10 Popular Card Games You Can Play

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Card games are loved worldwide for their simplicity, though some of them can get complicated because of different levels of strategy. They are so popular that almost everyone instantly recognizes the diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts on the playing cards. You can even play them with your kids. These games can easily keep your friends and family busy for hours. You can choose from high-stakes games and easy, simple ones. There are many card games too that have been developed over many years.

Here are some of the most popular card games 

1. Skull

This is a simple game where the players each have four cards, including one skull and three roses. One card is placed face down at the start of each round. It is a bluffing game. There can be betting on how many cards can be turned over before a skull card gets revealed. The winner is decided when a player wins two rounds or everyone but one player is eliminated. The game is extremely popular and has won many awards too.

2. Teen Patti

Teen Patti has many names like Flash, Flush, and Three Cards. It is also called 3 Patti. This game originated in India but is based on British games like Poker and 3 Card Brag. It has a simple strategic gameplay and simple rules, which makes it extremely popular. Ideally, the game can be played between 3-6 players with a standard 52-card deck excluding the jokers. The online version of this game is called Teen Patti Joy. This link gives you an insight into the best apps where you can play this game. You can also learn how to compare hands and place your bets.

3. Cat in the Box

Cat in the Box is like other trick-taking games, such as Bridge. The game progresses over several rounds, which are called tricks. The player playing the highest card wins the trick. There is a trump card that wins even if it is not of the highest value.

4. 500 Rum

This game is played with two jokers and the standard deck of 52 cards. Up to 5 players can play the game at a time. If two are playing, they both get 13 cards. If there are more players, then they all get 7 cards. The game continues until a player achieves a score of 500.

5. Satte Pe Satta

Satte Pe Satta is a popular Indian strategy-based card game that allows any number of players to play. Two decks can be used if there are many players. It starts with one person dealing the cards to everyone else. However, the person holding the Laal Paan or the 7 of Hearts starts the game. The person sitting next to the dealer can either play a 6 or 8 of hearts. All suits are completed as the game progresses. The player who finishes the cards first wins the game.

6. Bluff

It is an easy but extremely interesting deception card game. Any number of players can play this. Every participant will aim to get rid of all the cards. They can lie about the cards played. They can also challenge each other. Not revealing facial emotions and mental health can be strong attributes in this game. But if the challenge is lost, the loser must pick up the cards that have been played. The aim is to get rid of all the cards. The player who has no remaining cards is declared to be the winner.

7. Solitaire

Also called Patience, these are single-player games. There are many different types of Solitaire or Patience games with different goals. The most popular varieties are FreeCell, Spider, and Klondike, where a player aims to come up with a card sequence by suit after an order. In other Solitaire varieties like Golf and Tripeaks, the players need to pair the cards.

8. Rummy

Straight or basic rummy is a draw-and-discard card game where the players try to create sets of 3 or 4 similar sequences with three or more cards from the same suit. This is called ‘meld’. Players can toss and add cards and say ‘rummy’ when they can meld all the cards at once.

9. Poker

Poker too has many variations. Here, the players wager over who has the best hand. Players can raise their bets, call, or fold. There can be bluffing, which makes the game even more exciting. You can play poker recreationally or with money. This card game also has many professional tournaments globally.

10. Bridge

Bridge also has variations but usually there are two competing groups with four players. The players try to get points by ‘calling’ or ‘bidding’ and stop opponents from reaching their goal. The Rubber Bridge game needs more than eight players. This version is also called Duplicate Bridge as it requires double the number of players.

History of Playing Cards

Many believe that card games were invented in China during the 9th century at the time of the Tang Dynasty. The designs and symbols on the cards at the time were similar to the Chinese money used. The people used to trade cards like money. Playing cards appeared in Europe in the 1370s. The earliest confirmed record of playing cards was that of a German monk who used to live in a Swiss monastery. He also wrote about the different card games of the time.

The popularity of card games kept growing throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. The four suits used now – spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, were designed in France in the 1400s.

Card games can be very exciting. There are so many types and variations that you will always have something new to play. You can play just for fun or you can play with money. Competitions are also held globally for many card games such as Bridge and Poker.

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