Top 10 Web Development Companies in 2022

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Websites are one of the most reliable ways for businesses and start-ups, to begin making a mark for themselves on the internet. However, with more brands recognizing the importance of websites, the competition is getting tougher than ever. Now, your potential clients won’t be impressed only by your running website. Rather, it’s the experience they get on your website that decides your brand’s reputation for them.

This might explain why an average website won’t do a good job for you and why you’d need someone professional to create your website for you. Depending on the platform you would like to use for your website’s creation and the niche of your website, there can be many great web development companies that can help you out. However, it is your job to find the best ones in the field and avail their services.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you with this today. Over time, we have had the experience of talking to several people who have availed the services of several website development agencies. While all of them reported different experiences with different agencies, the common verdict favored Purplefire a bit too passionately. According to the people, Purplefire coded the work for their website so effectively that their brand was all up and running in no time.

Based on our experience of trying out several web developers and listening to real-life experiences, we have made a list of top 10 web development companies that are surely going to serve you the way you want. So, read on:

1. PurpleFire

One of the best website development agencies in the year 2022, Purplefire has made a mark for itself in the web development market. Their clientele is so broad and flourished now that anyone willing to avail their services must try and contact them way before they intend to release their website.

PurpleFire takes pride in its big team of excellent and credible website and related solutions developers who know their job and are able to do it in its finest form. All you have to do is to tell their development team what you’d want from them and they will make sure to deliver it to you, only in a much better form than what you expected.

2. Jordan Crown

If you are someone who prefers WordPress over anything else for your brand’s website creation, the Jordan Crown is a web development agency that can help you with the creation process. With a whooping 4.9 rating on Google, this agency is based in Western Australia. Jordan Crown is known for their expertise when it comes to creating websites for IT, manufacturing, and real estate industry.

3. Doctor Multimedia

Based in Canada, this company has a rating of 4.8 stars and almost all their Google reviews praise this development firm for their attention to details. Among their top clients are hospitality and healthcare business and their websites are some of the most responsive ones we’ve ever seen.

4. Wordsuccor

This is another WordPress development firm that knows their way around creating websites that have excellent SEO, scripting, programming, and other tasks that add to a website’s ranking.

5. Inchoo

If WordPress is not your choice, then we suggest you tend to this company that is adept with Magneto development. They are known among small and new businesses for scalable and affordable website development solutions that are reliable and help the business grow better. The websites created by Inchoo are straightforward, easy to navigate, appealing, and superfast.

6. PopArt Studio

Here’s a web development agency for those who think communication and team work as being the key features of a successful collaboration. This firm has expertise in creating simple, easy-to-navigate, and colorful websites that have great response time and can ensure a business’s success. What makes them stand out is their attention to niche-specific details, timely delivery, back-end support, relationship building, and, of course, their amazing clientele.

7. Magneto IT Solutions

If you are all okay with spending a hefty sum of money on your website but would not compromise on even the simplest of website features no matter what, then this is the agency that can help you out with your web development processes.

They are known for creating excellent websites for some of the most renowned names in industries like e-commerce, technology, and business. Some of their most well-know and hard-hitting clients are HP, IBM, and Amazon. If your business has anything to do with financial services, computing, or marketing, going to this agency is a good idea that you’d not regret ever.

8. Zoocha

This new kid on the block seems to know a bit too much for a newcomer in this budding and complex field of website development. They rely of Drupal for their entire development process and the end results delivered by them are surely something to behold.

However, you can only avail their services if you are new to the market and qualify for being labelled as a small business. Additionally, their expertise is more reliable in niches like healthcare, hospitality, government institutions, and social welfare.

The most defining feature of their website is creativity and ease of use. They are also known for delivering exactly what is demanded by the client and hence, to be their client, you must contact them with some homework done.

9. Magebit

Here’s another well-known developer that perfectly caters to almost all mid-market businesses’ needs well. Their website are known for their colorful and intuitive interface and quick loading time – something that every modern-day business would like for theirs too.

10. Lime Soda

This amazing Australian company is known for its affordability and solutions designed to fulfil small business’s needs. Almost all their clients are mid-market and small businesses that have started doing better than before after their websites were launched.

This development agency is known for its ability to customize the solutions for every business and also for their quick response time. Try them out if you want someone who’d not disappoint you even a bit.


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