YouTube vs Facebook: Which one is the Best to go Viral

YouTube vs Facebook

YouTube vs. Facebook is one of the most debated topics among users and is the subject that creators of video content search for the most. It is important for them to know where their earning opportunities and growth opportunities lie. An online survey report indicates that 80% of people like to consume online video content. Video advertising is estimated to account for 41% of display advertising in the US in 2020, according to another report. 

Video marketing will remain a key component of social media marketing strategies, according to these estimates. Both Facebook and YouTube offer huge growth opportunities, with people able to buy Facebook likes or buy YouTube subscribers to gain more and more views. As a result, this blog post compiles a comparison of both of these platforms so you can decide which one is right for your brand.  

Trends in Recent Years

  • Young video creators have been drawn to new online platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine. 
  • On average, Facebook saw 4 billion views per day in 2015. Within six months, the number of day-to-day views doubled to 8 million. 
  • Critics say that views are meaningless since Facebook counts them after 3 seconds and YouTube Vanced counts them after 30 seconds. Approximately 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day, according to a 2016 announcement. 
  • YouTube and Facebook have both use the concept of hours watched since 2012, respectively. 

What is more likely to attract users: Live video on YouTube or Live video on Facebook? 

In addition to the fact that YouTube and Facebook are the two biggest social networks on the web, each boasting over 1 billion users, both are used by their users for different purposes. Originally, YouTube served as a platform for sharing, watching, and discovering original videos, as well as connecting people publicly. YouTube has become one of the most popular video distribution platforms for creators of original content, enabling them to launch their own social media businesses. 

However, Facebook is primarily used by users as a social networking platform, where content and thoughts can be shared with friends. Recent growth and Facebook’s live streaming and video features have made it an important platform for social media influencers online. 

The popularity of live streaming taps into the benefits of both video-sharing and social networking. It is vital for live streamers to have the ability to share moments with their online peers instantly. In other words, while YouTube may be a dominant platform for video publishing and may gain more views than Facebook, Facebook’s social networking features may be enough to outweigh that advantage.  

How Facebook and YouTube charge for advertisements 

You are charged per view when you advertise on YouTube. Once your content has been engaged for 30 seconds, you can only consider a view. 

In contrast, Facebook charges by impression (CPM). What is CPM? Cost Per Mile or cost per 1000 impressions and is a costing method for advertising. Views are recorded after 3 seconds on Facebook, and they are also displayed as a CPM by dividing the campaign hours by the views.  

Content-type watched 

Watching content on both of these platforms varies greatly. The Facebook feed may feature sponsored or promoted videos that are compelling to users and gain views. Meanwhile, you can watch anything you want on YouTube. Initially, you have full control over the process. Later, YouTube recommendations flood your page. 

Prior to now, Facebook prioritized shorter videos, but the length is increasing. For YouTube, however, longer videos are a better way to go since they are measured by watch time. 

Which works where? 

A large number of YouTube stars are influencers. It is because of their character that these influencers are famous. YouTube has some beautiful influencers or popular characters in every niche, such as beauty, comedy, and fashion. The main subject of the video is the characters to gain views. 

Third-party content on Facebook is more likely to go viral because it has more aesthetics and captions. You can choose to buy Facebook likes in order to go viral too. One of the most popular pages on Facebook is called 5-minute crafts.  

One focuses on branding, the other does not 

In our increasingly competitive world, it is no longer acceptable to use traditional advertising methods. The advertising and promotion industry is evolving into more contemporary methods. You may see random videos on YouTube where influencers and Youtubers promote products and earn commissions through collaborations with brands. 

When it comes to Facebook, things are a bit different. Branded videos are few and far between. Although there are some videos that focus on the products, they are framed differently. Technology-driven products or innovations that are added to certain products are something Facebook tries to show along with some hacks.  

Comparing a textbook with a checklist 

Video performs exceptionally well on the web, and there is solid evidence to back that up. 5-minute crafts’ video about wall painting ideas was viewed 33 million times and shared nearly fifty thousand times. Another popular page called Buzzfeed Tasty has been ranked among the most popular on Facebook. The platforms have since begun surfacing videos featuring how-tos and guides. 

YouTube guides also differ slightly from one another in these respects. As a rule, guides on Facebook are shortened (more in the form of a checklist). These guides are more in-depth and longer on YouTube (in the form of a textbook) to make sure users log into the channel, watch for longer which will gain views. 


In conclusion, Facebook beats YouTube in terms of impressions. If you want more people to see your videos, you should opt for Facebook to improve reach on social media or you can buy Facebook likes from sites like ‘GetViral,’ ‘Viralyft,’ etc. You might be better off paying for quality watch time from YouTube instead. You can also choose to buy YouTube subscribers in order to gain popularity and go viral. Buy YouTube views from sites like, ‘Follower Packages,’ ‘Social Packages,’ etc. All in all, you have to decide accordingly which platform you want to join and get popular. 


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