Your Secured Digital Account Opening Checklist

Digital Banking

Net banking services have completely changed the banking sector in India. With net banking, you could easily complete all kinds of banking actions. Right from digital account opening to downloading the bank account statement, everything is possible with the help of an online bank account. The process of opening a savings account is very quick, unlike the same process through regular banking. The five steps that you need to follow for opening an online bank account are:

  • Do your research

Firstly, to sign up for an Savings Bank  account, you should thoroughly research the different banks. Since all banks are known for offering savings accounts, you could easily compare the different savings bank accounts offered by different banks. While researching different savings accounts offered by banks, you need to take factors such as the rate of interest into account. Once you found a bank that offers a good rate of interest, pay a visit to the website of the bank, and access the digital account opening application form.

  • Provide personal details

Once you have the application form, make sure to fill up personal details that include your name, residential address, contact number, email ID, etc. Also, make sure to check with the lender about the required documents for opening a savings account. 

  • Submitting official documents

Once you have filled out the application form with your personal information, you are required to submit soft copies of official documents such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, license, voter ID, Form 16, and new passport-sized photographs are some examples. Do note that the documents required for opening a savings account might defer depending on each bank’s terms and conditions. 

  • Finish the KYC process

This mandatory procedure is a deciding factor in the digital account opening process. The KYC process is mandatory, no matter which bank you go to. A bank official verifies the details provided on the application form with the official documents that you have submitted to the bank. Today, completing the KYC process has become very simple. You can get done with this process through a video call from the comfort of your home. One of the top banks that are well-known for offering the facility of an easy video KYC is IDFC FIRST Bank.

  • Login into the account

Once you have completed the KYC process, you will receive your account information such as bank account number, login details, and other things like debit card, and chequebook. After logging into your net banking account, you could start browsing through the different banking features.

Following the four steps mentioned above will help you in opening your online bank account through the bank’s net banking service. The digital account opening process is known for being convenient for account holders. This is because you can open a digital account at any time without having to worry about banking hours! So, to conclude, opening a savings account via a digital application process proves to be quite simple and hassle-free. 

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