Calgary Signs and Banner: The Way to Grow Your Business


Growing any business requires a lot of dedication and effort. It’s not just about increasing your sales but about getting your brand reputation out there. In these days of digital marketing – using social media, blogs, Google Ads for example – it is often overlooked that more traditional marketing and brand exposure methods still play an important part in marketing a business.

For example, when you arrive at the premises of any business what is it that tells you you are in the right place? Signage, usually in the form of a large and easily recognizable sing depicting the company name and logo. This can be seen on office buildings, factories, and even shops, restaurants and other retail outlets feature signs that confirm who they are. 

So, how can signs help grow a business? What sort of signs should you be looking at, and what are the coolest signs of all? That’s what we’re here to talk about, so let’s go straight to one of the most legendary types of sign – neon.

Neon Signs are Cool

Did you know that the idea of a neon sign has its roots in the late 1800s? neon is a rare natural gas that has special properties – we can see that in traditional neon signs – and was first demonstrated at the Paris Motor Show in 1910 by a man named George Claude. They quickly took off – especially in 1920’s America – as superbly decorative and outstanding advertising for many different businesses.

The glory days of neon came to an end in the 1960’s with the advent of more affordable and energy-efficient alternatives, and neon lights from the period are highly collectable. The problem with neon was the gas itself – a rare element as we have said – and if you check out Calgary signs – National Neon Signs you will see the modern equivalent in detail.

Modern neon signs are a great way of boosting brand awareness and signalling to customers and others your presence on a high street, a business park or any location. What other types of signs can help boost your business? 

Interactive Digital Signs

When it comes to attractive signage a combination of great graphic design and attractive colours are the answer, but there’s a further sort of sign that you need to look at if you want to boost your brand awareness as much as possible. We’re talking about digital signs, and they are simply everywhere these days.

You know the type: they are electronically powered and show a revolving series of images – often used for menu presentations or announcements of specials in restaurants, widely utilized in car salerooms and in shops selling tech and innovative products. These are usually computer programmed and designed to get a number of points across in sequence. 

This is a different type of sign in that it will usually portray information rather than announce that you have arrived at a certain business, but they are still powerful in what is undoubtedly a digital-led marketing world.

Using Signs as Marketing

Using modern neon and digital signs as marketing can be done in many ways. Neon is best for highlighting your presence, either at a trade show or where your retail outlet is. Digital signage can be used within the premises to either guide your visitors to the relevant points or portray information that will help them find what they want.

Signage is always going to be a big part of branding – indeed, it is where your brand is usually first encountered by visitors – so talk to the local Calgary experts about how you can improve your marketing using signs.


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