popular South American countries here. 

The profiles are typically quite detailed, and the only problem with this online dating website is that it’s not free—you’ll have to buy credits to chat with ladies here. You’ll be able to use live chat or CamShare and to send emails to ladies on LatamDate.

Pros Cons
  • Free registration
  • Live chat feature is just great
  • Nice mobile version of the site
  • Impossible to chat for free
  • Real gifts are quite expensive

Register at LatamDate now and get 2 FREE chat vouchers

What is a mail order bride? Useful statistics and interesting facts

A “mail order wife” is a woman from another country who met an American husband on an online dating website such as UkraineBride4You, got married to him, and either moved to the United States or stayed with her American husband in her country. Mail order brides are surrounded by stereotypes and prejudices—here, you’ll find 7 facts that will help you understand these women better.

help you understand these women better

  1. The number of mail-order marriages and mail order bride websites is constantly increasing. From 1999 to 2010, for example, the number of mail order marriages has more than doubled (from 6,000 to 15,000). The same can be applied to international marriage agencies.
  2. There is a stereotype that says that getting a foreign wife is always extremely expensive. However, in reality, you don’t need to be a millionaire to get a mail order bride. Basically, the median K-1 visa sponsor income is around $45,000—it’s only $10,000 higher than the national median personal income ($35,805). There are lots of wealthy K-1 sponsors (around 13% of them make more than $100,000), but at the same time, lots of sponsors make $30,000 or less. You won’t need to spend tens of thousands to get a foreign bride—unless you’re going to use expensive dating agencies (we’ll talk about it later).
  3. Most mail order brides are 21-25 years old—this age group is the most common when it comes to international marriages (41%). 24% of all mail order brides are 26-30 years old. As for young girls (18-20 years old), this age group is quite large, too—around 20% of all mail order brides fall into this category.

brides fall into this category

4. Mail order brides typically see nothing wrong with a large age gap. The predicted spousal age gap is 7 years when it comes to South American ladies, 9 years when it comes to Russian mail order brides, and 10 years when it comes to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines).

5. Have you heard that women on mail order bride sites want to have 3 or more kids? It’s a very common stereotype about getting a mail order wife, but it’s not true—the total fertility rates in the most popular mail order bride countries are pretty similar to the fertility rate in the US (it’s around 1.5-1.7 in most mail order bride countries).

6. Mail order brides are usually quite traditional and conservative when it comes to their views on family values. For example, for 2 out of 3 Russian brides in the age group 25-34 years old getting married and living in a family is more preferable than living alone or living together without registering a marriage.

7. Women from so-called “mail order brides” countries are typically more loyal to their husbands than, for example, women from Western Europe. Only 47% of French citizens and 60% of German people think that having an affair is morally unacceptable—in such countries as South Korea, Brazil, and the Philippines it’s 81%, 84%, and 90% accordingly.

Main mail order bride regions

Most mail order bride sites you’ll find are focused on three regions: Eastern/South Europe (such sites as UkraineBride4You, SingleSlavic, CharmDate), South America (for example ColombiaLady or FindRussiaBrides), and Asia (CuteAsianWoman). There’s a reason for that—these regions are the most popular ones when it comes to mail order brides and mail order bride sites. Here, we’ll talk about the mail order wife geography in more detail.

P.S. The following paragraphs are based on official statistics provided by the US Department of State—we’ll show how many K-1 visas were issued to citizens of the most popular bride countries here. Obviously, not all the K-1 visas were issued to mail brides, but here, we’ll assume that 100% of K-1 visa applicants were mail order wives in order to make the numbers more clear.

P.P.S. We do not use 2020 statistics here because of problems with global visa processing time and wait time for a K-1 interview in 2020. Instead, we use 2019 statistics—2019 was the last year before the onset of the pandemic, and it shows the real situation perfectly. The first year without the COVID-19 limitations will be similar to 2019, not to 2020—it makes no sense arguing about it.


Asia is a perfect mail order bride region—it’s the most popular place to find a future wife for American men. Here’s the list:

  • The Philippines—7,134 K-1 visas in 2019 (the most popular mail bride country in the world)
  • Vietnam—1,782
  • China—1,135 (1,346 with Taiwan)
  • Thailand—855
  • India—789

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South America

In South America, there are 2 main leaders—Brazil and Colombia. Other countries are less popular—but they are still worth mentioning. Here’s the list:

  • Brazil—1,065 K-1 visas in 2019
  • Colombia—1,014
  • Peru—410
  • Venezuela—288
  • Ecuador—264
  • + Mexico—1,676


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When it comes to Europe, it’s almost always Eastern European countries—but not like always-always. Here’s the top list of the 5 most popular European countries regarding finding a bride online:

  • Great Britain—1,435 K-1 visas in 2019
  • Ukraine—860
  • Russia—815
  • Germany—364
  • Armenia—251


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Mail order bride pricing. How much are mail order brides?

How much is a mail order bride, and what is the average mail order bride price? The problem is that it’s impossible to answer this question shortly. It depends on a lot of factors, from your travel style to the cost of the dating site you’re going to use—and of course, it always depends on the country you’re going to focus on.

