Specscart Story: An Inspiration For All Enterprising Persons

Enterprising Persons

Every business starts with a vision. The vision is the pillar on which the entire business rests. In the case of Specscart – a Manchester-born eyewear startup – the vision is to change the way people perceive eyeglasses. The story behind the birth of such an ambitious vision is an interesting one. Let’s see how this vision was born.

The Vision Is Born

It all started when Sid Sethi, a student in the University of Manchester broke his only pair of prescription glasses just a day before his semester exams. Just what everyone else would do, he too went to buy a pair of prescription glasses so that he could be assured of a clear vision during his exams.

After visiting multiple stores on the streets of Manchester, he did buy a pair for himself but had to pay a very high amount for it. The high prices of glasses stunned him as it was very difficult for a student to afford pairs at such high prices.

Sid was also left disappointed when – on entering these stores – he found out that glasses were locked behind thick glass panes. Every time he wished to try on a pair, he had to ask the store staff to take it out for him. This was certainly a cumbersome process.

To make matters worse, the glasses that Sid had bought were delivered to him after his semester exams were over.

On encountering such a poor customer experience at the stores of some of the leading eyewear firms in the UK, Sid was determined to address these problems that were commonly faced by all. This is when the idea of Specscart sprang up.

The Initial Push

At the Albert Gubay Enterprise Award, 2017 organised at the University of Manchester, Sid pitched the idea of Specscart, and went on to win it. Specscart was provided with a free retail space in a shopping centre in Manchester, along with cash injection. From here, Specscart started its first store.

Scaling Up

In 2018, the second Specscart store came up in Bury. Bury is also Specscart’s headquarters, which houses its state of the art lab where the lenses of glasses are glazed and fitted into the frames.

In 2021, the inaugural store of Specscart at Walkden was moved to a four times larger retail space in the same shopping complex. The new store is a totally revamped one and has even got something like a foosball table for the visitors to spend some quality time.

At the start of this year, Specscart launched its new store in Urmston with a grand opening. This store is located at Eden Square Shopping Centre, which is one of the most lively places in Urmston.

Specscart: As It Stands Today

Apart from the three retail stores that Speccart has, it also has an e-commerce segment, where you can find its entire collection.

Top quality pairs at affordable prices is what you can certainly expect at Specscart. Apart from the amazing products, it also provides various customer-friendly services. Let’s look into these.

Free Eye Test

If you are in need of prescription glasses and are not aware of your prescription, or if you are someone who already wears prescription glasses and feel that your prescription requirements have changed over time, you can get your eyes tested by booking an appointment with Specscart.

Many companies provide the service of eye tests in the UK, but Specscart provides it absolutely free of cost. And yes, you are under no obligation to buy glasses from them after undergoing an eye test.

Free Home Trial

Trying on your glasses before you buy them is something you cannot miss out on. When you visit Specscart stores, trying on your glasses is not a big deal. The pairs are displayed openly on shelves. You can just pick them up and try them on. In case you need any assistance, you have the stores’ staff by your side always willing to help you.

When it comes to buying glasses online from Specscart, the home trial service is what you need to avail. You can select four pairs of glasses that you wish to try, and have a comfortable 7 days time period to return them. And this too is free of cost.

Free 24 Hour Dispatch

The free 24 hour dispatch service of Specscart is one-of-a-kind. You will be amazed to know that you can get not only non-prescription glasses but also most of the prescription glasses (excluding the ones with complex prescriptions and advanced lenses such as varifocals and transitions), delivered to your doorsteps the very next day after you have placed the order.

The free 24 hour dispatch service – also known as same day glasses – is indeed a super efficient delivery service. Also, there are no delivery chargers on any pair that you order.

What Makes Specscart Special

Specscart was found to correct the things that many major players in the eyewear industry were doing wrong. This can be made out from their vision – changing the way eyeglasses are perceived. It is this ambitious and unique vision that is one of the major reasons why Specscart is special.

However, the most dominant reason that makes Specscart special is their extensive focus on customer satisfaction.

When you walk into any of the Specscart’s stores, you will be greeted with a super friendly vibe. Every store staff will leave no stone unturned to help you out. Whether you buy glasses or not, after stepping out of the stores, you will definitely want to return, overwhelmed by the welcoming nature.

If you choose to buy glasses online from Specscart, you are again bound to have an amazing user experience. The e-commerce website of Specscart is very facilitative and shopping for glasses here is convenient and hassle-free.

If you go through the review page of the company, you can make out the fact that Specscart has got very happy customers and there is a personal bond that it has managed to create with them. This has been made possible by keeping customer satisfaction over transactions always.


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