Zambesi Gold Token: A Fresh Blockchain Take on Classic Investments


When a recession hits hard, investors look for a safe haven to park their money until things improve. One of these safe havens is gold, which has been a symbol of wealth and stability since the dawn of time. Yet, in 2022, investors of any means can put their money into a new form of metal-backed commodity — digital tokens. Precious metal-backed cryptocurrencies offer inflation insurance and the possibility of better returns. But do they really have that much allure? Are they susceptible to failure, like most new tokens? What is the price tag for purchasing them? All of your doubts will be put to rest after reading this review.

Traditional safe-haven asset enhanced by robust technology

The notion of gold-backed cryptocurrency is simple: this is a gold investment enhanced by the power of blockchain, the technology that is gradually but steadily sweeping the world. The value of this form of digital currency is determined by the current market price of gold, and it can be used for transactions just like any other type of cryptocurrency. ​​

Each gold-backed cryptocurrency identifies a single token as having an equivalent worth of certain grams or troy ounces of gold, meaning that this equivalent should be present as physical collateralized assets in the company’s reserves/vault or a trusted custodian.

The fact that gold-backed cryptocurrency is often more stable than other digital currencies is a significant advantage. Gold has historically been less volatile than other assets such as stocks or cryptocurrencies.

A gold-backed cryptocurrency can also be used to hedge against inflation. If the price of gold rises, so will the value of the currency. At the same time, as the crypto market becomes less reliant on traditional finance, it enhances the possibility of price growth. The usage of blockchain enables the tokenization of smaller fractions of gold, lowering the entrance barrier for individuals looking to invest.

Of course, there are no guaranteed returns because all assets carry some risk. Gold-backed cryptocurrencies can fail simply because they cannot produce or maintain commercial value. One of the primary reasons is that a token is not backed by a company’s operations. 

That is what encouraged us to create a token that would address the flaws of all previous gold-backed currencies.

Zambesi Gold: token created by gold mining experts

First and foremost, Zambesi Gold is primarily a mining company, so gold is the foundation of our business. It doesn’t come as a complimentary investment solution we sometimes offer to our wealthy clients — no, gold is the result of our job. We know how to mine it, how to keep it, and its applications, and we see that the gold-mining industry is something the world cannot do without. 

Moreover, we have our own Gold Custodian Trust. We keep the gold we mined there. More gold is continuously being added to the vault. An independent A+ bank ensures security, as well as regular audits and reports.

We made an agreement with our investors to prevent any fractional lending. We want this token to be seen as something people can rely on in an uncertain economic situation, rather than a speculative coin to be dropped as soon as it provides a rapid return.

Because the number of Zambesi Gold tokens will always be limited, their value will rise regardless of demand, gold price, or other external factors. An exchange mechanism provides liquidity by allowing holders to redeem their proportionate ownership of the gold stored in the trust. The redeemed token will be burned in order to keep the token’s price from decreasing.

Last but not least, because the growth of the company is the foundation for the growth of the token, we will also reinvest 75% of all gold revenues into new acquisitions and mining operations. To the advantage of all token holders, 25% of the gold acquisitions from all Zambesi Gold purchases will be vaulted.

We also chose Binance Smart Chain to ensure that the token does not fail because it is an independent chain that will continue to function even if Binance goes offline.

When extensive business expertise is combined with innovation, you can create a solution that will change the world for the better.

How to purchase Zambesi Gold token 

Purchasing tokens is as easy as purchasing shares. All you need is some Binance tokens in your crypto wallet, either cold or hot, and to go to Binance or swap them using the XDeFi wallet. The current price of the Zambesi Gold token is around $0.82, making it an affordable buy for investors of all kinds.

Please keep in mind that this is not financial advice. Before investing in any type of asset, you should always analyze the risks on your own.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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