First of all, most mail brides websites like CuteAsianWoman or UkraineBride4You cost around $80-$150 per month—it always depends on the messaging tools you’re going to use. Video chat is quite expensive, but if you stick to text messages, you will easily save some money.

Then, you’ll have to meet a bride in her country—typically, you’ll need to spend around 2 weeks to meet all the brides in person. This means that you’ll have to pay for the airplane tickets, for the hotel room, for food, taxi, and for the entertainment. Here, we’ll cover top 15 most popular mail bride countries.  

Asian mail order brides cost

Country Philippines Vietnam China Thailand India
Tickets $3,500 $3,000 $3,500 $1,500 $2,500
Hotel room $420 $500 $650 $700 $350
Food $200 $200 $300 $250 $150
Taxi $300 $300 $200 $200 $90
Entertainment $370 $350 $420 $450 $300
Total $4,790 $4,350 $5,070 $3,100 $3,390

Latin bride price

Country Mexico Colombia Brazil Peru Ecuador
Tickets $500 $700 $2,000 $800 $1,500
Hotel room $630 $200 $700 $400 $340
Food $300 $150 $200 $160 $200
Taxi $200 $100 $130 $90 $120
Entertainment $450 $300 $300 $450 $480
Total $2,080 $1,450 $3,330 $1,900 $2,640

European bride price

Country Great Britain Ukraine Russia Germany Armenia
Tickets $800 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,500
Hotel room $1,700 $380 $630 $1,400 $170
Food $560 $140 $200 $500 $120
Taxi $440 $150 $200 $300 $140
Entertainment $850 $300 $400 $720 $300
Total $4,350 $1,970 $2,430 $3,920 $2,230

How to choose the right website with foreign brides

Where should a man who’s really motivated to find a spouse in another country start to meet his goal? Here’s a simple algorithm that works for the vast majority of men seeking love overseas:

  1. Do the research and choose the region. We’ve already listed the main regions, so you can start your search by learning some basic information about each of them. Then, you’ll be able to move on to separate countries until you find the place where you’ll be able to meet your dream woman with specific personality traits and values easily.
  2. Find a few sites that have at least a few thousand brides from selected geo. Then you’ll need to find multiple platforms that meet your main criteriahave enough registered singles from a particular country you are interested in. Don’t focus on a single option, it rarely turns out to be the best one.
  3. Search for other members’ feedback and professional reviews. Do background research, learn what others think about the site, and exclude the worst options from your list.
  4. Join the site to test the features yourself. Joining niche websites is usually free, and there are always bonuses or free trials. That’s enough to see who the members are and explore the features without paying.
  5. Choose the best option and start communicating with women. Once you know what exactly the best sites from your list offer, you can make a conscious choice. Consider your priorities and expectations, complete your profile and start searching for someone special.

Choosing such a niche platform is not easy, but if you’re patient enough, you’ll be able to choose a decent website and double or even triple your chances of finding a perfect match in another country. 

Mail order bride scam: how to not lose money on mail order brides sites

Before you visit site and start chatting with ladies, you need to understand that the dating sites—especially the free dating sites—can be dangerous for you. There are lots of romance scammers from other countries who want to steal your money—but the good news is that these scammers are usually not that smart and creative. That’s why the only thing you need to do to protect yourself from romance scam is following these simple rules:

  • Always google the photos of women you chat with—this will help you understand if they’re real.
  • Do not reveal your personal or financial information to women on dating sites—if the scammer gets your credit card number/PayPal password/SSN, they can use this info to their advantage.
  • NEVER send money to women you’ve never met in person—no matter what she’s trying to sell you, it’s always a red flag.


How do mail order brides work?

It’s like online dating with only one difference—you’ll need to use mail order brides websites such as ColombiaLady or CuteAsianWoman instead of your classic online dating sites. Mail order brides services are usually not free to use, they typically offer more communication services, and they usually have more detailed profiles. Other than that, everything is simple—you visit site, chat with a bride online, and ask her out on a date.

How to find a mail order bride?

First, choose the best mail order bride site—finding a legit mail order brides service like UkraineBride4You might be time-consuming, but it’s extremely important. You can read reviews of trusted mail order brides websites here. Then, visit site and create an account. After that, start chatting with brides (or bride) online. It’s really that simple!  

How to order a mail order bride?

You need to choose among the best foreign bride sites first. Then, you have to visit site, upload a photo, and write a profile bio. Then, it’s like online dating—you’ll chat with women and arrange the dates with them. After that, you’ll need to meet your bride in her country—and when it’s done, you’ll be able to get her to the US.

What is the average cost of a mail order bride?

Most dating sites cost around $80-$150 per month, but it always depends on the messaging tools you’re using—video chat is always more expensive than text chat. After that, you will need to meet a bride in person—a 2-week trip to your bride’s country might cost you from $1,000 to $4,000.

What country has the best mail order brides?

Most ladies on bride websites are from South America, Asia, and Slavic countries (Ukrainian and Russian beauty, that’s it). The most popular mail bride countries in these regions are the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, and Ukraine.

What are the best mail order bride sites?

It depends on what you’re looking for—if you need a simple dating site, you just can’t miss ColombiaLady, FindRussiaBrides, and LatamDate. If you’re searching for a top-notch dating platform, you just have to try UkraineBride4You or CuteAsianWoman.

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