5 Real Stories by Allcreate That Prove the Influence of Creators on the World in 2022

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The content creation market hit an extra gear during the COVID-19 pandemic with an application like Tiktok hitting the highest amount of downloads by any app ever, in a quarter of a year. A feat achieved in the first quarter of 2020. During that period a lot of sporting activities hit a pause, the cinemas were shut, and musicians couldn’t have their major concerts and award shows. There began to be the development of online events just to fill the void. Events like the 2021 Grammys tried to be creative with the situation, if it worked is still an argument to date.

However, while things were plummeting, there was a huge boost in the content creator economy due to many factors. Platforms like Allcreate saw more and more streamers and content creators signing up to their platforms. These creators became the new faces of brands, news, entertainment, and many online events. They became the people that an audience was waiting for their content and their takes on issues. They became influencers, ambassadors, and mentors. Simply put, they became celebrities.

The pandemic’s effects are mostly wearing off but the stardom of these creators remains. They have done a lot over the past 2 years and are still looking to do more going ahead. A recent research by Google states that Youtube stars are more influential than traditional celebrities in the case of millennials and gen Z. What these creators will still do and achieve is still a mystery but the songs of what they have done are still being sung. We will also do justice to highlight a few contributions of content creators having a direct influence on the world in recent times.


It’s already been mentioned how Tiktok is now very popular for many people. Whenever such a thing happens, it’s certain that the next step will be to influence a particular niche or age group or, in this case, an industry.

Tiktok has begun to have varying influences in the music industry, from popularising songs, to becoming one of the go-to apps to check for trending songs. This influence has gone way deep into the industry as we now have musicians being pressured by their record labels to try and have a Tiktok moment before their songs are released. Imaging a video content creating platform now having musical influence on the same level has music-centered platforms like Apple and Spotify.

On Tiktok, we are now getting fresh song snippets, Live events and dance routines being invented in order to move the audience’s direction to a particular song.


In the cryptocurrency world, we have people trading on a constant basis. Making money and increasing their net worth by pumping and dumping the right coins at the right time. A lot of traders know that the strongest coins to trade are those that have a use-case and can stand the test of time. Contrary to that, we have what we call meme coins which many people know to be quite unstable and volatile, thus, risky for trading. That didn’t stop a large number of people from buying a certain dog-themed meme coin called Dogecoin due to the influence of Elon Musk in 2021.

You might be saying Elon Musk is the world richest man, he’s already a celebrity. But it’s not about who he is, this is about how he did it. Most of his support and drive towards this coin were exhibited via tweets. He creatively kept tweeting good and relatable content towards this coin. He was found tweeting words like “dogefather” and “doge barking at the moon.” And all these accumulated to the rise in pump of thethis coin that people wouldn’t have considered normally.


There’s always one new trend or the other every month. The Internet moves fast. This, however, is quite fascinating because of the history. Around July, 2022, the little miss and Mr men memes went viral on new generation social network platforms like Instagram,  Twitter and Tiktok. A lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon to post these memes for fun, expression, or even as emotional therapy.

This popularity has made people a bit curious about the origin of the memes. If you aren’t familiar with those memes, the date would shock you. The little miss and Mr men are all offshoot characters from a series of children’s books released in the year 1971 and 1981. Yes, the trending memes origin is over half a decade old. That isn’t stopping it from doing massive numbers on top social media platforms and being used as a tool to remind people of the old-time children’s book. They have gone viral as they have become a content template.


The streaming world is another highly influential world that is gaining numbers in terms of both streamers and their audience. In the marketing industry, video content is doing incredibly well, same goes for the content creation industry. This has led to the arrival of more adequate platforms to achieve good streaming, such as Allcreate. It has also led to even the top platforms looking for more ways to improve on their streaming services and bring the rising audience to their side. One such platform is Facebook around 2016.

The pandemic brought more audiences to this field with musical concerts. Being home-bound and socially distancing led to the execution of live stream concerts. That economy grew massively as there was $600 million dollar revenue gained from ticketed live stream concerts in 2020. Though we are back to physical concerts, organisers have tasted that market and have now realized that they can now present the contents of their concert both ways and get profits from all sides. These and many more point to a very bright future for that aspect of the streaming industry.


You are more than likely to have been influenced digitally to purchase a good before. Digitally influenced sales simply means that there was a point of influence from the digital space before a purchase was made. The influence could come in any little or major form ranging from reading online reviews to seeing an online catalogue, watching an online advert or even watching your favourite influencer use or talk about the product.

Research has shown that a little over 60% of all sales now have a bit of digital influence to them. This is an impressive increase from the 46% it was before the pandemic. This goes to show that a lot of influence comes from the online space and content creators are at the forefront of the Influencing done online. On the matter of sales, it is already predicted that 58% of retail sales (i.e. Offline sales) will be influenced by digital in 2023. So, this is another aspect that poses a bright future for content creators as there will be more brand endorsements coming their way due to this.


For one, it is easy to see that the content creation industry is one of the few industries that benefited from the pandemic. This benefit has helped secure its importance and influence in society. It should then be a fact, and not an argument, that content creators are celebrities. Most importantly,  there is now a good shout for them being more influential than the traditional celebrities.

If you have the qualities, time and work ethic to be a good content creator, this is probably your sign that it is a good path to follow. The future is very bright for the industry.


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